Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Desire (guest post)

Stretching myself awake, blinking my eyes open, I roll onto my side, sleepy and warm in the folds of our rumpled bedding. I lay myself across you, resting my cheek on your soft skin, feeling your breathing change, arms enfolding me. Near and deep.
You hold me close, one hand playing through my tangled hair, the other digging firmly into the cool skin of my shoulder. Pressing my body against yours, from head to toe, wrapped around you, all soft flesh and heat. And you know what I want. What I always want when I awake beside you, slipping out of dreams and into fantasy.
With a sharp, deep, intake of breath your hand envelops mine and you push me, easing me away from your body for a moment, onto my back, pinning me into the comfort and luxury of our bed.
I smile up at your lust filled eyes, murmuring my desire.
You hold me there, and I feel small in your power, helpless under your broad hands.
Your knee between my thighs pushes me open, spreading my legs for you, and your mouth descends to my lips, hungrily stealing my eager kisses, sharing our passion and desire and want. And we’re moving together already, finding that familiar rhythm, easing bodies to arousal.
I can feel the heat of your hardness digging into the soft flesh of my belly, grinding against me as your fervent lips travel lower, finding the the peaks of my nipples, tracing their outline with the tip of your tongue.
My body responds the way it always does, with whimpers of delight and the blossoming of heat and wetness between my legs, pressed against your strong thigh.
Raising your head, your smile hovers above me, your lips parting as your hand reaches between my thighs, stroking the heat of my cunt, my pulsing arousal matching yours.
And I frown with want, desperate to feel you thrusting inside me. But you make me wait, letting my breathing grow faster under your masterful touch, parting the lips of my cunt, your fingers tracing the outline of me, feeling my desire melt over your hand.
But you want me too. And there’s only so long you’re willing to wait to satisfy your want.
Pressing me into the soft pillows, you move between my thighs, the warm, throbbing head of your erection pressed against my wetness. I whimper.
And you take me.
That first deep thrust, pushing into my cunt, stretching around you, enveloping you as you penetrate me. My hands clutch your back, clinging to you as you move in and out, desire matching want, the rhythm building as our lips break apart and our eyes meet.
Your arousal crests in growls and your movements get faster, already pushing me towards orgasm, knowing where I live, where I breathe, what I want. We are grinding together, hips moving in rhythm, gasps echoing moans. Bodies growing sweaty, the heat coursing through us, shared and returned.
And as you grow rougher, your body waking up, pushing into mine, taking me, I can feel my pulse rising, my body growing tense. Soft flesh yielding to hard desire.
Panting, writhing, moaning, we are interlocked, fucking, passionate and rough, so close, needing each other.
Your eyes meet mine and I can see how your expression is fixed, your lip trembling as you gasp, telling me you want me to come for you, with you. You want us to hang in that moment, that peak of pleasure before we let go, falling into orgasm.
And I’m clinging around you, every part of my body drawing you closer, deeper. And, with one last thrust, holding there, inside me, we come.
Pushing each other to whimpering, panting, gasping orgasm. Sweaty skin on sweaty skin. Fucking, moaning. Wave after wave of pleasure washing through us.
Until finally we collapse, the smell of sex in the air; satisfaction raising blissful smiles to our lips as our bodies finally part, lying side by side, the cool air brushing over our burning skin.

Today's guest post was written by Lady Grinning Soul. You should definitely go check her out for some really steamy smut. Her writing definitely gets me all wet. Thanks for sharing your writing with us, LGS!


  1. Awesome guest post! Thanks LGS!

    And nice idea, Lola, to have such awesome writers guest posting for you!!!

  2. I'm a few days later, haha, but thank you for asking me Lola! I am flattered.

    And thank you GoodWill for the awesome comment.

    LGS xx


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