Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TMI Tuesday 5/31

1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone?
I was in bed before 10pm. Alone. Well, Jasper was in the same room - just not in bed with me. I had a headache and was completely beat from my 30-mile bike ride earlier in the day. I had to get up early for work this morning, so I wanted to get to bed early last night.

2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?
This is really tough. I'd love a spa package & shopping trip to somewhere exotic. Perhaps Dubai.

3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?
I simply do not watch very many movies anymore. I did just watch Die Hard for the first time this past weekend. I guess that could be categorized as thrilling. John McClane is a total badass, and Bruce Willis has such piercing eyes. Plus, lots of action. How could it not be just a little thrilling?

4. What is your favorite way to wake up and what is the first thing you do?
The laziest way possible. I love, love, love it when I don't have to set an alarm and can just wake up whenever my body feels rested and ready to get up. I usually check my phone for emails and sometimes scroll through Facebook.

5. You’ve been granted an extra hour in the day, what are you going to do?
a. Sleep more
b. Extend a sexual interlude
c. Shop
d. Finally fit in that workout that you usually can’t make time for
Hmmm....I think it would absolutely depend on the day. Most likely, A. Unless I'm already well rested, then definitely B.

BONUSAre you in love or lust?
I'd say both. With the same man. I'm just as lucky to have him in my life as he is to have me.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Footloose, Footloose!

Saturday night was the last swinger's party until September. We went without any expectations other than to dance and have fun.

And that we did.

Somewhat early on, I pointed out a couple that I thought looked interesting. Several times throughout the night, we intended on approaching them, but then one of them would leave, and we really wanted to approach them both.

The woman and I did exchange smiles several times - she has a fantastic smile - but that was it.

The party was winding down, and we found ourselves on the dance floor again. This couple happened to be dancing nearby. The DJ was playing Footloose, and I was really getting into it - pulling out my best moves and ultimately just having lots of fun with it.

Again, the woman and I exchanged smiles.

I think we may have danced another song or so. I know some time elapsed before Jasper and I were heading off the dance floor. The woman stopped and made a comment about my Footloose moves.

I smiled.
I laughed.
This was the perfect opening to begin a conversation.

Her husband hadn't noticed right away that she had stopped and was now chatting with us. He soon came back and the four of us talked until the party was over, and we were asked to leave the ballroom at the hotel.

We stood out in the hallway with this couple until 2:20am. Our feet were killing us from standing stationary for too long. I am hopeful we'll be able to hang out with them again.

We had gone to another event Friday night as well and had met a couple that we seemed to have quite a bit in common with. They were at the party Saturday night, too. It was fun to chat with them two nights in a row. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up with them sometime, as well.

Once when Jasper and I were dancing, a woman came up and started grinding/dancing with him. That was really fun to have him sandwiched between us! For most of it, he had her ass grinding up against his cock. She was pretty aggressive, and Jasper was absolutely loving it. I was behind him, with my front to his back, but occasionally, I would separate from the two of them - just to watch. I've never really watched anyone dancing with him before, and I have to say it was delightful!

On the drive home from the party, I was drunk. And tired.
I told Jasper I wasn't sure if I was up for sex.

I'd changed my mind by the time we walked in the door. :)

But I told him I wasn't sure if I was up for giving him much head.

I was wrong again.

I sucked his cock, getting him nice and hard, and then I climbed on top - cowgirl style.
I climbed off, wanting more of his cock.
I spun around, so we were in 69 position. I wanted a little pussy licking, too.

After a few minutes, I climbed back on top. Sliding his cock in and out of my dripping pussy.
It all felt so good!

But I wanted him in my mouth again.
So, I slid off. Positioning myself between his legs. Taking his cock, dripping with my pussy juices, into my mouth once more.
I sucked and licked and kissed.
Pressing my nose into his belly.

When I thought he was getting close, I climbed back on top to tease him with my cunt. Grinding deeper. Sliding up and down.

Back and forth from pussy to mouth, I was enjoying the pleasure I was bringing him. I wanted to keep up this alternating pattern - bringing him to the edge and then switching. It was intoxicating to me.

After 4 or 5 rotations, Jasper couldn't take anymore. He came hard in my pussy. Mmmm.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, too!

Monday, May 16, 2011

What non-porn film makes/made you the most aroused?

There was a time when just about any movie would be enough to get me going. I didn't need porn when Notting Hill would do the trick! It didn't matter if it was a chick flick or an action film or a drama. Sitting on the couch, with the lights dim and the movie rolling, would generally be enough to get me into a state that would not allow for the end of the movie to be seen - at least not without a short fuck-break.

Now that I've been settled into married life for 6+ years and have watched a ton of movies with my husband, they don't seem to be nearly the aphrodisiac they used to be. ::sigh::

This is a response to a question on Formspring. Got a question for me? Ask away! There's a little box over to there right.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HNT: Date Night

The end of the term is quickly approaching, and I am needing to devote time to paper research and writing as well as studying for finals.
So, for tonight's HNT, I bring you a couple pictures from my Date Night a couple weeks ago.

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Have you heard of this website? Damn You Auto Correct? It's just about the funniest thing. You should check it out, if you wanna laugh. For real.

A FB friend linked their top autocorrects for April on her profile, and I laughed so HARD!

Here are a couple of the funniest ones from that post (imo), but you really should go check them all out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TMI Tuesday: Seven Contrary Virtues

The 7 Contrary Virtues stand in direct opposition to one of the 7 deadly sins, which were addressed in last week’s TMI Tuesday.

Lust (excessive sexual appetites)Chastity (purity)
Gluttony (over-indulgence)Temperance (self-restraint)
Greed (avarice)Charity (generosity)
Soth (laziness/idleness)Diligence (zeal/integrity/labor)
Wrath (anger)Patience (composure)
Envy (jealousy)Kindness (admiration)
Pride (vanity)Humility (humbleness)

1. CHASTITY – Not just moral wholesomeness but treating sexuality with due reverence and respect.
It’s too late for you horny people to be virgins, and I know you can’t practice chastity. So…if you had to cut back on one sex act, for 90 days, what would that be? BTW…How old were you when you lost your virginity?
If I had to cut back on one sex act, well, I could cut back on anything. I wouldn't want to, of course, but I have extreme faith in myself that I would be able to. BTW...I was 20 when I lost my virginity.

2. TEMPERANCE – Learn how to control sexual desires rather than fulfilling them.
I know many of you are wanking double time in honor of May Masturbation Month, what’s the longest you’ve gone without masturbating? Was it self-induced or did someone command you not to masturbate? Did you find it frustrating or liberating?
While I do very much enjoy masturbation, I generally do it purely for the fun/enjoyment/pleasure of it. I don't really do it because I think my body/mind needs to do it. I've probably gone years without masturbating. Mostly this was done as a commandment from church leaders. I don't think I found it particularly frustrating or liberating. It was just what you do (or rather don't do).

3. CHARITY – A willingness to give, freely and without request for commendation.
Have you ever had sex relations with someone just because you felt badly to turn them down or you felt sorry for them?
Oh, sure, I have. Plenty of times. Well, not the feeling-sorry-for-him part of the question, but the feeling-bad-about-turning-him-down part. I think sometimes it's part of being married. Give and take. Sometimes he has done this for me, too.

4. DILIGENCE – A zealous attitude and careful nature toward living and sharing.
Are you a diligent lover? Do you offer more than 10 minutes in the missionary (i.e., lazy lover)? What do you do that makes you a diligent lover?
I'd say I'm fairly diligent. It's pretty rare for us to do missionary position, so I guess I don't really offer more than 10 minutes. What makes me diligent? Hmm. I tend to be slightly selfish, but I do try to make sure that both our needs are met. If diligence is defined as a "zealous" attitude, then my enthusiasm should definitely score me some big points.

5. PATIENCE – Seeking appropriate resolution to conflicts, and on the ability to forgive and show mercy.
Your lover never seems to be in the mood for any kind of sexual activity. How patient are you? Do you:
a. Gingerly and sweetly try to talk to them about it and coax them into being in the mood.
b. Force yourself on them by making them feeling guilty about “denying” you so you get pity sex.
c. Go off and masturbate to satisfy your urges?
d. Hang your head low and hope tomorrow will be the day he/she is in the mood for nookie.

6. KINDNESS – Manifests as the unprejudiced, compassionate and charitable concern for others.
You are an enlightened sexual being full of sex positivity, confidence, and you love sex! Your motto is to “practice random acts of sexual kindness.” I’m curious what would your most prolific act of sexual kindness be? Why?
Last week, I put that deepthroating was one of my best and most boast-worthy sexual skills. I'm going to have to go with that for my most prolific act of sexual kindness as well. Why? Because it's relatively selfless. I mean, I do enjoy giving head and deepthroating, but ultimately, it's still much more for his pleasure.

7. HUMILITY – modest behavior, selflessness and the giving of respect.
When are you prone to modesty? In what ways do you look out for the interest of others doing things not from selfishness?
I'm generally pretty prone to modesty (in dress and speech) when I'm around my family. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm pretty selfish - especially when it comes to sex (which is what you readers are mostly interested in, right?) Of course, I do tend to make Jasper a pretty high priority in and out of the bedroom. I think I do a lot of selfless things for him when it comes to housework and schoolwork, and well, yeah, sexually as well.

Bonus: Your lover has made you mad but he/she is clueless and is making sexual advances. You:
a. Stay miffed or irritated at your lover and refuse to have sex
b. Rebuke your lover’s advances and tell him/her “not now because I am upset with you”
c. Set the anger aside and have great make up sex
d. Have selfish sex and do only what you want and take what you need with no regard for reciprocal satisfaction

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prom Night

You come up behind me, nuzzling up to my neck. 
Slowly unzipping my dress. Letting it fall to the floor.

Image found at tjformaldresses.com

As your gaze takes in my firm, pert tits, you kiss down my collarbone. Nibbling along that yummy bone. Working your way down to my breasts. Kissing all around them. Working your way to my now-hard nipples - flicking at one with your tongue as your hand moves up my waist. I shiver at your touch, melting in your hand. 
Your mouth.

As your mouth continues to devour my breast, your hands are exploring my stomach.
My back.
Your left hand moves along my ribs, feeling my body quiver and press into you. Your hand follows my ribcage until you find yourself at the base of my breast. You take it into your hand, gently massaging. Running your fingers over my nipple, surprised at its hardness. Your mouth moves to my other tit and your other hand replaces your mouth.

You are devouring me, and I am beginning to moan. You kiss back up along my collarbone.
My neck.
You kiss me passionately on the lips. Our tongues dancing. Your hands roaming all over my body, sliding down my hips. You run your hands along my hips, sliding to the back to give my ass a firm squeeze as you kiss me harder, pulling me in tight against your chest.

You're still in your tux. You pull back and kiss back down my neck.
My collarbone.
My chest.
The area between my breasts.
A quick nibble to each nipple.
My ribs.
My stomach, showering me with gentle, erotic kisses.
You're kneeling in front of me now, kissing right at the top of my black, satin panties. Kissing all along that thin line of fabric, from hip to hip. You pull one side of my panties down just far enough to reveal a hint of my bush.  Kissing along my hipbone.

I lean back against the table. I'm having trouble standing. My legs are starting to shake. You pull the other side of my panties down just a bit now - revealing my entire red, wild bush. They are suspended at the base of my pussy, just under my ass. You kiss along my other hipbone while your hands reach around to grab my ass, giving it another firm squeeze. Pulling me tighter into your kiss.
Your embrace.

You are intrigued by the sight and smell of my pussy. With your hands on my ass, you bring your nose to me, smelling my arousal. You kiss around my bush. Letting the hair tickle at your nose, your lips. You push my panties down to the floor.

I stand before you now, completely naked. You pull back for a moment to simply gaze at my entire body.
My red hair.
You lovingly pull the hairs a bit. Exploring me thoroughly with your eyes.
My milky white skin.
Wondering at the glistening flesh...at my fiery bush.

My lips swollen with arousal. You dive back into my pussy. Your fingers spreading my lips, to see if my clit is hidden or wide open for display. You gently probe to see how much I can take. My body quivers at your touch, pulling away and, at the same time, pressing more fully into your touch. You explore with your fingers for a few brief moments, but your tongue wants more. You lick from the base up to the top with one solid swipe. You pause for a moment at my clit.
Coaxing it out.
Letting your breath linger.
Pressing harder.
Testing me.
My body completely surrenders to you. I throw my head back as you continue to shower my pussy with kisses and licks. Biting my lips just a little.
Worshiping and owning me at the same time.

You can sense that I'm getting close. My legs are shaking, and I'm having lots of difficulty standing. You grab my ass to help support me, and you continue to devour my sex. You press your tongue harder on my clit. Sucking it into your mouth.
Not surrendering until you start to feel my hips buck. My legs shake. My entire body quivers.
I throw my head back and moan loudly.

You linger a moment after I've cum. Letting my orgasm subside. As my body begins to calm, you begin kissing your way back up me.
My hipbones.
My hips.
My stomach.
My breasts.
My chest.
My collarbone.
My neck.
Until you are standing before me again.
Kissing me deeply. Passionately.

Smiling brightly, I pull my panties back on and gather my dress. Pulling it back up my body. I readjust my hair, and whisper in your ear, "Let's go. All our friends are waiting for us at the prom."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HNT: Yoga

Felt like doing a couple yogas poses tonight after my run.
There is nothing like taking pictures of yourself doing yoga poses in your underwear to make you realize just how bad your yoga form really is. #-o
Here are a couple of the best poses (still far from perfect).
*click for a different yoga pose*
I prefer the first pose, personally. You can click here if you'd like to see a larger version of Pose #1.

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 for some even naughtier fun.

Ocean Breeze

We all know how much I love sex.
I love watching sex.
Reading about sex.
Having sex.

But sometimes, sex just plain hurts.
I blame it on my wackadoo womanly cycle (which has never been very cyclical).
On these rare occasions, every position ends in pain.

This doesn't necessarily stop me.
Well, it might if I knew ahead of time that it was going to be one of those sessions, but my body doesn't tend to give me those warnings. It's usually only when I'm in the throes that the prick of pain becomes intense, and I have to continually ask Jasper to "not go so deep."

Unfortunately, the first time we tried out my new Ocean Breeze dildo was one of those rare occasions.
It also happened to be a session when Jasper was feeling particularly greedy (not normally a bad thing). If my body had been a little more cooperative, it would've been a great night to have a few extra cocks around. :))

Jasper was intent on stuffing me that night, so play continued with his cock and two dildos in whatever combination of holes. Well, I never had all 3 in the same hole, but I think you get what I mean.

As Jasper was fucking me, I really had to concentrate on the pleasure (as I tried to will away the pain). I remember lying there while he used the Ocean Breeze on me thinking, "Damn! I can't wait to use this while masturbating." Y'know, I wouldn't go as deep. blah, blah, blah.

This glass dildo is a little heavier than our other ones. I think that may have contributed to how it felt inside, but what was incredible about this toy was the ridges along the outside. They may not look like much, but oh fuck, did they feel fantastic gliding in and out of my cunt.

Oh, yes, my pussy was definitely enjoying those ridges.

There are also fun little nubs at the base which felt glorious on my lips and clit.

Now, if only the pain would've subsided, so I could have truly enjoyed myself... ::sigh::

I have used this particular toy a few more times with much more pleasurable results. All-in-all, I'm definitely excited to add this to my collection of sex toys.

Here are a few specs about it, for those who might be interested:

Length: 7 1/2"
Insertable length: 6 1/2"
Circumference: 3 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/4"
Weight: 13oz

Also, it comes in a fun red, crushed velvet pouch. Not only does this make it look fancy but it also helps prevent cracks or chips in the glass.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TMI Tuesday: Seven Deadly Sins edition

This week's theme is the 7 Deadly Sins:  lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Heelsnstocking suggested the theme and she and Hedone developed today's TMI Tuesday questions. Don't forget to stop by and visit other bloggers playing TMI Tuesday.

1. LUST (excessive sexual appetites): Besides your current significant other, for whom do you lust or who have you lusted for in the past? Does your significant other know about your lustful desires?
There are just so many! CB from the bus. Our Ukrainian neighbor. A couple from church (she's a yoga instructor). A couple blogging friends (you know who you are). Plenty others.
Oh, yes! Jasper knows about every one of them. We often discuss them during, well, you know.

2. GLUTTONY (over-indulgence): What food brings out your inner glutton?
I'm a total sucker for just about anything sweet. Cookies are probably my ultimate downfall. If I have one, I easily have a dozen. :( I enjoy lots of other foods as well, and have a tendency to overeat. *sigh*

3. GREED (avarice): When it comes to sex, what are you greedy for? When it comes to things, what is it that you want more than your need or deserve?
SEX - I'm pretty greedy all around. I like sex to be all about me. I don't always get it this way, but if I could just lie there and allow someone to devour me, oh damn! I'd just be in heaven.
THINGS - I guess I'd have to say clothes. We live pretty modestly and don't accumulate a lot of things, but I would love to have a full closet and lots of variety.

4. SLOTH (idleness/procrastination): Name a task or activity in which you perpetually procrastinate.
Hands-down, my homework. Especially if it's for an independent study online course where I have to make my own deadlines. I also procrastinate a lot of housework.

5. WRATH (anger) is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.
a. Describe a time that you were very angry?
Generally speaking, I don't really get very angry.
b. Have you ever been so angry that you thought about revenge? Did you seek it?
No and No.

6. ENVY (jealousy): Who or what do you envy? Why?
I envy those who don't have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

7. PRIDE (vanity) is the love of one's own excellence, and it is considered the worst of the 7 Deadly Sins.
a. When preparing to meet a lover, what are you most vain about?
I guess I'd probably say the way I dress. I try to find the sexiest, most flattering outfit.
b. What sexual skill are you overly proud and boastful about?
My deep throating skills. :) In reality, I probably talk a better game than in real life, but you can judge with this short video. What do you think?
c. What part of your body are you proud of, boastful about?
Last week's HNT was boastful about my neck. I also think I have nice eyes and cute toes.

Bonus:  What sin do you think is your greatest virtue? For example, what bad thing makes you more appealing?
Perhaps a combination of LUST and PRIDE. Jasper says I'm a pretty fantastic lover because of my enthusiasm. Plus, my lustfulness comes out in my writing. I am Lusting Lola, afterall. And I think my pride in myself, my looks, my writing make me more appealing.
All my readers....I'd love to hear your answer to this question...

Now, go visit Hedone @ The Pleasure Principle to see who else is playing this week.

***Next week's TMI Tuesday theme will be the 7 Heavenly Virtues*** Can't wait!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Memories: Discovering Jasper Watches Porn

Now, keep in mind when you're reading this memory that it occurred when we were very much ensconced in practicing our religion - a religion that promotes chastity before marriage and is vehemently opposed to all types of pornography.

I hadn't watched any porn in years and had never really watched much of it. I was under the impression that the same was true with Jasper.

This was about 5 years ago, so the details are a bit foggy. We were living in Brooklyn at the time. I had a job that required me to awake much earlier in the morning than he did, so I often went to bed several hours earlier than him.

One morning, I woke up and heard voices coming from the living room. It totally freaked me out! What the hell was going on? Jasper was sound asleep next to me, so I decided to go check it out.

I peeked my head around the corner (the livingroom was adjacent to the bedroom in our small 1-bedroom apt), and didn't see anyone, so I ventured out further.

Imagine my surprise when I realized Jasper had just left the computer/TV on and right there in front of me were two girls gettin' busy.

I was intrigued.

Pornography was wrong!
I couldn't believe Jasper was indulging in this.

And yet...

I wanted to watch more.

But...I was pressed for time.

I shut off the video.
And went off to carry on with my morning routine - putting this to the back of my mind.

I can't remember if I confronted Jasper before I headed off to work or waited until I got home. Regardless, he apologized profusely and said he wouldn't do it anymore.

I asked how long it had been going on. I can't remember his answer.

I was probably too preoccupied secretly wishing he'd offer to watch porn with me. I remember really, really wanting to but was conflicted by also thinking about how wrong it was.

Took another 4 years or so before we ever watched porn together.
And oh! my! god! was that ever HOT.

A memory for another time, perhaps. :-*

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Date Night

The last time we met up with CL1, we were pretty disappointed. He was several hours late and then only hung out with us for a short while before we all separated and went to our own homes. It was really frustrating!

After that encounter, we decided we would leave meeting up again to him. The first time was so good, so we were willing to give him another try.

So, the Saturday before Easter, when I received a text message from CL1, Jasper and I were really excited! He wanted to know when we could all get together again. After a few texts back and forth, we decided to meet up Friday night at a bar downtown.  We hadn't been out in awhile, plus it's always exciting to have the possibility of having a threesome.

We met around 9pm at a pretty crowded tequila bar. Jasper and I ordered drinks while we waited. We were pleasantly surprised when CL1 showed up. He looked good! He ordered a drink, and we hung out at the bar for awhile - enjoying good conversation and good margaritas.

Another bar patron joined our conversation for a few minutes. He was pretty hot, too. Reminded me a little of Vince Vaughn. Him coming over to chat with us boosted my ego a little.

Damn, I was looking hot that night! After our second round was finished, I suggested we head to another bar. It's a fun outdoor bar with a fire in the center. It's generally a little quieter and more mellow. Unfortunately, it wasn't really open. We could have ordered drinks inside and then taken them out to the bar, but there was no bar service outside.

CL1 suggested we go to a rooftop bar a couple blocks away. We've been there before as well and really enjoyed it, so the three of us walked to that bar and headed to the rooftop. When we got to the floor below the roof, CL1 said he needed to go to the bathroom and that he would meet us on the roof. We said ok - not thinking anymore about it.

After about 5 minutes, we joked that we'd give him another 15 before heading home. Unfortunately, that joke turned into reality.

We waited and waited.

Finally, I sent a text message asking if everything was OK and if he was still coming to the roof.

No response.


I mean I was looking damn good.
I had been more talkative than usual.
The conversation seemed to be going very well. 

We don't know what happened.

The timing was horrible, too. We missed the last free shuttle by only 5 minutes. The next train was 15 or so minutes away, so we ended up taking a cab home.

The night wasn't a complete disaster. At least Jasper and I did enjoy some amazing sex when we got home.

The day, I tried my best to not dwell on the events of the night before. I tried not to figure out what went wrong. What I could have done differently to change things. Pretty sure, though, we won't be giving CL1 another chance.

Afterall, we still have not received any explanation.