Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Memories: First MFM

Damn! Here it is already 5:30pm on Monday, and I'm just getting around to writing about this week's memory. I don't have a lot of time to write it, either, but here goes.

My first MFM was a total accident. It wasn't planned.
It's wasn't as if a boyfriend (it was a couple years before I was married) had asked if I wanted to invite some to join us.

No, I was simply out at a bar - dancing the night away with a few girlfriends. Having a great time.

Next thing I knew, I had picked up not one, but two! guys to bring back with me to my apartment.

I was pretty damn proud of myself, actually.

The three of us played together on my small twin bed in my small bedroom that barely fit said bed. I'm not sure that they entirely knew what they were getting into. Perhaps one was more interested in me than the other. Perhaps one was just coming along to make sure his buddy didn't get screwed over.

I didn't really care.

I had a fucking cock in my mouth while another was fucking my cunt.

What more could a girl ask for?? It. was. fabulous!

At one point one of the guys moved out to the couch. Maybe he'd already cum. Maybe he was just tired. Maybe he was suddenly uncomfortable being naked around his buddy. I do kind of recall coaxing him back into the bedroom for a little while.

After we were all spent, the one guy moved back out to the couch while the other guy snuggled with me until morning. I kinda recall trying to get the three of us to snuggle, but the guys apparently were uncomfortable with that.

In the morning, they left. I don't recall any false pretenses of possibily doing it again. I don't think I even got their names...let alone their numbers.

What a slut, I know.
BUT it was a fucking good time. :))

I'm not going to bother with the linky this week, but if you have an MFM story to share, please let us know in the comments!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Stealing: 7 Deadly Scenes

I have never done a Sunday Stealing meme, but I saw this on France's blog and was intrigued. I figured I'd play this week. :) It took me some time, but I was able to come up with seven things for each of the seven deadly sins.

1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.
  1. Organization
  2. Physical beauty
  3. Great laugh/smile
  4. Positive attitude
  5. Easy-going
  6. Good writer
  7. Nice tits
2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.
  1. Firm, sculpted body
  2. Dishwasher
  3. Perfect vision
  4. Flawless skin/Clear complexion
  5. Children
  6. Patience
  7. Desire to keep up with politics/world affairs
3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.
  1. People who ramble repetitively
  2. Getting interrupted
  3. Technical malfunctions
  4. Distrust
  5. Not getting my way
  6. Disrespect
  7. Being late / Having to wait (on someone)
4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.
  1. Housework
  2. Homework/Studying
  3. Eating healthy
  4. Flossing
  5. Listen
  6. Play the piano
  7. Volunteer
5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.
  1. Money for travel
  2. House on the beach
  3. Private jet
  4. Fabulous Wardrobe
  5. Money for regular spa treatments (hair, waxing, etc)
  6. Hot tub
  7. Sauna
6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.
  1. Tequila
  2. General Hospital
  3. Chocolate
  4. Blogging
  5. Social Networks
  6. Chatting with online friends
  7. Good food
7 - Lust. Seven love secrets. Not much here that are secrets - at least if you're a regular reader of my blog.
  1. Extra-marital connections
  2. Anal sex
  3. Reading erotica/blogs
  4. Pornography - images/video
  5. Fantasizing about other people
  6. Group sex
  7. Not devoting all my sex energy to my partner (wandering mind during sex) 
Naturally, whenever I think about the seven deadly sins, I immediately think of the movie Se7en (click to watch the trailer). Probably because this movie came out during my freshman year of college, and because Brad Pitt is just so dreamy (what girl didn't think so back in the mid-90s?)!

It should probably go without saying, but I don't really believe that any of the above should actually be listed as sins! I'd like to say I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to various lifestyles. Above all, finding happiness is what I strive for in life. :)

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HNT - 100th Post

This HNT is my 100th Post. Whoo hoo!!
I thought I should make a big deal out of it.
So, here is the money shot. :))

Money, Money, Money.
100 twenties!

By special request, if you're interesting in seeing a larger version of the first pic, click here.

e[lust] #23

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Staying Safe - One cock, from one man, missing one condom, ultimately led to my brother’s death. And that sucks.
Flying the Friendly Skies - One button on her sweater was undone, there was a rip in her hose, scratches on her boots, and her hair was carelessly pinned back with stray wisps of hair escaping. There was a curious flavor of soiling about her, something a bit dirty and unkempt.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~
Labels and my thoughts... - In the past year and a half I have gone from being someone that was lost, without identity that fit, rattling around inside myself to someone that has names for what they are.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Memories: Cunnilingus

I know, I know. Monday is nearly over, and I'm just getting around to writing this post. I have absolutely no good excuse either. I've spent this snowy holiday doing other completely unproductive tasks.

This will probably be a relatively boring memory. I honestly can not remember my first time experiencing cunnilingus. What does that say about me? About the giver?

I can tell you that this never happened for me until my first long-term boyfriend, A. Not until after I'd had vaginal sex. Not until I was in my 20s.


While I don't remember any details of a first time. I do recall many times when A would do this to me. He was quite skilled. I recall wrapping my legs around his head. As my orgasm would mount, my thighs would involuntarily squeeze together. He didn't seem to mind and would continue to eat and eat until I'd beg him to stop, my body convulsing in pleasure.

So, while the first time may not have been the most memorable, I definitely have lots of yummy memories of subsequent times.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your first experience, either receiving or giving. I had some troubles with the linky last week, but I'm going to give it another try. If you've written a post on this, please link up, so we can read all about it.

Next week: My first MFM

Friday, February 18, 2011

Honey, I'm Home

We started by pretending to take a nap. I snuggled in tight, moving my hand down to wrap my fingers around his cock. I tenderly stroked for a bit before turning and moving my head down to give him a lick. Then I moved my pussy over his mouth. I wanted some good licking myself. We 69'ed for a bit.
He was doing a really great job.
And omygod the sucking!!

It felt so amazing tonight. :)
In 69, I can't really get as deep on his cock, so after a bit I turned around and took him deep in my mouth.
Deep in my throat.
And let him linger there for a bit.

Then as much as he wanted me to go deep again, I told him no.
I climbed up on top of him and slid my pussy down onto his cock.

I ground my pussy deep onto his shaft, cumming almost immediately...
My body quivering in ecstasy.

I was so fucking wet!
It was really slurpy sounding. :)
I asked him if it sounded good. Mmmhmm.
I told him to make it louder.

And he really started pounding into me.
I leaned over, so I could really watch his cock sliding in and out of me.
It looked so good.

Then I got up onto my feet, still crouching over him.
Our sheets were soaked.

He choked me a couple times, but kept stopping. Thinking he was going too far (which I didn't think he was, but my lips were actually numbing a little, so maybe he was). I started to lean back, so I could lie on my back.
Don't. You're not gonna want to. It's really wet.
I lied back anyway. :)
He entered me again while I lifted my legs in the air and grabbed hold of my big toes - keeping my legs up and extended in a perfect V. My head hanging off the edge of the bed.

I asked if he wanted to choke me again.
No. I'm going to cum.

Nice and deep, he continued fucking me.
Cumming deep inside.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

HNT: Yellow (Finally)

I finally got up off my lazy bum and snapped some HNT pics.
Just in the knick of time, too. :)

*Click* for a peek from behind
I tried playing with colors and lighting. How did I do?

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L-A-Z-Y and a Recap

I was feeling a little too lazy last night to try and get an HNT together, and then I had a helluva time getting up this morning. I even skipped the gym! :(

So, needless to say, I haven't posted an HNT yet this week. Perhaps later tonight...

My sister is playing this week, though...

...Over on her very own blog, "Confessions of a Midwest Farmers Daughter"

You should go check it out!

I thought I'd share a little recap of my Valentine's Day.

Jasper's not really one for celebrating holidays. He's got issues with giving gifts out of social obligation, so we don't normally do much for any holiday...Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc. We went to the Valentine's party the Saturday before V-day, but that was all we really had planned.

There was a lecture we considered attending on the 14th. Maybe getting some dinner before or after, but early in the day, he wasn't feeling up to doing too much in the evening. We decided just dinner would be nice. I browsed around a little online to find a restaurant to try downtown. I narrowed it down to two. I called the one to find about their V-day special.  $60/person? Um. No.

That pretty much sealed the deal on which restaurant to try.

I made the reservation.

I was a little nervous about what the restaurant would be like on Valentine's Day. Would it be super crowded? Would the service be poor? Would the food be good?

As the afternoon crept on, I was also feeling a little frisky. I decided that I needed to get something for us to play with while at dinner. Something vibratey, cordless, remote. I had some time after work and before our reservation, so I headed to our favorite adult store.

Their selection was pretty dismal in this area. My high opinion of the store is quickly fading. It seems they've become much more focused on clothing (which I do enjoy) and BDSM items (which really isn't my thing), but it is super convenient!

I opted for a pair of vibrating panties.

I put the box in my purse and headed to the restaurant. Jasper was running a little late (stupid public transportation). The restaurant wasn't very busy, so there was no fear of us losing our reservation since we weren't both there on time.

I slipped off to the bathroom to try out the panties. After opening the box and unwrapping everything, I was so nervous! I didn't want Jasper to arrive while I was still in the bathroom! With shaking hands, I got all the batteries into the bullet and the remote, but I couldn't seem to get the bullet into the panties.

Screw it! I just inserted the bullet into my pussy and kept my own panties on. I shoved the other ones into my purse, washed my hands, threw the empty box into the bathroom trash, and returned to my table. Phew!

I was about to order a drink while waiting, when the server mentioned a free bottle of wine if we purchased two entrees from the Valentine's menu. We're not really wine drinkers, but free always makes it more appealing.

When Jasper arrived, I got up to give him a hug and slipped him the remote for the bullet. "What's this?" "Oh, I think you know." We ordered a bottle of Reisling. I had the sea bass (so yum!) and Jasper ordered the NY strip. Throughout the meal, he would flip the switch on the remote - filling me with the most delicious sensations. It was even more exciting not knowing when it was going to happen.

It was really fun.

We'd never really done that before. So discreet, yet so public. :)

I easily drank 2/3 of the bottle of wine. I don't know for sure how much we each drank because our server kept topping off our glass whenever he walked by. Awesome!

When we got home, I had a surprise in our nipple charms! I tried them on, and we were soon completely naked and devouring each in bed.

I don't remember too many specifics after that. I do know that another bullet joined the one already in my pussy. And they both worked with the same remote. I was completely filled with vibrating bliss as I took his cock into my mouth.

I know it's late, but I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Remember this post about a sexy voice on the other end of a business call?

I totally just had to give this guy another call. He's probably just about the only person I'd rather hear from than just receiving an email.

Damn! He makes me all hot and bothered....and wet...

Oh how I'd love to have him whisper sweet nothings in my ear.


Wonder how he'd respond if I told him such things...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Memories: 1st Experience with Porn

My first experience with porn was when I was around 8 or so. I had a cousin who introduced this to me. We were the same age, and whenever I would go over to her house to play, we would inevitably end up locked in the bathroom looking at one of her dad's dirty magazines. I'd like to say I was the same open-minded  girl back then, but I wasn't.

I felt dirty.

I ended up hating going over there to play.

But my mom would encourage it. She had no idea what we were up to.

This experience definitely did imprint on me. I do remember finding a dirty magazine in my mom's room a few years later. Sometimes I would sneak in there and look at the pics of naked men. I don't remember playing with myself at all. I just hid out and looked. I both didn't want to look and couldn't tear my eyes away.

The hard, erect cocks. The hair.

It was fascinating.

How about you? What was your first experience with porn? Feel free to share it with us down in the comments or link us to your blog. If you blog about this today (or have in the past), I thought I'd give this linky-thing a try, so we can more easily share our stories with each other. So, go ahead and link up. :)

Next week: Cunnilingus

Valentine's Day party

Last night Jasper and I went to our third swinger's party. I wish I had some sordid details to share, like from our first swinger's party (start here to read about those adventures), but this party did not have the same kind of ending. I hesitate to blog about this party because it was relatively uneventful without any of the juicy details that I know my readers enjoy.

The party started at 7pm, but we were, naturally, running late, so we didn't even leave our apartment until after 8pm. Relying on public transportation always takes a bit longer to get places, so we didn't arrive at the party until around 9:30pm.

These parties are held at a hotel near the airport. Since the last party, the hotel changed names. This provided us with a minor bit of confusion as we were walking up to the hotel. Was this the right place? Was the party still here? Did I double check the location recently? We kind of tentatively walked in and up to the ballroom where the previous parties had been. Peeking inside, I saw my brother-in-law right away, so I knew we were in the right place.

And of course my sister was working the registration table. Yay!

We kind of went to the party without any goals. Our main goal right now is to make friends with people that may eventually lead to playtime, so we didn't really have any intentions of hooking up with anyone at the party tonight.

This worked well for me. I was a lot more relaxed at the party. For me, it was just much more about having fun than checking everyone out to see if there was a couple we'd like to connect with. I left that mostly to Jasper.

Instead, I dragged Jasper to the dance floor way more often than he'd probably like. Normally we're very self-conscious on the dance floor, and we only go out when there's much more of a crowd. But not Saturday night! It was so fun to just let loose and dance.

I also chatted with my sister quite a bit (there may have been a couple jello shots involved), when there was no one else in line at the registration table. We talked with one couple for a bit. It was their first party. We weren't really attracted to them, but it was still fun conversation.

Jasper also had a pretty good conversation with a smokin' hot chica (which I foolishly interrupted to have him dance with me to Cecilia). We'd seen her at previous parties, and she looks incredible! She 41 with 3 kids (two of which are adults) and looks about 27. Her husband, I think, is actually 29. He's not bad-looking either. :) They've been in the lifestyle for years, so they know a lot of people at these parties and are generally pretty occupied. They're pretty selective about who they play with, but we're hoping to get to know them a bit more at future parties.

Towards the end of the evening, Jasper went out to smoke, and I dragged my sister to the dance floor. We danced a couple songs, and then the music just went weird. The DJ was playing songs that weren't really dance-able and the floor kept completely clearing out.

I noticed a very attractive couple standing against the wall, observing the people dancing. Very out of my nature, I approached them and asked if they'd like to dance. They didn't. Two-left feet. Blah blah blah. Anyway, I stood and talked to them for awhile. The music wasn't any good at the moment anyway. We were getting along just great. I thought they were both quite attractive. He was 30; she 28. She was a petite, little thing. Rail thin. Bleach blond, short hair. Sexy smile. He was well-dressed. They both were. Nice build. Nice smile.

After a bit, Jasper joined us and shortly after that we moved to sit at a table. Give our tootsies a little reprieve. I talked with the girl; Jasper with the guy. Just getting to know each other. While we were chatting, my BIL gestured to Jasper, so he left the table to go see what was up.

This is where it got a little weird.

The guy whispered something to the girl, and she told me that he was going to the bathroom. Again. After a minute or two, I mentioned that I needed to go as well, and she said she did, too. So, we got up to go to the restroom.

Or so I thought.

I think I stopped to tell Jasper where I was going or something, but the girl was in the hall before I was. She was texting and appeared to be heading to the men's room, so I motioned that the women's on this other side. She said she was just texting him to let him know where she was. I went ahead and went into the restroom, did my business, and this couple had disappeared. She never came into the restroom, and none of us ever saw them again.

Was this the ultimate blow-off? Who knows.

So, the evening ended a little on the weird side, but I still had a great night out!!

P.S. Before we left for the party, the guy from our first threesome together texted me to see what we were up to that night. If we hadn't already had these plans, we probably would've hung out with him. Oh well. Hopefully we'll be able to play again with him soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HNT: Pool Fun and ... A Special Guest

I'm kind of swamped with homework right now,
and I still have a bunch of pictures from my vacation that I haven't shared,
so here I am playing in the pool in Costa Rica.

*Click* for a look at my sweet ass
Now, I'd like to introduce a very special guest. You've read a little about her here.

She's shared a story with you here and continued it here.

Some of you asked for more.

I'm pleased to announce she's decided to play
with us this week!


My lovely sister!
I think you're really gonna want to

Don't forget to visit Os for more HNT fun!
Don't forget to stop by the OHNT for some even naughtier fun.
You may even get an extra bonus Lola pic. :-*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Happens When Men Bake Cookies...

I received an email the other day from a friend of mine with this title as the subject.
It included the following picture, which made me laugh.
I figured you all would enjoy it as well.

The author of this email forward said something like,
"My heart-shaped cookie cutter will never look the same."
I'd gladly give my cookie cutter to any man who
could/would decorate cookies like this. 
Quite talented, imo!

Now, perhaps he'd like to frost something else. Just sayin'. :))

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Memories: 1st Blowjob

I've been meaning to blog about this for a few months, because I think it's a pretty funny story. I'd been dating 1st Love for a few months, when his family moved out-of-state. Obviously this was really hard on the both of us. We were in *love* (swoon. ya right.). I was now 17, and he was still 14.

Ok. Let me back up just a little bit. After our first kiss, things moved quite quickly. Before long, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We were always making-out. Of course, our parents trusted us completely. We were both very active in our church at the time; we both outwardly believed that sex should be sacred and saved until marriage. Those strong ideals can only take you so far before you're totally enveloped in love.

We kissed. A lot.
Every time we watched a movie, we were sure to snuggle under a blanket. Easier for me to slip my hand down his pants and lace my fingers around his cock.

Maybe his parents knew and ignored it.
Maybe not.

Back to the blowjob...

So, he and his family were moving to the next state over. Since his mom and my mom were best friends, since my dad worked for the airlines and I could fly home for cheap, since they trusted us quite a deal, I was invited to drive down with them and stay for a few days in their new home. It was the end of summer, so there was no need to worry about missing school or anything.

I drove down with them.
I was very helpful - cleaning, unpacking, etc.

We still managed to have a lot of time alone together.

His room was in the basement. It was kind of a unique set-up where he was pretty separated from the rest of the house.
I believe I was sleeping on the floor upstairs somewhere. For some reason, I think it was in the living room, but that doesn't make sense - considering I was a 17-year-old girl. It's not really important to this story, anyway.

I remember how much we thought we were in love.
We'd lied together many times...
professing our love,
telling each other how badly we wanted to buy some condoms and sleep with each other, but how we knew it was wrong.

One night, after everyone had gone to sleep, 1st Love crept back upstairs. We moved to an attic room. It wasn't creepy attic; it was finished with carpet. I think the intent was for it to become a craft room or something for his mom. At this time, it was just an empty room. It was the peak of the house, so the ceiling was very slanted. I know that's not important, but I'm surprised at how vividly I can still visualize this.

He stood, leaning against the wall. I don't remember what he was wearing. Did he still have a shirt on? Was he wearing pajama bottoms? I do remember exactly what I was wearing: a hot pink/magenta satiny pajama set. The top was a button-up, short-sleeved shirt; the bottoms were shorts with an elastic waistband. The set was all one solid color. It wasn't anything special - just my regular pjs that I wore often. I wasn't dressing up for him. They were comfy, and I liked them.

I knelt before him. Did I pull his pants down? Did they stay crumpled at his feet? I wrapped my lips around his cock. I think I may have sucked his cock before but never like this. We were confident we were alone and wouldn't be disturbed. I had never knelt before him like this.

I bobbed my head up and down on his cock as he leaned back against the wall.
I felt his hardness in my mouth.
I swirled my tongue around his head, shaft.
I'd like to say I was a natural. Who knows?

Remember, he was only 14! Anything probably would've felt fantastic.
And fantastic it felt for him.

Suddenly, I felt something spurting in my mouth.

I had no idea what was happening. I guess I hadn't paid enough attention in sex ed, because I'd forgotten that something was going to come out!

I jerked my head off his cock so fast.
His cum shot everywhere!
My face.
My hair.
All over my pajamas.

I was shocked and totally thrown. Looking back, I totally laugh at my naivete.

After he'd finished cumming, we crept back downstairs, threw my cum-covered pajamas in the washer, started the cycle, and went back to our respectives beds. I've often wondered if his mom ever found it a bit suspicious that the washer started in the middle of the night and that it was washing only a few articles of clothing. As I type this, I also wonder what it is I slept in for the rest of the night and what I wore to breakfast the next morning. Hmm...

I'm not sure if I recorded this in my journal or not. I'll check tonight after I get home from work, and update this post, if I find anything interesting. UPDATE: No mention of this in my journal at all. Probably filled with too much guilt to write it down.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your first blowjob (giving or receiving).

I also thought perhaps I'd say what I'd be sharing next week, so you can be in eager anticipation all week. Or better yet, so you can join me on your own blog. Next week: 1st experience with porn.

Friday, February 4, 2011

FFF: Double Dose

(Source image: Playboy Playmates Karissa and Kristina Shannon)
68-134 words
"...a double dose..."

“Remind me again why we’re doing this?” Karissa whined.

“For our fans. They want a double dose.”

“But no one’s going to believe we were actually playing tennis. Why do we have to do this out here?”

“Do you actually want to play tennis? No? Then stop being so pissy and just pose.”

The photographer smiles as he continues snapping photos, not seeming to mind the bickering nonsense.

Ok, I know it's lame, but these girls look bitchy with lots of attitude, and they certainly don't seem like they want to be doing whatever it is they're doing. Actually looking back at the picture now, they both look really sad to me. :(

Thursday, February 3, 2011

HNT: Locker Room

I was going to post some more pics from my vacation, but J and I got into a discussion last night instead. Needless to say, I just wasn't feeling it after that. :(

Still feeling a little crummy this morning, I figured I'd better try to squeeze in a visit to the gym before work to try and boost my spirits. Didn't really work, but I did snap a few pics for you in the locker room.

The stupid ass camera on my phone kept tripping out, and I didn't have the time to deal with it in order to get the kind of pics I was hoping for. :(
I barely made it to the shuttle on time.

So, tell me...which do you prefer...the click-through or the roll-over?
I'm not talking about the pictures, I mean you can tell me which of those you prefer, too,
but which technique do you prefer?

Don't forget to visit Os for more HNT fun!
Oh! and don't forget to stop by the OHNT for some even naughtier fun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thong (and my first rollover)

Since a couple people asked to see a picture of the thong that felt so amazing yesterday, I figured I'd just give it it's own post. :))
Rollover for a different view
The second pic is a bit dark, I know, but I like the angle nonetheless. I took it by holding my phone between my legs and pointing up. I would've tried it again, but someone else came into the bathroom. Damn!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TMI Tuesday and some other Randomness

1.  HAVE YOU BEEN OUT OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY? Yes, Costa Rica!! And the Bahamas (over 10 years ago gasp)

2.  FIRST JOB? Family business and then Hardee's

3. WHAT WOULD YOU DO AT AN ORGY?  Have SO much fun!!

4. HAVE YOU EVER HAD SURGERY? Nope. Never even broken a bone. **Now, where's some wood for me to knock**


6. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HAD SEX? AND WITH WHOM? Monday morning around 3:30am with my husband

7. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My mom's mom's mom.

- Men - Looks (Um. Yeah. I know I can be a bit shallow.)
- Women - Nosy or too into themselves

9. DO YOU HAVE ANY BAD HABITS? Oh sure...procrastination, zoning out

10. HOW DO YOU RELEASE ANGER? I haven't really been angry in a very long time. I know I used to run (wouldn't mind doing that some more). Crying generally helps.

11. WOULD YOU RATHER GAIN 58 POUNDS OR LOSE 58 POUNDS? Definitely rather lose. Gaining is so. much. easier. :)

12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE? I don't think I have one. At least nothing that comes to mind right away.

I actually made it to the gym this morning. I woke early enough, but it still took me 45+ minutes to get all my shit together, which meant for quite a short run. I plugged my iPod into the treadmill, and it flipped out, froze. I walked for 4 min fighting with it before giving up and running sans music. The run was relatively good. 19 min total; 10:19 min/mi (including w/u and c/d, which generally fucks up my time a little. blah).

I'm totally in love with the Easy A soundtrack!! I've been listening to it on repeat for days now. So many good songs.

#1 (and my new theme song) - Sexy Silk by Jessica Cornish
#2 The Wolf by The Miniature Tigers
#3 Numba 1 (Tide is High) by Kardinal Offishall
#4 Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
#5 When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade by The Boy Least Likely To

Of course, I'm really loving almost all of the songs on the album. I just found all these videos on YouTube, but I haven't actually watched any of them, but figured I'd link to them anyway.

The thong I'm wearing feels amazing today.

My hair has gotten way. too. long. I desperately need to make an appointment for a cut and color.

I'm actually pretty excited about my relatively healthy and yummy lunch today. Homemade bean and kale soup. Salad with Roasted Garlic & Rosemary dressing. Celery sticks/Baby carrots. Red grapes. Pretzel M&Ms. Is it lunchtime yet??

I bought some all-natural / organic (I think) face wash yesterday. Hopefully it will help with the breakouts I've been having. I'm so tired of not having a beautiful, clear complexion.