Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coffee Break

I slip into your office after your 10:00 meeting, handing you a cup of coffee.
I know it's been a stressful morning already.

I slip under your desk, slowly unzipping your slacks.
I take your cock in my mouth.
Getting you wet as I work my way down, pressing my nose to your belly.

I keep you deep in my mouth, swallowing gently.
My hands massaging your balls.
Keeping my lips tight around your shaft, I slowly work my way back up to the top.
I suck at your head. Gently, at first.
Then more agressively.
Teasing you.
Wanting more.

I take you entirely into my mouth again.
I love feeling your cock flex deep down my throat.
I love your taste and feel.

My hand begins to wander.
I lift my skirt, revealing no panties.
My smoothly shaved pussy bare.

My fingers find my clit and I begin rubbing in sync with my sucking.
It feels so good, and my pussy is sooooo wet.
I begin rubbing faster, harder.

My focus has turned to my pleasure, so you hold my head firmly on your cock.
Don't let me come up.
Force me to cum with your cock deep in my throat.
My hand is moving so fast!
My hips begin to shake.
My entire body trembling.
I moan over your cock.
My screams muffled..
You're going to make me cum so hard.

My orgasm subsides, and I return my full focus to your cock.
Sucking and licking.
Sliding my mouth up and down.
Feeling you flex and pulse inside me.
Wanting to taste and swallow your hot cum.

Oh god! It feels so fantastic.
Knowing the pleasure I'm bringing you.

My hand begins to wander back down again, but you grab it.
Bringing my fingers to your lips, you begin sucking on them.
You can still taste the remants of my orgasm.

I am moaning like crazy.
You want to eat my pussy.
But not now.
No way am I giving up your cock.

You suck on my fingers.
You reach down to play with my very hard nipples.

You're surprised at how hard they are.
You roll your fingers over them gently before gripping them between your thumb and forefinger.
Twisting them.
Pulling them.

My moans increase in intensity.
I slide my mouth back down deep onto your cock. Allowing myself to fully succumb to the pleasure of your cock in my mouth, my fingers in your mouth, your fingers on my nipples.
It. feels. so. fucking. unbelievable!

You move one hand back to my head.
Intertwining your fingers in my hair.
You hold my head onto your cock while your other hand continues to pull and tease my nipples.
My pleasure is mounting once more.
With just the magic of your fingers, I can feel another orgasm mounting.

Cock deep inside, I begin again to tremble.
It feels so good.
You love watching me quirm.
The sounds of my muffled moans and screams.

You take my fingers back into your mouth once more.
You pull on my nipple. HARD.
I. can't. take. anymore.
I release.
I collapse.

I devour your cock again!
Sucking and slurping.
Like it's the only thing I could possibly want or need.
Every. single. fiber of my being is enjoying this blow job.

You have been brought to the edge a few times.
Each time I came, you were incredibly able to hold off your own.

But now it is your time.

I pause only briefly to look up at you.
Beg you with my eyes to come for me.

And then I am right. back. at. it.

Giving you the best damn blow job of your life!

I can feel your orgasm mounting.
The excitement is nearly unbearable, but I continue.

Up and down.
Pausing at the base.
Faster and faster
Pumping my mouth over you.
Swirling my tongue.

As that first spurt hits the back of my throat, I slow my pace slightly.
Hoping to draw out that orgasm for you.
I slide up your cock, so it's not all going right down my throat.
I want to taste you.

So fucking fabulous.

After your final release, I gently lick you all clean.
Making sure not to miss one single drop.

I tuck you back into your boxers, pulling your slacks back on.
I grab your face and give you a huge, passionate kiss.
Whispering thank you, I'm out the door.

You smile, lean back and take a sip of your cup of coffee.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Interview with Jasper (and a review)

I agreed to write a review of the Maximus lubricant. At first, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out a new lube. Unfortunately, writing the review became a real struggle. We simply do not use lube very often. When we do, it's because it has become absolutely necessary. By that time, I am rarely able to focus on the lube itself, as I am too focused on the pleasure of the sex I am enjoying.

So, I kept putting off writing this review.

Meanwhile, the bottle kept getting emptier and emptier. ;) I asked Jasper to write a review on this water-based lube, but he didn't know what to write.

Then, I came up with a brilliant idea of doing a little Q&A with him. I figured it might be kind of fun for you all to get to know him a little better. Let's go ahead and jump right in.

Q: How often do you masturbate?
A: Every other day

Q: Besides lube, do you use any other kinds of aids to help you out? Toys? Pictures? Videos?
A: Videos

Q: What's your favorite kind of porn? Any favorite pornstars?
A: DPs and sometimes gang bangs. I have a huge list of favorite pornstars. Top among which would be Tiffany Rayne, Amber Rayne, Taylor Rain, Bobbi Starr, Rachel Starr, Belladonna, and Jane Darling.

Q: How would you describe your experience using Maximus?
A: Quite good.

Q: Does it stay nice and slippery or do you need to reapply frequently to keep it from getting tacky?
A: It starts very slippery, and it stays slippery longer than any other lube I've used, but if you masturbate for a long time, you do eventually have to reapply.

Q: About how much do you need for a session? In other words does a little go a long way?
A: Yes, a little goes a long way. One pump will usually do the job; two pumps maximum.

Q: Do you have any comments on the packaging?
A: I very much like the pump. The bottle is a clear cylindrical minimalist design, which I appreciate.

Q: Overall, would you recommend this lube?
A: Highly.

Thanks, Jasper!

I hope you've found this review to be helpful. Don't forget to visit Eden Fantasys for all your adult toy needs.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

HNT: Release

I know I haven't been around much lately. Let me assure you that all is well. Very well. I've been busy with the end of school, and then an adventure weekend, and now I am training for a half marathon in August. It will take a lot of time and patience and hard work.

All this can take quite a toll on my body (I'm not as young as I used to be, y'know).

After two failed attempts (she got called into work one week and stung by a bee the next), our massage therapist was actually able to come over tonight and give my body some much, much needed release.
This was quite possible She used just the right amount of pressure for me and spent a good deal of time focused on my legs. She did a little bit all over, but it really felt great on my legs - especially considering I biked nearly 11 miles today.

Hopefully, I'll get back in the blogging spirit again soon. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How you feelin'?

♫ I'm feeling hot, hot, HOT! ♫

It was 102°F when I left work tonight.
And windy!

I was super glad I wore the little dress I bought in Costa Rica. I was a little nervous about going without a bra to work, but I was pretty glad once I was on my way home.

Waiting for the bus after work
I actually love this super hot weather.
I love the heat!
I love the little sundresses and the sun kissing my pale skin.
I don't even mind the sweat streaming from my underboob. 

♫Me mind on fire -- Me soul on fire -- Feeling hot hot hot
Party people -- All around me feeling hot hot hot
What to do - On a night like this
Music sweet - I can't resist
We need a party song - A fundamental jam

♫So we go rum-bum-bum-bum
Yeah we rum-bum-bum-bum
Feeling hot hot hot -- Feeling hot hot hot - oh Lord

♫How you feeling? (Hot hot hot)
How you feeling? (Hot hot hot)
How you feeling? (Hot hot hot)
How you feeling? (Hot hot hot) 

Now I'm off to study for my final on Friday. Wish me luck!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

21 Questions 6/3


DaisyGirl is back with 21 Questions!
Here goes...

1. Sex in a cemetery or a Walmart bathroom?
Walmart bathroom

2. Are you a voyeur or exhibitionist?
Maybe a bit of both, but mostly an exhibitionist

3. Do you take dirty/sexy pictures of yourself with your cell?

4. If you were a hooker/pimp what would your name be?
Lola, of course!

5. and how much would you charge?
Oh, I'd be high end, but I have no idea what that would mean - pricewise.

6. How long should foreplay last?
Until I'm ready!

7. do you own any butt plugs?
Um. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I do.

8. Hotel Sex with the curtains open? Ever done it?
Is there any other way?! Of course I have!

9. Sex at the in-laws or parents of who you are dating?
We lived with my MIL for nearly a year, so yeah.

10. Feathers or Whips?
I'm not into pain.

11. Would you let your partner shave you?
My current partner? We've done it. It wasn't that great.
My first sexual partner was the first person to ever shave me down there. I never even tried doing it myself until after we'd broken up. I have such fond memories of lying on my back and relaxing while he shaved me clean. It was always erotic for us and almost always led immediately to sex.

12. Where is your favorite place to have sex?
Boring old bedroom, I suppose

13. Do you remember your first time?
Not particularly

14. Where was your first time and how was the sex?
His bedroom.
I don't really remember how it was. I think it hurt, so we didn't get too far, and we just tried it again in a few days.

15. role play for a minute? who would you be?
I'm not very big into role playing.
Naughty school teacher??

16. sex in front of a mirror?
Oh yes! I love to watch.

17. A song that makes you think of sex.
"Let's Talk About Sex" - Salt-n-Pepa

18. Are you horny right now?
Eh. Not really.

19. What is your favorite body part on yourself and do you show it off?
Tits/Cleavage. I try.

20. Edible panties? Tried them?
Never tried them. Probably would be sticky and icky, but I could get on board with it, if properly enticed.

21. I need some questions, what do you want to know?
What is your favorite thing about summer?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

HNT: Preparing

I've missed the past two weeks of HNT. :(

I've been busy.
Preparing for finals.
Preparing for our scuba lessons this weekend.
Preparing for my upcoming 45-mile bike ride next weekend.
*No click*
I wanted to try and get a more HNT-esqe picture. Normally, we are the only ones in the pool at school, but there was some kind of a diving (not scuba) class there last night so not as much privacy as I'd hoped for.

Guess this will have to do.

Now head over and visit Os for more HNT fun!
And then, of course, there's the OHNT
 for some even naughtier fun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Margarita Craziness

Last night Jasper and I had a dance lesson.
Just for fun.
Our instructor is super bubbly and great to work with.

Our lesson was supposed to be from 6:15-6:45, but we were a few min late and her next appt must have canceled because our lesson went just past 7.

Apparently they just changed their hours for the summer as well, so the group class was now at 7:45 rather than 7:30. This kind of threw our plans for a loop as we had to get the car back by 9.

Still, we were going to try to make it work and just leave the group session a bit early, so when the host at a restaurant across the street asked to seat us, we told him we were in a hurry to get back across the street in half an hour.

Our server was prompt and had been told by the host of our time crunch. He made some menu suggestions, and we ordered before he even left our table.

I ordered their #1 margarita. As you know, I'm kind of a margarita/tequila girl, but this one was either just too strong, or I simply wasn't feeling it, but it just wasn't going down as well as normal.

Oh, and I was already feeling pretty buzzed halfway through.

Jasper doesn't normally like margaritas or anything with tequila, but after I'd complained about it enough, we switched drinks. I was more than happy to finish sucking down his vodka pineapple/orange, and he didn't mind this margarita at all. Weird!

By this point we simply were not feeling the group session at all and decided to just head home. Perhaps stop at Walmart for a couple things since we had plenty of time with the car now.

We weren't too far down the road before I asked to suck on his fingers.

"Did that feel good baby?"
"Mmmhmm. But I'd really like you to suck on my cock."
"Well take it out then." :)

I pretty much sucked his cock off and on for the remainder of the drive. (Wanna see a pic of his beautiful cock? Check out yesterday's 365 post.)

I really had to pee, and he wanted a smoke, so we made a pitstop at home before heading to Walmart.

By the time I'd finished in the bathroom, he was naked on the bed. After a few mild protestations (e.g. I thought we were going to walmart.), I knelt between his legs, taking his cock into my mouth once again.

I sucked.
We fucked.
I sucked.
We fucked.

He lied me on my back.
I opened my mouth.
He came on my tongue, face, chest.

We quickly cleaned up, headed to Walmart for the much needed chocolate milk and variety of M&Ms (Wtf? Was that really a necessary trip?), and returned the car on time.

What a night!