Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In the Kitchen

I leaned my ass against the cupboard under the sink, gazing out towards the sheerly-covered window.

I spit on my fingers and brought my right hand down to my clit. Rubbed briefly. Slid my fingers along my slit, coating my lips with juices.

I slipped two fingers deep, deep into my pussy. Just as you like.

My body began to tremble.

I pulled them out and rubbed my clit some more. hard. fast. furious.
Doubling my body over in pleasure.

I could feel my body nearing the edge, wanting more.

I slipped my fingers back inside.

Back to my clit.

Legs trembling.

Back in my pussy.

Fucking. fucking. fucking.


Convulsions. Sweet convulsions.

Total collapse to the kitchen floor.




Sexy Voice

Oh. So. Sexy.

At work, I normally only deal with people via email. This is mostly my choice, because I rather detest the phone.

Today, I had to email the same guy with several different requests. So, he gave me a call - just for some clarification.

His voice was so dreamy! Do people even say that?? I could hardly concentrate on his questions.

I wanted to daydream instead. About a super, sexy body to go with that beautiful voice.

I wanted to dream about loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.
Running my hands down his smooth chest and rock hard abs.
Finding my way to his crotch.
Teasing him.

My heart totally flipflopped when I saw his name on the caller ID for a second time.

He has a fucking sexy name, too.

Oh fuck! ::fans self:: Now back to work. ::sigh::

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Thanksgiving

What a wonderful Thanksgiving I had this year! (Last year's was such a disappointment that I set my expections pretty low this year, so I'd be pleasantly surprised. Turns out it worked!)

All I wanted to do was sleep in Thanksgiving morning, but my Sallie-girl (our little border terrier - the cutest little dog) was not at all cooperating. She shares our bed with us (is that weird?), and she woke me up at 3:30 a.m. After much struggling, I got her to finally go back to sleep...until 5:30 a.m. I broke down, got up, and fed her breakfast.

I crawled back into bed and slept until 7:30 a.m, when she was ready to be up again! After taking her outside, I tried lying back down but couldn't fall back asleep. So much for sleeping in! (:|

I did some photo editing, blog surfing.

Then, I took a glorious bubble bath. I read a little for pleasure. I figured after working so hard to finish my paper the day before I deserved a little pleasure-reading. I love reading in the tub! Warm water, bubbles, and a book (or a Kindle, in my case)! Nothing beats that.
Of course, shaving is a must during any bubble bath. I think I did a particularly good job. Mmmm, how I love a nice close shave!

We went to my parent's home for Thanksgiving dinner. I made a really yummy Roasted Fall Vegetable Saled (a new recipe. got lots of compliments on it. yay!) and a fruit salad. We also had all the regular Thanksgiving fare - turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, etc. My sister made her really yummy orange rolls, and of course, PIE! There were 15 of us, and we had 9 pies (2 sweet potato, pumpkin, lemon meringue, pecan, french silk, banana cream, apple, and blueberry) total.

Yep, pie on Thanksgiving is HUGE for my family.

After dinner, we went for a walk. Not everyone. Just Jasper and I, 1 nephew (18), and 3 nieces (14, 10, 8). It was so. damn. cold! I'm talking, regular temperatures (without windchill or anything) didn't even break 20°F! I'm not sure what I was thinking suggesting going on a walk!!

But, it did lend itself to one of the funniest stories. Well, to me anyway.

You see, my family doesn't know about my secret love of the f-word.

So, as we were walking, I made the comment....

          It's so fuuc....It's so very, very cold outside.

To which, my 14-year-old niece, turned to me with huge eyes of disbelief. /:)

          Did you really just nearly say that word?

Then, a couple hours later, the two of us were in the kitchen together. I don't remember what we were doing, but here's a snippet of our conversation.

          Me: My mouth hurts. I've got a canker sore under my tongue.
          Her: Is that what happens when you nearly say that word?
          Me: Yes. You shouldn't swear or else you'll get sores in your mouth! :))

Probably one of those you-have-to-be-there situations, but Trust me, it was really funny!

We spent the rest of the evening playing BuzzWord. It was actually quite fun. One of the best times we've had playing together as a family. One of my brother's tends to be a little too competitive and takes the game too seriously, making it less enjoyable for the rest of us, but he was even much better than usual.

It was a good day! Very little drama, definitely something to be thankful for!

Sorry nothing really sexy in this post.

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday!

OPW: Week 4

OPW is a little light this week. :(

Of course, I had Thursday off (with it being Thanksgiving and all), and I took Friday off 'cuz I wanted another day to sleep in.
Wednesday, I had a huge paper due, so I didn't have much time at work to snap any pictures.

I didn't even take many on Mon or Tues (stupid paper!) - which is a shame because my boss was actually on vacation the ENTIRE weekend.

Alas, hope you enjoy....

Doesn't my ass look spectacular in this fun panties??
P.S. These were actually taken at home before work. I had such difficulty getting dressed that day.
I just wanted to lounge in my panties all. day. long!
Should I pull those jeans down?
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy (HNT) Thanksgiving!

I wanted to do something clever for Thanksgiving's HNT.
I wanted to somehow express my gratitude for all my new blogging friends.
I wanted to tell them how much I appreciate all the thoughtful comments.
How much I have grown in the past couple months.
How much better I feel about my body, my sexuality.
I wanted to express how much I love being a woman.
How grateful I am for my loving husband.
How I love how in sync we are.

But it's been a long, hellish week.
With very late nights and very early mornings.
And deadlines.
That were thankfully met.

Now I can breathe.
And sleep.
And sleep.
And sleep.
Wanna peek up my skirt?
Happy Thanksgiving and HNT, everyone!
May it be filled with family, friends, food.
Love and relaxation.

Don't forget to visit Os.


♫King of Spain♫

As I was feverishly working on my paper (due today @ 3pm cst) this morning, this fun song by Moxy Fruvous popped into my head.

My paper is on the Basque separatist movement in Spain.

Hope this song makes you SMILE.

Now it's time for me to get back to it.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Thought of you...

...in the shower this morning as the hot water cascaded down my body.
...as I cupped my breasts - pinching, teasing my nipples.

I thought of you...

...as my hand drifted down to the folds of my desire.
...as I rubbed and caressed my erogenous bud.

I thought of how easily you make me cum...

...with the whisper of my name.
...with the simple words, cum for me, Lola, cum.

I thought of you...

...as I relinquished my body to the thrill of pleasure pulsating through my core.

I thought of you!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Study Break

I have a huge paper due on Wed, so after work I did some studying before heading home. I needed a break.

I walked in the door, and told my husband that I was cold and tired. I told him I needed him to fuck my ass to warm me up. After that, I’d take a nap before hitting the books again.

He asked if he could eat something first.
(silly boy – who would choose food over fucking?)
Of course, I said that would be okay, so while he was eating, I began preparing.

I laid a towel down on the bed, grabbed the lube and my toy,
and settled down on my back.
With lots of lube, I fingered my ass a bit to loosen it up.
Then I slid in my favorite blue dildo.
While sliding it in and out, I started rubbing my clit with my other hand.

Mmmm...it felt. so. good! I began to moan and writhe in pleasure.

Finally, he finished eating (and allowed his stomach to settle just a bit).
Straddling my chest, I continued playing with myself,
and he brought his cock to my mouth.
I could feel it swelling harder and harder - filling my cavity so nicely.

Moving down, I slid the toy out and welcomed his cock in its place.
With my legs high in the air, he slowly slid inside me. Oooh! Mmmm.
He held my legs up while I rubbed my clit.

I needed more, so I put my legs down and
positioned my ass directly in line with his cock.
He leaned back, supporting himself with his hands.
I grabbed hold of the towel I was lying on, and, using my legs,
I slid my ass up and down on his cock.
Up and down.
Up and down.
Oh. Oh! OH!!

As the intensity of the pure pleasure subsided, he rolled me over to my side - propping my left leg up on his shoulder.
This was probably the best anal position we've done in a while.
He could really fuck my ass good and hard,
and I had good access to my rub myself. Some more.

I gave into the pleasure. Yes!

He wanted a better view, so he moved my leg off his shoulder and positioned it just right to watch his cock sliding in and out.
In and out.
In and out.

It's not often I can cum with him in my ass without rubbing my clit,
but today he felt so wonderful.
I came hard in this last position.
Knowing he was enjoying the view, the tightness of my ass.
Knowing he was enjoying fucking me harder, longer than usual.

He pulled out and came on my face.
I love the feel of the hot spurts showering me, coating me.
I opened my mouth to try and catch a few drops.

Licking my lips, I reached for the toy, and fucked my ass just a tiny bit more.
Cumming one last time.
Completely sated, I collapsed back on the bed.
I rested a few minutes, relishing in the joy of such a wonderful afternoon fuck.


I showered, took a short nap, and now I must hit the books and work on my paper.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

OPW: Week 3

Thanks to the great suggestion from Max, I've incorporated some click-throughs into this week's OPW.

Let me know you how enjoy this week's top choices.
Now, technically, this was one taken in the restroom at church.
I think it makes it hotter, so I thought I'd include it anyway. Hope you don't mind.
Looks like that nipple needs a nice big pinch.
Why don't you spread those pretty legs for me?
And my kisses drift from your shoulder, sliding down that strapless bra
White Panties and Knee Highs. Mmmm.
I think I'll post the top one (or two) pictures from each day I'm at work, so generally there will be 5 (to 10) pics each week.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

♫Rock and Roll♫

Normally, I like to leave Thursdays exclusively for my HNT posts, but when this song popped into my head this morning, I simply couldn't resist.

This song just makes me wanna dance! And be in control. :)

So, hit play. Relax. Listen. And ENJOY.

Oh yeah, and scroll down to check out my sexy new shoes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HNT: New Shoes

I've decided that all my shoes are old, boring, worn out.

Since I've promised myself no new clothes until I drop a few more pounds, I decided that shoes were ok. It's not like they won't fit any longer when the weight comes off, so I'm totally justified in updating this part of my wardrobe, right?

So, tell me. What do you think of my new shoes?

You know you want to click. :)
Don't forget to stop over at Osbasso's for more HNT fun.


Monday, November 15, 2010


I never really knew I had a thing for hands until a few months ago.
Perhaps it's my heightened sexual awareness as of late.

Anyway, I sit behind a guy in one of my classes, and one day, early in the semester, I caught a glimpse of his hands.
Gorgeous, beautiful, perfect hands.

I could feel a dampness begin to seep through me as I imagined what he could do with those hands.

Running through my short red hair.
Touching, caressing my body.
Rubbing my lips, my clit.

Spreading my lips and inserting one finger into my pussy.
Two fingers.
Three fingers.
Until his whole hand is pushing, throbbing, penetrating.

Oh, how I'd love for those hands to violate me!

Now, everywhere I look I notice hands.

The other day, I caught a glimpse of my husband's hands...and I nearly lost it!
I'd never really noticed them before, but they are hot.
Incredibly hot.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

OPW: Week 2

OPW - Office Pics of the Week

Seems like many people really enjoyed my naughty office pics last week, so I thought I'd make it a thing.

Here's this week's Top 3:

Hiked up skirt at my desk
I LOVE the swish-y effect!

Those are some sexy tights!

Love the Spring-ness of these panties--especially before a weekend forecasted with cold and snow.

So, tell me. Should I do this weekly?
How many pics each week would you want to see?
I took more than 40 pics this week. Choosing just 3 was difficult.
Any preference on the type of pics?

Friday, November 12, 2010

♫ Making love in the afternoon... ♫

As I was walking to catch my bus after work today, Cecilia popped into my head. Totally out of the blue.

♫ Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia
Up in my bedroom (making love)
I got up to wash my face
When I come back to bed Someone's taken my place

Cecilia, you're breaking my heart You're shaking my confidence daily Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please to come home
Come on home

Jubilation, she loves me again,
I fall on the floor and I'm laughing, Jubilation, she loves me again,
I fall on the floor and I'm laughing.

It may sound weird, but what great memories this song brings!

My senior year of high school (mid-90s) I pretty much only listened to Simon & Garfunkel. Well, at least more often than what was currently playing on the radio. My best friend and I knew all the words and had some crazy fun singing to their music.

When S&G came in concert to Minneapolis, I HAD TO GO!! It was so fun, and the guy I dragged with me had fun, too. Turned out he did know many of the songs. (Something I'd assured him of prior to the concert.)

So why'd this song pop into my head today?

Perhaps, I want to be ♫ making love in the afternoon. ♫  :)
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HNT: Outdoors...

What's a girl to do?
Don't forget to click :-)

Might as well get nekkid!

Don't forget to visit Osbasso for more HNT fun.


How important is matching?
Is it sexy to wear mismatching lingerie?

Here's a peek at what I put on under my clothes today. Yes, I did snap these pics in the bathroom at work. I'm a total junky now.

I chose the bra because it has good lift, and today was cleavage day. self-proclaimed. no, i don't work in a office with such a proclaimed day. wouldn't that be fun?

I chose the panties because they were the top pair in my drawer, and I knew the matching panties were in need of a wash.

So, tell me... Hot or Not?

Ladies, do matching under-things make you feel sexier, more confident, in better spirits? Does it matter?

Gents, what's your preference? Is matching truly sexier? Does it matter?
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UPDATE: I've added a poll on matching to my upper right side bar. :)
Poll Results: Matching bra and panties....
  • Always - 37%
  • Are like a treasure hunt under your clothes - 37%
  • Don't really matter - 1%
  • Only for a hot date - 1%
  • Never - 0

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BF or FB?

When I was in my mid-20s, the last thing I wanted was a serious, committed relationship. I was all about having fun!

I had dated lived with my first sexual partner for around 3 years.

I didn't want a boyfriend, but I definitely wanted to have sex.
And give blow jobs.
And drink.
And play.

So, what distinguishes between a boyfriend and a fuck buddy (or a friend with benefits)?

I had a relationship with this guy. I think it lasted around 2 years, perhaps. We never defined ourselves as bf/gf.

We were often together.
We hung out at his apt. At mine.
We watched movies.
We went out to eat.
We went to bars.
We got fucked up.
We fucked. A lot.

I don't think we ever claimed to be exclusive, but I don't think that we slept much with other people.
I think I did more than he did.
But time has made that all a little fuzzy.

To an outsider looking in, we were a couple.

But I didn't love him.
And I don't think he loved me.

Fuck buddies is all it was. At least in my mind.
I'm pretty sure we were on the same page with that.

We're still friends today.
Happily married to other people.

When asked how we know each other, my husband usually responds by saying, "Oh, they used to date."
This bothers me a little.
Because I never viewed that relationship in that way.

BUT what else are you gonna say to a group of people you don't really know?
Especially when his wife doesn't know we slept together. At all.
Never mind how frequently.

Boyfriend? Fuck buddy? What is the delineation between the two? Is it really just a matter of semantics? Is a relationship defined by those within it or by those viewing it?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last week...

I was feeling a little bored frisky naughty playful at work.

Since I have to make frequent trips to the bathroom (stupid weak bladder!), I figured I'd make it interesting and bring my phone with me, which conveniently is a smart phone complete with camera.

What's the point of taking pics at work, if you don't share them?

So, have a peek.

Please just keep in mind that these were taken with my phone and the quality isn't the greatest, but I do think they are fun and playful.

Hope you ENJOY!
First pic taken in a public bathroom. Ever.
Still feeling playful the next day...

This was actually shot at my desk.
Before my boss came in.
Would have taken more at my desk, but the camera on my phone is so LOUD!
Might as well let the girls out for a moment!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HNT: Wanna Dance!

Sometimes, I love to dance!

After a night out last weekend, I came home and danced to this song. Clothes just seem to get in the way! Jasper clicked out some pics, and I figured they'd be perfect for HNT!

Here's what I was shakin' my booty to.
Definitely my current favorite song.
Makes me want to jump up and dance.
time I hear it.

Don't forget to visit Osbasso for more HNT fun!


Massage...and a good night...

Jasper's back (and butt and hamstrings and calves) has been hurting him at lot lately. Basically, there's been a knife stabbing him throughout the day for more than a week. I hate to see him in such pain, so I wanted to do something special for him last night.

Inspired by Marcus over at Fun and Dirty Thoughts, I decided I'd surprise him with a nice massage - complete with oil and candlelight. I'd slipped into something sexy, lit candles all around the bedroom, and waited. When he got home from class, I was ready.

He was all too happy to accept.

He lied down on his stomach, and I poured a generous amount of oil into my hands. Starting with his low back, where the pain had intensified, I worked him with my hands, forearms, elbows. Adding just the right amount of pressure, I could hear him gently moan at how good it felt. I worked up and down his corded muscles, offering the little reprieve from pain that I could.

I moved down to his buttocks. Massaging. Gently grazing between his cheeks. Down to the hamstrings and calves. The oil, making it so easy to get down and deep, moved my hands around his body effortlessly. I worked his inner thigh.

This was the best, longest, massage I've ever given him, and I could definitely feel myself getting wet as I gently brushed his cock and balls, working my way up to his lower back again.

I slipped off my bra and panties, and asked him to roll over. I wanted to massage his front area. I grabbed his cock in my oiled palm and stroked it up and down, feeling it pulse against me. I gingerly rubbed his balls as I put his erect cock in my mouth.

I love a nice dick in my mouth, and he loves having it there. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face. Gentle at first, then with more intensity. I could feel his cock slapping against the back of my throat. And then slide in deep and deeper until his head penetrated the well, and I could take no more. I came back up, letting my spit linger and drip down his cock.

I needed him inside me! I climbed up cowgirl style, sliding him inside my tight pussy. I could feel him filling my cavity as he slowly pushed his way inside me. I fucked him with long and gentle strokes, coming slightly off each time. Enjoying the long ride with each stride. On and off. In and out.

Leaning back, I gyrated my hips and ground him deep, deep inside me.

I wanted more. I wanted to feel him in my ass.

Leaning forward, I reached my hand around to finger my ass. It was completely covered with cream. I'd never felt so much of myself slip between my fingers. It was delicious! I caressed my ass between my cheeks, pushing slightly on my hole.

"I want you in my ass, honey."

I reached for his cock, rubbing my juices up and down his shaft. I positioned it over my asshole and slowly pushed until it filled me quite nicely. He grabbed my hips and fucked my ass. It felt so good to have his slippery cock thrust inside me. Again and again. And again.

I leaned back, so I could have good access to rub my clit while grinding down on him. Allowing his cock to penetrated even deeper. Moving slightly up and down his shaft, and I rubbed my clit fiercely. I know just how I like it, and it feels even more fantastic with a cock in my ass.

Oh. Oh! Oh!!

My body trembling, I collapsed on his chest with a smile on my face.

Completely sated.
Wanna lick?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cool as FUCK!

Of all the unsavory, offensive (to many) words in the English language, fuck is by far my favorite.

I love that it can be used in so many ways and to mean so many different things. I love that you can use it when you're angry or excited.

I'm certain all my lovely readers know what I'm talking about - the versatility of fuck. :-)

Mostly, though, I love the sound it makes as it flows from my tongue. It starts with that soft F sound and then BAM! That hard K slaps with force.

As I was pondering my love of the word, I thought perhaps I love it so much because it's a metaphor for .my life. When you first meet me, you'd undoubtedly describe me as quiet, shy. And then BAM! I surprise you.

I can certainly be loud and boisterous with the right people and in the right crowd.

And certainly in the bedroom. I get quite vocal. Just ask Jasper! :-)

I just don't see how people don't just love this word. I use it frequently, in almost every way.

And, of course, I love the action, too. Sometimes, being fucked is way better than all that lovey-dovey shit!
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