Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Massage...and a good night...

Jasper's back (and butt and hamstrings and calves) has been hurting him at lot lately. Basically, there's been a knife stabbing him throughout the day for more than a week. I hate to see him in such pain, so I wanted to do something special for him last night.

Inspired by Marcus over at Fun and Dirty Thoughts, I decided I'd surprise him with a nice massage - complete with oil and candlelight. I'd slipped into something sexy, lit candles all around the bedroom, and waited. When he got home from class, I was ready.

He was all too happy to accept.

He lied down on his stomach, and I poured a generous amount of oil into my hands. Starting with his low back, where the pain had intensified, I worked him with my hands, forearms, elbows. Adding just the right amount of pressure, I could hear him gently moan at how good it felt. I worked up and down his corded muscles, offering the little reprieve from pain that I could.

I moved down to his buttocks. Massaging. Gently grazing between his cheeks. Down to the hamstrings and calves. The oil, making it so easy to get down and deep, moved my hands around his body effortlessly. I worked his inner thigh.

This was the best, longest, massage I've ever given him, and I could definitely feel myself getting wet as I gently brushed his cock and balls, working my way up to his lower back again.

I slipped off my bra and panties, and asked him to roll over. I wanted to massage his front area. I grabbed his cock in my oiled palm and stroked it up and down, feeling it pulse against me. I gingerly rubbed his balls as I put his erect cock in my mouth.

I love a nice dick in my mouth, and he loves having it there. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face. Gentle at first, then with more intensity. I could feel his cock slapping against the back of my throat. And then slide in deep and deeper until his head penetrated the well, and I could take no more. I came back up, letting my spit linger and drip down his cock.

I needed him inside me! I climbed up cowgirl style, sliding him inside my tight pussy. I could feel him filling my cavity as he slowly pushed his way inside me. I fucked him with long and gentle strokes, coming slightly off each time. Enjoying the long ride with each stride. On and off. In and out.

Leaning back, I gyrated my hips and ground him deep, deep inside me.

I wanted more. I wanted to feel him in my ass.

Leaning forward, I reached my hand around to finger my ass. It was completely covered with cream. I'd never felt so much of myself slip between my fingers. It was delicious! I caressed my ass between my cheeks, pushing slightly on my hole.

"I want you in my ass, honey."

I reached for his cock, rubbing my juices up and down his shaft. I positioned it over my asshole and slowly pushed until it filled me quite nicely. He grabbed my hips and fucked my ass. It felt so good to have his slippery cock thrust inside me. Again and again. And again.

I leaned back, so I could have good access to rub my clit while grinding down on him. Allowing his cock to penetrated even deeper. Moving slightly up and down his shaft, and I rubbed my clit fiercely. I know just how I like it, and it feels even more fantastic with a cock in my ass.

Oh. Oh! Oh!!

My body trembling, I collapsed on his chest with a smile on my face.

Completely sated.
Wanna lick?


  1. thanks for sharing :) got me all excited

  2. Oh my, now that is quite a massage. I am honored that I helped to inspire this. I do enjoy giving a good massage, even a non-sexual one, but would be in heaven to receive one like this one. Love the picture, and yes it does make me want to lick up your cream covered holes.
    Thanks for posting such a hot story!

  3. This is the way most of the massages I give end. :)
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. That's very hot for a blog :)
    Love it!

  5. Seriously, talk about a happy ending! Hmmm...think I know what I'll be asking the wife for my bday this year ;)

    BTW, that pic is just crazy sexy.

  6. A lick would be fine. But what that smoking hot pic makes me really want to do is spread your cheeks wide and slide my cock into your tight little asshole...give you a DP you'd never forget.... ;-)

  7. @GoodWill - I sure hope you get your birthday wish!

    @Max - Oh, fuck, yeah! That would be awesome. Mmmmm.

  8. This picture is mesmerizing! I CAN'T quit looking!

    And FYI, Jasper trims in the same fashion as Hubs! :)

  9. @foxy - That is a mesmerizing pic, isn't it? Jasper laughed when I told him about your shaving comment. lol!

  10. If that is how all your massages end I have just one obvious question...

    ...Can I have a massage?

  11. @GoodWill - I sure hope you get your birthday wish!

    @Max - Oh, fuck, yeah! That would be awesome. Mmmmm.

  12. thanks for sharing :) got me all excited

  13. I'd like a lick please.  ;) A hot story and a hot picture!  You describe the intensity and passion beautifully.  Jack wants to fuck your ass while I lick your pussy.


  14. Yes, please! That sounds unbelievably intense. :-)


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