Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HNT: New Shoes

I've decided that all my shoes are old, boring, worn out.

Since I've promised myself no new clothes until I drop a few more pounds, I decided that shoes were ok. It's not like they won't fit any longer when the weight comes off, so I'm totally justified in updating this part of my wardrobe, right?

So, tell me. What do you think of my new shoes?

You know you want to click. :)
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  1. Awesome awesome awesome. And YES I totally agree, the shoe whore in me does, a girl can never have too many shoes. Outfits to go with them can come later (for the record though...I think you look stunning, you have amazing curves).


  2. Of course, the shoes are totally justified!!

    And the click-thru is awesome, love the red lingerie. Definitely sexy!

  3. I liked the shoes until I clicked through. Then all thoughts of shoes went out of my head. Smoking hot pic...beautiful legs...beautiful ass. Love the red!

    Happy HNT!

  4. A hint for the future...If you want an opinion on shoes, it's much easier for us, the readers, to look at them without the various distractions!!! I won't even mention anything about the telescope!

    Great legs, m'dear!

  5. I think I had some kind of nice opinion about your shoes, but then I clicked and forgot what I was going to say. You're so sexy and beautiful.


  6. Isn't it funny how we all miss the shoes once we click and see you looking drop dead sexy in scarlet? It's very curious indeed.

    Love the shoes, the lingerie, the pose... :)

  7. Shoes look cool or hot whichever you prefer..but ass chheks provide the drool factor lola !!!

  8. @Vixen - Shoes first, outfits later. Perfect! :)

    @SF - Yay! I think I'll totally buy more shoes now. The red is nice, isn't it?

    @Max - Focus: Shoes, dammit :) Nah.
    Focus: Legs, Ass. Yeah. Much better.

    @Os - C'mon the telescope is definitely worthy of mention. It's sexy as hell.

    @13 - Thank you, thank you.

    @CM - Yes, curious indeed!

    @theeyes - Ooh, how I love to make you drool...

  9. No phallic images there then...
    Great legs.

  10. fronty: supreme kicks!

    clicky: oh, i'm suddenly in the mood for a little stargazing...

  11. i am liking the undies more ;) gorgeous

  12. Nice...and of course a woman must get new shoes to match new clothes! :)

  13. You were wearing shoes? My attention must have been focused elsewhere. ;)

  14. Shoes, what shoes? And what weight to lose, you look great!

    Happy (late) HNT

  15. You look great!! Love the shoes and the use of the telescope! :)
    Happy belated HNT!

  16. @History Boy - C'mon where's the fun in that? And thanks. :)

    @Eternal List - Stargazing does sounds fun, doesn't it?

    @SB - Mmmm...undies.

    @MR - Thanks.

    @Goddess - New shoes, new clothes. I just like new ;)

    @stare - *snap* focus on the shoes. :)

    @Hubman - Thanks. Mostly, it's just toning I need to do.

    @Emmy - Thanks. The telescope did make a nice prop, huh?

  17. You were wearing shoes? My attention must have been focused elsewhere. ;)


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