Friday, May 17, 2013

FFF - Her Smile

Yeah. So, I really dropped off, didn't I?

I suppose you're all kind of used to it by now. *sigh*

I tried to use the A to Z challenge in April to jump start my blogging again, but I didn't even manage to consistency do that. C'est la vie, right?

You all still love Lola, though. I know you do. :)

So, here's a little attempt at some Flash Fiction. You're welcome. ;-)

Today's key phrase is "her smile," and the word limit is 350.

She walked out into the ocean, her bikini top dangling from her fingers. The cool water felt refreshing against the warm rays of the sunshine. Her smile was wide as she headed to meet her boyfriend.

He continued to watch the crowds on the beach as she approached - the mother shielding the eyes of her child; the husband pretending not to notice; the teen boy nudging his friend. She, of course, was oblivious.

Shaking his head, he just laughed at her boldness and watched her walk out to him. Her tits were beautiful, and he loved watching them lightly bounce in rhythm with the waves of the ocean.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her firmly. She just smiled, suddenly acting a bit shy. “You know, people are pretending to not stare.”

She just shrugged. And smiled – enjoying the sun on her exposed skin.

Ok. So, it's not the greatest story I've ever written, but at least it's something. :) I stopped at 150 words, because, well, I did. 

Good news is that you can pop on over to Advizor's blog to read where everyone else went with the picture. Or better yet, why not write your own quick story. I'd love to read it. :-)

Hope you all have wonderfully, sexy plans for the weekend!