Monday, September 5, 2011

JoyBear Pictures

A couple months ago, Jess from JoyBear Pictures contacted me. I was thrilled to be considered a confident and sexually sassy woman by this adult erotica company. :-)

She offered me enough credits to watch an erotic film on their site in exchange for a review. I was more than happy to agree. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I got super busy. I meant to have this all written in time for my birthday celebration, but here is it nearly a month later, and I'm just getting to it.

JoyBear Pictures is a great company!

From their website: Stylish, sophisticated, adult erotic films for couples, women and men

Instead of choosing to view scenes from just one movie, I chose to view scenes from three different movies.

London Sex Project 2: Scene 1. Long-time couple take advantage of an unsuspecting reveler. (Click here for a free trailer.) It is shot more like a reality TV show with the photographer describing the LSP and then following around a couple while they pick up a third at a bar, bring her home to have some fun with them. In general, I dislike all reality TV, so this format was not for me. The overall flow of the movie was a little slow for me, but the sex scenes were still pretty hot.

Match Mates: Scene 2. Liselle finds her favourite couple a bubbly blonde. (Click here for a free trailer.) Liselle Bailey, who made her mark with the London Sex Project, comes back with Match Mates. The premise of this movie is Liselle setting up her pornstar friends. This was also shot in the same reality style as LSP2, so, again, it wasn't really my cup of tea. I did enjoy this one a bit more than LSP2 because Liselle was much hotter than the guy in LSP2. She was also a little more interactive with the pornstars. I enjoyed the sex scenes in this movie a lot - despite the overall style.

Five Hot Stories for Her: Scene 2. Fuck You Carlos. (Click here for a free trailer.) The storyline of this movie was great. A wife comes home from shopping to find her husband in bed with another woman. He tries to say that she was there as a gift of a threesome to her, so as revenge, she plans a party while Carlos is out and films a threesome of her with two guys. The two guys were pretty hot and so was the sex. It was a fun scene to watch.

JoyBear claims that their movies are stylish and sophisticated. I would agree. In general, their movies cater more to women and couples. The lighting and filming is great. I did enjoy watching these scenes and look forward to watching a few more (I still have a few credits to use). They are definitely hardcore porn, but they also seem a bit softer than a lot of the porn I usually watch with Jasper.

I did have some difficulty getting the movies to play. It didn't seem to work in Internet Explorer 9, but I was able to view it with Google Chrome with minimal problems. It does require Windows Media player on your computer. These technical issues were likely user error. :)

Do you like porn? Are you interested in viewing erotic movies that are more stylish and sophisticated? Would you enjoy watching a few JoyBear Pictures movies on your own? JoyBear is offering THREE of my readers an opportunity to view an entire movie of their choice.

Here's how to enter:

Mandatory Entry: Visit JoyBear Pictures and tell me which scene you'd like to watch! (This entry is required and must be done before obtaining any of the bonus entries below.)

Bonus Entries: Please complete the mandatory entry first. Leave a separate comment for EACH entry method you complete.
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  1. I watched the clips and the last one just cracked me up.  While stylish and well shot, the voice-overs when the dialog began were so bad that It distracted from everything else.  If the porn is good in French or Italian, then just thow on some subtitles to get us through to the good parts. 
    Thanks for sharing and I'm glad that others see you as we do, smart, sexy, amazing, and with opinions that matter.

  2. I would like to see Man Trap scene 4

  3. I have followed you for quite awhile. Love your blog.


  4. You are on my blog roll so I don't miss anything.

  5. Lola, got a painfully slow internet connection here so the clips wouldn't load for me but i would like to see Man Trap. Scene 1 - Your Money or Your Wife, if its on offer.

  6. Thanks for sharing the link to this site...never heard of it before.  I'd be interested in seeing the Girls onGirls - Hardcore Lesbian Sex - Julie Silver & Sandy.

    I follow you on Twitter and you're on my blog roll.

  7. After work in UK porn films please get in touch.Male model.


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