Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Want This

You want to feel your cock down my throat.
Your balls pressed into my chin.
My nose in your belly.
Hear my moans as I gasp for air.
My tongue swirling around your shaft, your glans.
Getting your cock dripping wet.
Plunging into my drenched cunt.
Thrusting in and out.
Listening to the sounds our bodies make.
So fucking wet.
Gooey, slobbery, sloppy sounds.
You turn me over.
Fuck me on my hands and knees until my arms collapse underneath me and my body quivers with pleasure.
Firmly grasping my hips as your pump harder, deeper, faster inside me.
Grabbing my hair.
Pulling my head up.
Making me turn and look over my shoulder, up into your eyes.
You slide your cock out of my pussy, dripping with my juices and slowly press into my ass.
Taking it nice and slow, letting me feel your cock fill me.
Small movements in and out, slowly making your way inside until you're balls deep.
Grabbing my hips, and moving ever so slightly. Letting me adjust to your cock.
And then pulling out and thrusting back in.
With one swift motion.
I whimper in pleasure mixed with just a touch of pain.
My moans deepen as you continue thrusting.
Fucking my ass.
Feeling it's tightness surround your cock. Again and again.
My hand moves down to rub my clit in pace with your thrusts.
My pussy is still dripping.
So wet.
So creamy.
My clit responds well to the touch of my fingers and my body begins to quiver once more.
I grind my ass onto your cock.
Needing to feel you deep, deep inside me.
You hold me there.
Your balls tightening when you feel me start to quiver again.
You fuck me harder.
Watching my body quiver.
Your fingers digging into my ass, my neck.
You thrust harder, losing control.
Grunting and moaning louder.
You still for a moment. Watching as I move my ass off and on your cock.
You can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore.
I collapse on the bed while you continue fucking me.
You let go of my neck.
Running your hands back to my ass, taking a hip in each hand.
I feel you grabbing my hips and throwing me back onto your cock with each thrust.
You watch my tits bounce each time.
Listening to the sound of your hips slapping against my ass.
Your balls bouncing against my pussy until, finally, your head empties.
Your eyes close.
You feel the explosion building inside.
With a final primal yell you plunge in all the way, holding my hips tightly against you, as I feel your cock throb over and over again, spurting warm creamy cum into my ass with each spasm.


  1. Whoa, that is beyond hot! Got to admit that made me wet!

  2. Mrs. Discontented, Wow! So lovely to know this made you wet! That makes me smile. :)

  3. Well I can honestly say this story made me very hard. I would certainly love to indulge your fantasy. Thank you gor writing such a hot story.


  4. Mmmm Lola being so horny and in need of a nice deep animalistic duck. Wow baby, you have me hard and ready to fuck the shit out of you. Then to add to my desperate need I see that Mrs. Discontented is now worked up, horny, wet and ready to be fucked too! So many hot ladies and I am so ready to give it to both of you!


  5. William, You're welcome. Good to know it got you all nice and hard. Yum!

    Whaddaya say, Mrs. Discontented? Should we show Marcus Myself a real good time? Hehe. ;)

    Marcus, Glad I could get you all worked up. :P

  6. You know me too well.... ;-)

    Smoking hot writing!

  7. You named this post very very well.

  8. I want this, yes, especially more so now that I've read this, hard and throbbing here and wanting it so badly!

  9. YES! I want this.... I need this, as I was reading your words my cock got really hard, it still is, I have no idea what I am going to do for the rest of the day now.

    HOT just like you

  10. Max, Do I? *smiles innocently* Glad you liked it.

    Advizor, Thank you! I thought it was fitting.

    Marcus, Hard and throbbing and wanting....just the way I like it.

    H, May I suggest a trip to the bathroom? ;)

  11. ya...this was hot as hell.

  12. OMG, I didn't know text could make me this hard... but you sure did it sexy. GREAT writing!

  13. That Girl, Thank you!!

    japie75, You know how I love making you hard. ;)

  14. certainly know what we all want. i know you got me!

  15. GoodWill, You want this? Of course you do! Come and get it. :-*

  16. Me too...Can I be next?

  17. William, sure! Come on over. :-*

  18. If only you weren't so damn far away.

  19. I'm sure your sweet ass is so tight!

  20. Wow, that was insanely hot. Love the detail

  21. Thanks, Jacque! Glad you liked it. :)

  22. Wow, that was insanely hot. Love the detail

  23. If only you weren't so damn far away.

  24. That Girl, Thank you!!

    japie75, You know how I love making you hard. ;)

  25. Whoa, that is beyond hot! Got to admit that made me wet!

  26. Yes, I want that.  And since my wife is asleep right now, I'm going to fantasize that I have it. :)


  27. I hope you enjoyed the fantasy. :)


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