Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Memories: I Kissed a Girl

And I liked it!

It was at my 5-year reunion from the women's college I attended. I hadn't been planning on going but a couple classmates convinced me I should join them on the road trip. I was a waitress at the time, so I swapped some shifts with some co-workers, slapdashedly packed a small bag for the weekend, and met up with them for the 9-hour drive.

The three of us had a great time as we drove. Laughing, reminiscing.

I had been really good friends with one (B), but I didn't really know the other one (L) very well - even though we had spent two years together at the same school and even had a few classes together. Still, we'd never really developed a close relationship. Probably because she was from a different state - in the sunny Southwest. The other friend was a native MN girl, like me.

I hope I haven't confused you. :)

One night during the reunion, the three of us joined many other alumnae and current students at a bar in the next town over. We had a great time dancing, drinking, and having a lot of fun.

The drive home was where it got interesting. I was in the back seat. My good friend, B, was driving, and L was in the front passenger seat. I can't remember if we'd flirted at all earlier in the night, but during the 45 minute or so ride home, I remember leaning forward and touching her. Probably just her arms first, but then also her bare stomach.

It was so deliciously soft!!

I remember thinking how I'd never felt anything so soft before. We continued slight touching throughout the drive home. I leaned forward, so she could reach back and touch me, too. I'm not sure if B could tell what we were doing or not.

When we got back to the hotel, I vaguely remember flashing a truck passing along on the highway before going inside. Wait, I think that's part of another story. :))

B was really tired, so when the three of us went inside, it wasn't long before she'd crashed on the bed she was sharing with L. Remember, they were better friends, so it was natural that I would have a bed to myself and they would share one.

L and I slipped out into the hallway; we didn't want to disturb B. We continued touching and commenting on the softness of our skin. I leaned back against the wall of the hallway, and we leaned into each other for our first kiss. It was soft and sweet. I don't think either of us had ever kissed a girl before, but we both seemed to really enjoy it.

We kissed a little more in the hallway. Rubbing up against each other.

We wanted to do more,
To go further.
But we needed to find some privacy.

We didn't want to go back into the room in fear of waking B, but we didn't want to continue in the hallway, either.

We tried the pool area.

We decided to stop and just return to the room and go to bed.

We thought it would be weird to share the same bed, as we thought that we'd need to explain why L slept in my bed instead of the same one as B. We didn't really want B to know what had happened between us. So, we kissed for a short while longer in the hall before returning to our room and crawling into separate beds.

It was a fun, if not satisfying, encounter.
I don't recall any awkwardness the next day or throughout the remainder of the weekend, either.
Which helps make this memory all the sweeter, imo.

Nothing else really came out of this brief tryst. Remember, she lived very far away.

What about you? Tell us of your first time kissing a girl or someone of the same sex or whatever. Just leave us a link down in the comments.


  1. A wonderful, sensual telling of a great enounter. Maybe it's for the best that it didn't go further, just sweet and soft.

  2. What a great first. Now how about the second ;)

  3. Advizor, Yes, I agree. It's a perfect way to end a memory.

    Lexi, You offering? :-* I've actually kissed a few other women since this encounter, but this is my most memorable for sure.

  4. Sounds lovely, it's true, girls are so soft, great kissers.

    I've shared mine!

  5. Haha, I like Lexi's idea...let's hear about the 2nd time now!!!

    Great story, so thank you for sharing!

  6. It is a sweet story, told well, soft and sensual.

    I could tell you about my first time kissing a girl, but it just wouldn't be the same, now would it?

    And to answer the obvious next question, no, I haven't, sorry.

  7. Awww that was so nice and sweet, erotic too. I'm sure the second time was even better!

  8. Mrs. Discontented, Thanks for sharing your memory. I enjoyed it. :)

    GoodWill, Perhaps I'll sharing my 2nd experience next week...

    David, If you've told the story of your first kiss on your blog, you could link it up with this post. Just sayin' :) I'm sure I'd love to read it.

    France, Thanks! I enjoyed revisiting this memory.

  9. Awww that was so nice and sweet, erotic too. I'm sure the second time was even better!

  10. Sounds lovely, it's true, girls are so soft, great kissers.

    I've shared mine!


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