Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Memories: First Kiss

I've decided to run a new series on Mondays. Monday Memories. Each week, I'll slip down memory lane sharing a favorite memory. The first several weeks I'll be showcasing some of my Firsts. Feel free to join me on your own blog or in the comments below. Also, if you have any ideas for good Firsts, let me know, because sometimes my mind needs a little jogging. :)

Sexually, I've always been a little late to the game. Remember, I grew up in a very religious home. Sex (and all things leading up to sex) were to be saved for marriage. I believed this for a very long time. Also, dating began at 16. :)

I did wait until I was 16 before I had a boyfriend. He was a friend from church, but he was not yet 16. I just did the math, and he was only 14. Oops!

That first love is so sweet and fun! Mmm. Everything is so new and exciting. We'd been hanging out and dating for several weeks. One afternoon/evening, we were over at his brother and SIL's place. They lived in an apartment building in the same town. I don't really remember much of anything that happened earlier in the visit (after consulting my journal from the time, apparently, I'd gone over to watch a movie. Funny how that part of the memory escapes me.), but as he walked me out, we paused and lingered on the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors. Not necessarily the most romantic place with the harsh lights of the apartment building and the blah-decor, but still...

He was holding my hand.
He pulled me into him and gently kissed me.
Right on the mouth.

It was sweet.

Something I'd wanted for quite a while.

Was it everything I'd expected? Probably not. Was it magical? Definitely. Did it make my stomach flipflop and increase my lusting desire for him? Oh yeah!

Here is what I wrote in my journal about it, "On my way to leave, we said good-bye in the hallway. He gave me a kiss good-night. I had wanted it for so long. It felt so good. That's all I could think about [the next day]." Guess I wasn't too much into writing the details of what had happened. Hehe.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your first kiss. :-*


  1. What a great idea! I like the glimpse into your diary.

  2. Great memory and a wonderful moment. I like this idea for a series. Great title, BTW.

  3. It's great to remember how sweet that first kiss was. I'll never forget mine. I will try to post about it soon - I've been meaning to for some time.

  4. Thanks, France! I thought the diary bit was a nice touch, too.

    Yes, Advizor, it is a great memory. Of course, I wasted so much time reading through my old journal. Giddy teenage love is fun to rehash.

    Marcus, we'd love to read it! Hope you post it soon. :-*

  5. I was 11, she was 13 and I felt sooo cool kissing an older girl! Too bad I didn't kiss another girl for another 3 yrs after that...

  6. Sadly I can't remember my first kiss, but my first romantic kiss. .. oh how sweet.
    12 or 13 , under a tree in a church yard.
    It was snowing heavy. Felt like magic.
    Close to midnight and the lights from the church cross gave us our magic light.
    We made out for about an hour, just standing there.
    We wanted nothing more. It was beautiful.

  7. Inferno, What a beautiful memory! I can totally visualize this. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Inferno, What a beautiful memory! I can totally visualize this. Thanks so much for sharing.


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