Friday, January 14, 2011

Lola in Paradise (guest post)

I'm honored that Lola asked me to write a guest post in her absence. It seems like it might be fun to write my imaginings of what she might post at this very moment, if she could. And in my best impersonation of her voice. So here goes:

I just glanced at the temperatures back in MN, and it's -30F. That's right, MINUS. FRICKIN'. THIRTY!
But that's not our concern right now, because I'm looking
out the window of our room onto a tropical paradise. Bright blue water. White sandy beach. Bright sun. Temps in the glorious 80's.
The change in climate has also increased our always high level of lustiness. Jasper and I have been fucking. like. crazy.
That's not unusual. But we've also had some other fun.
We're staying in a nice hotel. A really nice hotel. You know, the kind that has cabana boys to run around and put out your chair on the beach. And set down the towels. And ask if you'd like anything to drink.
Anyway, the cutest young guy has been setting out our chairs every morning. Not just cute, but really. damn. sexy. And he's been flirting with me. And I've been flirting back. With Jasper smiling his approval.
Once when I went in swimming, I saw Jasper and the cabana boy talking. I wondered if they were planning a surprise for me.
Were they ever.
We left the beach late in the afternoon and came back to the room. I went for a shower. A little disappointed that Jasper didn't join me. But I found out why he didn't when I came out of the shower.
There was Jasper. And the cabana boy. Naked. With a red bow around his waist. Oh. My. God!!!
Over the next 12 hours, the two of them fucked me Every. Which. Way.
I'm still sore as I write this.
Jasper said it's my anniversary present.
We talked about getting together again tonight. And he might bring a girl he knows who works in the restaurant.
This is the best vacation EVER!
Again, this is just my imagining of what our Lola might be up to on her vacation. Check back here soon to find out what actually happened.

Cheers, Max

Thank you, Max! This sounds like a great vacation story. I hope I come back with some stories just as delicious as this one! Now, go visit this Mystic Satyr (he left you a link above)! This guy has some fun stories and great fantasies. He is one hell of a voyeur (wanna cum watch me?)!


  1. So funny! You got her voice just right. She is the sweetest. thing. ever. :)
    Come back soon Lola - we miss you. (but not too soon)

  2. Haha, I can absolutely see Lola doing this...or certainly wishing for this! Great post.

  3. foxy - I loved your comment. It made me giggle when I read it.

    France - Oh yes. Awesome.

    GoodWill - Lola would certainly like this.

    It would've been so fabulous to have this come to fruition. What a delightful fantasy. :)

  4. So funny! You got her voice just right. She is the sweetest. thing. ever. :)
    Come back soon Lola - we miss you. (but not too soon)


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