Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Favorite FMF (guest post)

One of my most favorite FMF experiences occurred when I was working in the restaurant business. We had just hired a new employee and she was beautiful. She had deep, dark bedroom eyes, long auburn hair that cascaded down her shoulders to her very voluptuous breasts. She had long lean legs with a tiny waist and she had a firm, tight, round ass. She was a free spirit and we became fast friends.

As is customary in the restaurant business, employees party after the bar closes. One night, my friend and I went to an after party. We had a few drinks and were a little buzzed. After flirting for a few hours we eventually made it back to my house where we were greeted by my husband and a bottle of wine. We each had a glass of wine or two and really began to feel the effects of the sticky sweet dryness of the wine. As the morning hours grew dim and we were getting ready to retire I turned to my husband and began kissing him.

My friend stood near to our embrace and enveloped us in her arms. My husband whispered to me that she wanted to kiss me. I was astonished. I didn’t believe it at first. Then my husband turned to my beautiful friend and asked her if she wanted to kiss me. She nodded her head yes. I was floored, flattered and excited.

We bent our heads together and began searching each other's lips and mouths. Her lips were so soft. I nearly melted on the spot. We kissed harder. Our mouths opening slightly, energetically our tongues met in the open space between our lips. My hands began to caress slowly up her back to the back of her head. Her soft hair swallowing my hands. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her harder. I re-traced her back to her small, tight ass. I pulled her closer to me; my pussy getting wetter with each caress. I could feel her melt into me and I into her. I wanted her. I wanted to softly caress her neck with kisses. Slowly drag my tongue down her breast bone to her lovely breasts. I wanted to lick and softly suck each nipple as I enveloped each breast with tiny kisses.

My wants became my desires and my desires became my reality. As I kissed her, I began to lay soft, gentle kisses on her neck. This got her even more excited as she felt my hot wet breath. I began to peel her shirt off, laying kisses on her dewy skin as I moved. Soon she was completely naked…

Today's guest is none other than my beautiful sister. You may remember me running into her at my first swinger's party. She doesn't have a blog of her own. Yet. But if you leave her lots of comments, she may finish this story...and share many more with us. One day, she may even start her own blog.

UPDATE: My sister has continued this


  1. This is MY Favorite FMF (guest post) teaser .... PLEASE CONTINUE!

  2. Please Please Please finish the story. And just knowing that Lola has a sister as sexy and adventurous as she is blows my mind!!!

    Start a blog! Please!

  3. Haha, i'm with the guys, we need to hear more from you!

    And yea, the idea that there are two of you is just outrageous! Thanks for the post Lola's sister!

  4. I'll definitely make sure she reads your comments. :)

  5. This was a delicious, tasty and tasteful tease of a story, I want more, I want more Lola's sister!
    Please ??


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