Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday, I wore a thong to work and no undershirt beneath my bra. It had been years since I'd done that.

The result was the most delicious feeling!

The thong gently rubbed inside the cheeks of my ass, sending nearly intolerable sensations throughout my body.

My shirt billowed in the breeze and randomly grazed the skin of my stomach. It was nice like a gentle caress.

These sensations continued throughout my day. It was most difficult to concentrate on my work. All I could think about was getting home to fuck my love. I wanted him inside every part of him. I wanted to feel him caress my stomach, my breasts.

I could only take so much, so during lunch, I snuck off to our favorite adult store--which is conveniently located a mere two and half blocks from my office building. I spent a few minutes browsing the clothing in the store. Imaging surprising Jasper with something fun and erotic. Wondering what would give us both the most pleasure. He'd mentioned school-girl fantasies before, so I finally opted for a very slutty school-girl outfit.

After work, I was still absolutely worked up. I innocently suggested that we go downtown for dinner. He had no idea what I had in store for him.

We took our time at dinner -- drinking up the sights of so many tight, little asses in short skirts passing along the patio of the restaurant.

When I could take no more, I said I had a surprise. Let's go home.

The bra came off in the car. The pants came unzipped. Jasper's strong hands moved over to my aching triangle. One finger, two fingers. Each twist and turn of the road intensified his fingering. I was on fire.

Give me a minute, sweetie. Let me get that surprise ready.

Slipping into the lingerie heightened all the sensations from the entire day. I nearly felt like exploding just doing that. I also was feeling a little daring, so when Jasper suggested I take that outfit into the hall of our apartment building. I was deliciously excited to do so.

The thrill of public sex was tantalizing!

I leaned up against the wall, posing.

Next I knew Jasper had bent me over and slipped his cock into my tight ass. Sliding in and out, the feeling of wearing that thong exacerabated beyond all belief.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Several months ago, Jasper and I were in hitting a pretty major low, sexually. Neither of us felt like it. The evenings were filled with excuses. When I was in the mood, he wasn't. And vice versa.

Perhaps it was just the 5-year hump.

One day, Jasper threw it all out there. He shared his feelings with me and how my rejection of his sexual advances was affecting him.

That conversation changed everything!

It led to more and more open conversations. Now it's rare that we aren't in sync sexually.

We talk. We share. We fuck.

And the fucking is SO good!

Plus we've begun sharing our fantasies with each other. This has probably been the most exciting. Dirty talk has definitely become a staple in the bedroom. Some of these are worthy of writing down, so I'll be sharing some of our fantasies here on Sex Babble.

We fantasize about fucking people we know. We fantasize about opening our relationship.

This is the most tantalizing.

The thought of watching each other fuck someone else is breathtaking. The thought of enjoying a DP nearly throws me over-the-edge.

I have a few reservations about opening our relationship; I'm sure Jasper does as well.

One day, this fantasy will come to fruition. Definitely.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why I'm Writing This Blog

When it comes to sex, I've never had a great outlet to express myself. I feel awkward and embarrassed most of the time when sex comes up in conversation.

I want to change this about myself.

I want to talk about sex!

I want to be comfortable with myself and my sexuality.

This blog will be devoted to this sexual expression. It will be a place where I share things I've done and things I want to do. It will be a place where I can pose questions and just get my thoughts out there. I hope you enjoy my adventures.