Friday, November 30, 2012

FFF - The Party

Flash Fiction Friday couples clothed bent over

The party was finally winding down when Rachel caught a glimpse of her husband engaged in conversation. She shot him her best let’s-get-rid-of-these-people-so-you-can-fuck-me seductive stares. He just smiled back at her as he continued to chat with the voluptuous blonde in the corner.

Rachel absentmindedly placed her empty, frosty glass on the cocktail tray next to her and tried to mingle with the remaining guests. All she wanted was to get fucked. She wanted to feel her husband inside of her. Instead, she was stuck making small talk while he continued to chat – hoping he would start ushering everyone out the door.

Tom could see his wife was getting bored, so he smiled at her as he talked with the pretty blonde from work. He’d had his eyes on her since she started at his firm, and he could tell from the look Rachel had just given him that she approved. He asked the blonde to stay where she was, and he started saying his good-byes to the other lingering guests.

He’d returned to where the blonde had been waiting when he glimpsed Rachel across the room saying good-bye to one last guest. He brushed her hair behind her ear, whispering how he’d like to bend her over and fuck her right there. The blonde gasped, but he could tell she was excited about it.

Rachel thought everyone had left and soon she would have Tom to herself, but the sound of a woman’s moan caught her attention. She turned to find the blonde bent over with her dress hiked up over her lovely ass. Tom’s dick was out and was rubbing on this woman’s pussy. Rachel felt her own pussy moisten as she looked up and smiled at her husband.

Apparently, the night was just beginning.

I know, I know. It's been a LONG time since I did a Flash Fiction Friday. Life got busy and this blog went by the wayside. I kind of missed doing FFF, so I'm back. At least for this week, anyway. :-)

Our challenge was to use the above image with a word count of 299 or less using the word "...frosty...". Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little story. Now, please head on over to Ram's blog to see what everyone else has written. Or better yet, write your own take on this picture and link up with all of us. ;-)

Hopefully I'll be back again next week!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I have a crush on you.

Thoughts of you pervade my dreams. My fantasies.
Oh, the things I want to do to you.

I want to feel your cock in my mouth. Your hands on my tits.
I want to run my fingers over your chiseled body.
I want to kiss you. Your muscles. Oh, god, your tattoos!

I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of my dripping cunt.
I want to get lost in your glassy blue eyes.
I want to hear you whisper, "Fuck me harder, baby."

I want to scream your name as I ride you.

I want you to roll me onto my back.
I want to feel your weight pressing against me.
I want you to kiss my neck and suck on my nipples.
I want to feel your breath in my ear.

I want you to fuck me.