Friday, July 27, 2012

FFF - Two-fisted Antics

The required word count is 255 or less, excluding the title.The required word for this week is “...two-fisted…”

She waltzed in, dressed in nothing but her hat, lingerie, and a tweed coat. She was known for her two-fisted antics, but she was nothing like I’d expected.

She seemed so calm and collected. Confident.

I kissed her cheek, coyly slipping a note into her hand. Her expression barely changed as she read – only the slightest nod of her head served as acknowledgement.

I slinked to the back of the room. After a few more men approached her in the same fashion, she smiled and looked around the room. The lights were dimmed, and you could hear the sound of the doors being closed and chained shut.

A shiver ran down my spine. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkened room, I noticed she had taken off her coat to expose her milky, toned skin contrasted nicely against the black of her lingerie.

She stood and hoisted herself up onto the table, crossing her legs.

I could feel my arousal growing. The roar in my head was so loud that I almost didn’t hear her call my name.

I stood before her and our eyes met briefly before she bent slightly forward to kiss me firmly on the lips. Her hand slid down my chest and abs - pausing only slightly before unbuckling my belt and letting my slacks drop to the ground. My cock sprung to life at her delicate touch.

She whispered in my ear to return to my seat. As I did, I heard her call another man’s name.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stripping is HARD!

After attempting the life of a stripper, I have a renewed respect for anyone who can do it successfully.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those girls. This has a nothing to do with taking my clothes off in a public setting - for that I was fine. I think there is a very good reason why strippers start out so young; it's a very physically demanding job.

I will say, I did have some fun my one night of stripping.

Earlier in the day, Jasper and I went panty shopping. That alone was worth it. :-) I got several new pairs of panties that were very sexy! We didn't want to spend too much because we weren't sure if I would enjoy it or not, so we didn't go overboard.

It was a very small club where I danced. Just one small stage with 6 or so chairs around it and then lots of armchairs scattered throughout the rest of the club. It's a cozy little place with lots of potential for some intimate shows. The walls, of course, were lined with mirrors.

I'd spent most of the morning practicing my sensual, teasing dance moves.

I felt ready. I felt sexy. Sorry, no pictures. Fail. I felt nervous.

I was the first dancer to arrive. Jasper waited with me until one of the other girls arrived. She gave me a super quick rundown of how it all worked, but my training got interrupted with the arrival of our first customer.

At the beginning of the night, there were only three dancers. We each danced for 3 songs. In between sets, we were supposed to talk to whatever customers were out there, offering lap dances. I tried really hard to be my lovely Lola persona, but I just wasn't able to overcome my normal, shy self. Plus, I was really nervous about doing lap dances. Sober, that is.

I hadn't practiced those much at all. Any volunteers to help me out? Ha!

So, I didn't like the aspect of approaching men to get a lap dance. If I had been approached, it might have been a different story. ;-)

I did enjoy the dancing on stage, though. My moves ended up being very tired by the end of the night, but I didn't worry about who was watching. I just went up there to enjoy myself - make love to the pole and the mirror.

It was an incredibly emotional night for me. I don't know exactly what my problem was, but I had some trouble keeping myself together.

What I really probably needed was a drink. Loosen me up a bit.

So, it wasn't a terrible experience. I felt (and looked) sexy. I for the most part didn't mind being 10+ years older than the other girls.

But it was a LONG night.

While I loved the dancing, my body didn't much appreciate it.

My poor knees!
Taken the following day.
I could barely walk the next day. When the bartender called to ask if I wanted to come in and dance, I just laughed and said I could barely walk. My quads were killing me! Think about it. I'd basically done some very serious squat exercises every 30 minutes for 15 minutes over the course of 7 1/2 hours! That is quite a workout!!

After about 3 days, I could sort of walk normally again, but my right knee was still bothering me.

In fact, 10+ days later it is still bothering me enough to keep me from running.

I thought that I could maybe try it again, but I just don't think my legs will allow it.

I know this didn't turn out to be a very sexy post, so here is a consolation picture.

I love my new shoes!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A ball-sucking good time

Yesterday, Jasper was lying on the bed, naked, of course, because it's fucking HOT! and he turns to me and says, "I'd really like for you to give some attention to my balls right now."

This isn't exactly a new request, but it's one I've always ignored. I've always opted to suck his cock instead. Sure, I've played with his balls before, but never to the point of giving them my undivided attention.

I felt bad for being so tired the night before after my first evening stripping post coming soon that I laid down beside him and started licking and suckling his balls. He had recently shaven them clean and smooth and damn, if I wasn't getting extremely aroused as I drew his balls into my mouth.

He lied on his back while I lied on my side my knees and legs were way too sore for kneeling with my legs up by his head. Nothing else mattered at that moment except the feel of his balls against my tongue, in mouth.

Occasionally, he would reach over and play with my clit or tweak at my nipples, but this was mostly for him.

As it was a new experience for me, I kept asking if I was doing it right. Could I really do it wrong? :-) What else would he like me to do?

Eventually, I crawled between his legs and lied on my stomach to lick from another angle. His moaning increased along with my desire.

It wasn't long before I asked Jasper to hand me my glass dildo to put in my pussy while I continued to lick and suck and devour. I slid it into my wet cunt without even missing a beat - one end perfectly pressing against my clit.

O my god!

I was having such a fantastic time. I really couldn't get enough of his balls in my mouth while rubbing my clit with the dildo. Mmm...

I'm not sure I've ever sucked so voraciously. Certainly not on balls.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Equal Opportunity Luster

When hanging out with some college friends recently, one friend kept joking about getting a male escort that was big, black and bald. I'd say she has a type. She's even married to a guy that pretty much fits that description.

Another friend seemed to really only be attracted to white guys - at least that's who she flirted with the most while at the night club.

Me? Well, that night I was really into Indian men.

And that's when it hit me. I don't have a type.

When I was explaining this to Jasper, I said, "You know, I'm an equal opportunity..." 

I couldn't think of the perfect word when Jasper offered luster.

That's it!

As an equal opportunity luster, I simply can't pinpoint or perfectly describe to someone what or who I find attractive. It's just something that I know.
Sometimes that guy is blond or brunette, white or black or Indian, tall or short, great arms, great ass, facial hair, tats, etc, etc, etc.

Sometimes it's a girl.

I still would never describe myself as bi-sexual. I'm just an admirer of the female form, and, well, sometimes I like to play with girls, too.

Recently we came across a term: bi-playful

Yeah, I think that describes me. There are definitely times when I just really want to be with a girl. I've been jonesing pretty hard for one lately. In fact, I nigh on picked up a girl at a club the other night.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cool and Refreshing

I know, I know. I promised you more lustiness.

And now it's been 10 days since I last posted anything. Ugh. We had some Internet issues, but now I think we're all set.

Vegas is treating us very well. I'm loving it, in fact. It's so hot here during the day, but the nights are gorgeous. I've been sleeping more during the day and partying at night.

Well, not always.

The other day, I discovered on Facebook that an old college friend was in Vegas for a few days. She invited  us to come hang out at the pool with her. How could we say no to playing in a fancy-schmancy pool?

The water was cool and refreshing.

My friend and the girls she was with had been at the pool most of the day, so about an hour after we arrived, they decided it was time to check out the European (read: topless) pool. One of the girls threatened that if someone else took off her top, she would as well.

No one did.

Until they all left.

And Lola had gotten quite tipsy.

Jasper got distracted talking to one of the female lifeguards, so I preoccupied myself with a couple Armenian basketball players. They were fucking HOT.

And I'm certain they enjoyed the lap dances they received. ;-)

I was definitely having a great time. I had my flirt on. Big time.

Since it was a topless pool, there was an attendant just outside the pool. He was super cute, and so, naturally, I had to flirt with him every time I left the pool area to go to the bathroom. And every time I re-entered the pool.

I may have even flashed him my tits on at least one occasion.

This morning, I came across this picture on Tumblr, and it made me think about my new pool attendant friend.

Source: eagerlicker
Maybe one day, I'll feel his scruffy face on my lady bits.

Monday, July 2, 2012

More lustiness on the way...

Life has been busy. You know that. I know that.

After finishing school, Jasper and I took off on an incredible adventure. We're still in the midst of it, but we're also pausing for several months in Las Vegas.

Without the stresses of student teaching, and with a consistent internet connection, I'm hoping to blog much more often about life in Vegas. I can feel a bit more comfortable dressing a bit more provocatively.

For example, I was lounging in my bikini this afternoon when the maintenance man came by to update a couple things.

No, this isn't going to turn into porn, but it was liberating to not feel the need to cover-up my suit.

Now, as I type this, I've taken off my bikini top and am sitting in front of our ground-level, front room windows topless. Only in Vegas. :)

And who knows? Perhaps we'll have more opportunities to have more fuck buddies while we're here.

Jasper is out pursuing a job at local strip club; I'll be job hunting tomorrow.

In the meantime, we're taking life slow - lounging in the pool as often as possible.