Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stripping is HARD!

After attempting the life of a stripper, I have a renewed respect for anyone who can do it successfully.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those girls. This has a nothing to do with taking my clothes off in a public setting - for that I was fine. I think there is a very good reason why strippers start out so young; it's a very physically demanding job.

I will say, I did have some fun my one night of stripping.

Earlier in the day, Jasper and I went panty shopping. That alone was worth it. :-) I got several new pairs of panties that were very sexy! We didn't want to spend too much because we weren't sure if I would enjoy it or not, so we didn't go overboard.

It was a very small club where I danced. Just one small stage with 6 or so chairs around it and then lots of armchairs scattered throughout the rest of the club. It's a cozy little place with lots of potential for some intimate shows. The walls, of course, were lined with mirrors.

I'd spent most of the morning practicing my sensual, teasing dance moves.

I felt ready. I felt sexy. Sorry, no pictures. Fail. I felt nervous.

I was the first dancer to arrive. Jasper waited with me until one of the other girls arrived. She gave me a super quick rundown of how it all worked, but my training got interrupted with the arrival of our first customer.

At the beginning of the night, there were only three dancers. We each danced for 3 songs. In between sets, we were supposed to talk to whatever customers were out there, offering lap dances. I tried really hard to be my lovely Lola persona, but I just wasn't able to overcome my normal, shy self. Plus, I was really nervous about doing lap dances. Sober, that is.

I hadn't practiced those much at all. Any volunteers to help me out? Ha!

So, I didn't like the aspect of approaching men to get a lap dance. If I had been approached, it might have been a different story. ;-)

I did enjoy the dancing on stage, though. My moves ended up being very tired by the end of the night, but I didn't worry about who was watching. I just went up there to enjoy myself - make love to the pole and the mirror.

It was an incredibly emotional night for me. I don't know exactly what my problem was, but I had some trouble keeping myself together.

What I really probably needed was a drink. Loosen me up a bit.

So, it wasn't a terrible experience. I felt (and looked) sexy. I for the most part didn't mind being 10+ years older than the other girls.

But it was a LONG night.

While I loved the dancing, my body didn't much appreciate it.

My poor knees!
Taken the following day.
I could barely walk the next day. When the bartender called to ask if I wanted to come in and dance, I just laughed and said I could barely walk. My quads were killing me! Think about it. I'd basically done some very serious squat exercises every 30 minutes for 15 minutes over the course of 7 1/2 hours! That is quite a workout!!

After about 3 days, I could sort of walk normally again, but my right knee was still bothering me.

In fact, 10+ days later it is still bothering me enough to keep me from running.

I thought that I could maybe try it again, but I just don't think my legs will allow it.

I know this didn't turn out to be a very sexy post, so here is a consolation picture.

I love my new shoes!


  1. Honey, i'm so proud of you! Regardless of whether you choose to try it again of not, the fact that you actually did it is incredible!

    It really is a hard job.. People don't understand the physical not to mention the mental pressure a stripper is under every night... I once dated a banker who couldn't understand why i got so tired some weeks if i'd taken on an extra shift - "but it's not like you're doing anything special, you're just dancing and talking... It's not like my job, where i'm actually working every day.' - that was the end of him!

    Any plans for giving it another go?

    1. No plans right now. I'd consider just a topless venue or maybe go-go dancer.

      Good for you for dropping that banker. That is ridiculous!

  2. Sorry about your knees Lola but yes the shoes look wonderful. Hope this isn't the end of your stripping days because i'm sure the customers at the club loved you.

    1. I'll likely have to stick to stripping/sharing here on Sex Babble. :-)

  3. I am glad you had fun, even if your body was paying for that several days later.

    1. Me, too. Definitely no regrets here.

  4. You are to be commended for giving it a shot! I imagine that most women would not. I'm sure you made the night memorable for whomever was in the audience.

    And yes, you look hot. As always.

  5. This was an amazing story. You dared to do what some only dream of doing. New things are always hard to do, and just the physical aspect of stripping sounds challenging. The few times I have been to a strip club, I'm usually pretty shy and won't approach a stripper for a lap dance, but if one comes up to me and seems friendly I'm a big sucker for that. However, if I'm ever at one again and I see someone who looks like Lola I'll definitely ask her! Very hot picture, I love the shoes and the pose.

    1. Yes, you should! Help that shy stripper out. :-) Of course, it is nice to hear about strip clubs from your perspective.

  6. Good for you! I've been around a lot of non-athletic "athletes" over the years--ballet dancers, marching bands, cheerleaders, etc... All of whom work as hard (or harder) as big sweaty guys in the weight room. I'm not at all surprised that you couldn't walk for a couple of days!

    Now how do you transfer your life experiences here to the classroom?? :-P

    1. I'm certain I can find some way to transfer these experiences to the classroom... *wink*

  7. I played stripper for a large bachelorette party once and it was only a couple hours worth probably and I still felt it in my legs the next day.
    Guys don't have to do half the stuff women do either. Gotta be in shape and used to it for sure.
    I love you pic btw. Hot!

    1. Thanks, Inferno! Guys have it so easy, don't they? :)

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