Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TMI Tuesday

I loved reading over Marcus' TMI today, so I thought I'd join the fun.

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? "Just one day I wanna wake up with clear, blemish-free skin."

2. If you could take a class for fun right now, what would you take? Dance lessons. In fact, I've got some vouchers to redeem.

3. What did the last text message you received on your mobile/cell phone say? :)

4. What was the last song you listened to? "I Think I Love You" by Partridge Family

5. What was the last song you sang or hummed (cuz it's stuck in your head)? Same song as #4.

6. First thing you wash in the shower? Left Shoulder

7. When was the last time you masturbated in the shower? Last time I masturbated was last night. After getting my ass pounded. But I was still on the bed. In the shower? Hmm... it's been too long, I guess.

8. What color is your couch? We actually don't own a couch. Most TV/Movie watching is done from bed. We do have a couple armchairs in the livingroom. They are dark brown with gold piping.

9. Have you had sex on your couch? Again, no couch, but we did have lots of sex on our old couch before we sold it, and, course, both armchairs have been appropriately fucked on.


  1. #1, bummer :(

    #4, I sometimes switch over to the 70's channel on XM and love to hear songs like that

    #9, sounds like that couch would have some wonderful stories to tell ;)

  2. Marcus,

    Bummer on #1 is right! I am SO sick of adult acne. :(

    Yeah, if only couches could talk. Hehe.


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