Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Memories: I Kissed a Girl (again)

Last week, a couple people mentioned wanting to hear about the second time I kissed a girl, so I'll be taking a break today from a memory a first in favor of this memory instead.

My second time kissing a girl is probably not nearly has fun or even erotic of a story. It happened years after the first time.

In fact, it was only a few months ago.
Shortly after we'd decided to explore new sexual experiences, inside and outside of our marriage.

We went to a college, house party. We were nervous about being *that* old, creepy couple - considering we were 10+ years older than most of the kids at the party. Those nerves quickly faded as the long island iced teas coursed through my system.

Jasper and I really wanted to find a playmate that night.

The closest we (read: I) came, though, was a little tongue play with a couple girls.

I was quite drunk, so it wasn't all that memorable.

However, I do distinctly remember kissing one girl in the kitchen. Her hair was dark brown, full. My fingers were tangled within those locks.

I kissed her hard.

Then, I smiled at her boyfriend, "Do you like to watch when I kiss your girlfriend?"

I think it was a little hotter for me knowing her boyfriend was standing right next to us, watching.


  1. Letting him watch, then calling him on it is super hot, it makes it all so bold.

  2. If you looked at me right after you were kissing my girlfriend hard, and said to me "Do you like to watch when I kiss Your girlfriend".... I would have came in my pants... instantly

  3. Advizor54, Yes, it was definitely a night of boldness.

    H, Well, I'll be sure not to tell you then. ;)

  4. wow. that's a pretty awesome story. i'm guessing she didn't come home with you then??

  5. Wow! what a great blog. We'll be back. We just started blogging about a week or so ago. Come by sometime.

  6. Green Eyed Frenchy, :">

    That Girl, Sadly, no. :(

    walkandroll, Thanks for stopping by! I'll hop over to your blog later today.


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