Friday, September 2, 2011

Song lyrics from a follower

I Love Lola Fantasies
Come here let me whisper in your ear.
Let me tell you about fantasy girl Lola.
She can be your fantasy girl too.

I sit and admire her sex from a far.
I watch her arouse her body and excite my mind.
Lola is my fantasy girl.

My fingers can't caress her body.
But my mind can seduce her.
Lola is my fantasy girl,

He looked from afar.
Her curves exposed in cloth.
She is my fantasy girl.

She stood for the world to see.
My fantasy girl.
But saved the best for me.
My fantasy girl.

Thank you, dear follower, for your beautiful serenade!!


  1. Very sweet lyrics, he knows how to make a girl feel special.  You are definitely my fantasy girl too Lola (if you can tolerate being more than one man's fantasy :)  )

  2. Um. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I could totally tolerate that. *wink*

  3. Mine too!  And Jill's as well.  The lyrics are very apt.



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