Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HNT: Library

My next hunting adventure takes me to the library.

This is a pretty intense semester for me. Lots of reading. Lots of papers. Lots of deadlines. So, I've actually put scheduled blocks on my calendar to spend time in the library.

This has been going on for nearly a week - classes started on 9/8.

So far, so good.

Of course, the first day I was there, I'd finished my reading and took a little break before writing my paper.

So I headed to the not-so-terribly-secluded stacks to add to my scavenger hunt.

I slipped off my bra and put it in my purse before checking the camera positioning.

Looks good!

I unbuttoned and opened my blouse. I was getting a little nervous.

Here goes...

I don't like the posing of my legs. I just now realized a simple cropping would have fixed this, but in the moment, I decided to keep snapping.

Cursing a little for not wearing a skirt that day, I decided to still attempt to snap a picture of my pussy. It was a little frustrating because my shirt would not stay open all the way back to my hips.

One more thing to try...

Am I brave enough?
I guess I am. :)

Now who wants to come study modern Russian or Chinese history with me?

More importantly, where should I go for my next hunting trip?

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  1. Books are so sexy. They complement you perfectly. 

  2. Sexy sneaky sexy... I like

  3. Well done, m'dear!  Yet another reason I wish I would have studied in the library more back in the day...

  4. Very sexy Miss Lola

  5. I'd say that we'd rather study anatomy with you, but we just did!  

  6. You bring excitement back into studying. Yumm!!!

  7. These are great - I wish I had your confidence!  Look forward to the next hunting trip :-)

  8. Great job!! the library is such a great place for this activity :)



  9. My library is not that exciting. 

  10. I really need to visit my local library more often.

  11. Definitely makes the trip to the library more exciting! :)
    Well done! 

  12. Very fun and sexy.  I used to do a lot of fantasizing while in the library about things that had gone on there.  Very brave of you also.  HHNT :)

  13. *giggle* Thank you!

  14. Thanks, Tame. Me, too. :-)

  15. Maybe you should spice it up. *wink*

  16. Go Lola! What great way to get attendance in libraries back up :)

    I've updated the Scavenger Hunt page, too. Thanks for letting me know!

    xx Dee

  17. I am in awe. I don't think I could ever be this brave! Plus, you look absolutely sexy!

  18. Mmmm... I have a sudden urge to crack open a book. I wonder why. ;)

    Deliciously cheeky...

  19. Red is YOUR color. Love the necklace too. Cute starting pose, pretending to be shy :)

    I wanna get naked with you in the stacks and study French and anatomy.

  20. Thanks, Dee. I do my best to promote literacy. lol. Perhaps I should start a naked literacy group...

  21. I'd be happy to stand guard for you. :-)

  22. You should see my crazy new red hair. :) I'll meet you there! *wink*

  23. Sexy pics.  
    I like them all. 

  24. Librarians like you will kill the Kindle, Nook, and iPad all at once

  25. I guess I need to start going to the library!

  26. Awesome shots!

  27. that was so much fun - you look hot!  Raven

  28. I've been admiring these pictures for a week now and thought I'd better voice my appreciation.  Lovely, sexy and fabulous!  You're so daring!


  29. Hello from Germany, first of all let me say you looks real good at the pictures.

    And second let me ask you, if you also like to read fantasy books ? :) And I find that was a great idea from you and I think every book will be with you a little more excitment.

    I will like to read more from you........!

    And sorry for my bad english.

    Nice days with many fun.



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