Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cool as FUCK!

Of all the unsavory, offensive (to many) words in the English language, fuck is by far my favorite.

I love that it can be used in so many ways and to mean so many different things. I love that you can use it when you're angry or excited.

I'm certain all my lovely readers know what I'm talking about - the versatility of fuck. :-)

Mostly, though, I love the sound it makes as it flows from my tongue. It starts with that soft F sound and then BAM! That hard K slaps with force.

As I was pondering my love of the word, I thought perhaps I love it so much because it's a metaphor for .my life. When you first meet me, you'd undoubtedly describe me as quiet, shy. And then BAM! I surprise you.

I can certainly be loud and boisterous with the right people and in the right crowd.

And certainly in the bedroom. I get quite vocal. Just ask Jasper! :-)

I just don't see how people don't just love this word. I use it frequently, in almost every way.

And, of course, I love the action, too. Sometimes, being fucked is way better than all that lovey-dovey shit!
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  1. Definitely one of my favorite words, especially when said by a woman. It can be such a powerful word which hopefully won't ever get too diluted over time.

  2. My husband likes when I say it, too. It can sound hot or playful. Sometimes even cute. :)

    There is definitely power in the word.

  3. Yep, one of my favorite words.

    And I'm like your husband - I LOVE it when my wife says it. It can be very hot. There are no more arousing words than just simply "Fuck me"

    But yea, beyond that - it's quite versatile!

  4. Oh! Fuck! Me!

    Yes, definitely arousing. :)
    Glad your wife says it for you.

  5. The only thing better is when it is whispered, "Please.... please... fuck ME."

    it can create such an amazingly personal connection.

  6. *whispering softly* fuck me. please.

  7. I believe it is the only word in English that can (and is) used as every part of speech. It can be a noun 'You Fuck!'. It can be a verb 'Fuck me...Now!'. An adjective 'He is such a fucking ass hole'. An interjection 'Fuck!'. A pronoun 'That fuck pisses mee off'. And what other word can you pretty much make an entire sentence out of? 'Fuck you, you fucking fuck!'

  8. Yes, the versatility of the word is wonderful, isn't it?


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