Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Margarita Craziness

Last night Jasper and I had a dance lesson.
Just for fun.
Our instructor is super bubbly and great to work with.

Our lesson was supposed to be from 6:15-6:45, but we were a few min late and her next appt must have canceled because our lesson went just past 7.

Apparently they just changed their hours for the summer as well, so the group class was now at 7:45 rather than 7:30. This kind of threw our plans for a loop as we had to get the car back by 9.

Still, we were going to try to make it work and just leave the group session a bit early, so when the host at a restaurant across the street asked to seat us, we told him we were in a hurry to get back across the street in half an hour.

Our server was prompt and had been told by the host of our time crunch. He made some menu suggestions, and we ordered before he even left our table.

I ordered their #1 margarita. As you know, I'm kind of a margarita/tequila girl, but this one was either just too strong, or I simply wasn't feeling it, but it just wasn't going down as well as normal.

Oh, and I was already feeling pretty buzzed halfway through.

Jasper doesn't normally like margaritas or anything with tequila, but after I'd complained about it enough, we switched drinks. I was more than happy to finish sucking down his vodka pineapple/orange, and he didn't mind this margarita at all. Weird!

By this point we simply were not feeling the group session at all and decided to just head home. Perhaps stop at Walmart for a couple things since we had plenty of time with the car now.

We weren't too far down the road before I asked to suck on his fingers.

"Did that feel good baby?"
"Mmmhmm. But I'd really like you to suck on my cock."
"Well take it out then." :)

I pretty much sucked his cock off and on for the remainder of the drive. (Wanna see a pic of his beautiful cock? Check out yesterday's 365 post.)

I really had to pee, and he wanted a smoke, so we made a pitstop at home before heading to Walmart.

By the time I'd finished in the bathroom, he was naked on the bed. After a few mild protestations (e.g. I thought we were going to walmart.), I knelt between his legs, taking his cock into my mouth once again.

I sucked.
We fucked.
I sucked.
We fucked.

He lied me on my back.
I opened my mouth.
He came on my tongue, face, chest.

We quickly cleaned up, headed to Walmart for the much needed chocolate milk and variety of M&Ms (Wtf? Was that really a necessary trip?), and returned the car on time.

What a night!


  1. Love it...I'm so jealous of you guys right now...sounds like such a fun night!!!

  2. Love it...great post.

    That reminds me, I have a "head while driving" story too that I need to find the time to write up.... :-)

  3. @GoodWill, Don't be jealous. Join us! :)

    @Max, Can't wait to read your story. Hope you find the time soon. ;)

  4. Love it...I'm so jealous of you guys right now...sounds like such a fun night!!!

  5. Was it really a necessary trip?  Um, hello...M&Ms?  I think you answered your own question.

  6. LOL! No home is complete without a stock of M&Ms, I guess. :)


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