Thursday, June 2, 2011

HNT: Preparing

I've missed the past two weeks of HNT. :(

I've been busy.
Preparing for finals.
Preparing for our scuba lessons this weekend.
Preparing for my upcoming 45-mile bike ride next weekend.
*No click*
I wanted to try and get a more HNT-esqe picture. Normally, we are the only ones in the pool at school, but there was some kind of a diving (not scuba) class there last night so not as much privacy as I'd hoped for.

Guess this will have to do.

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 for some even naughtier fun.


  1. I love love love Scuba, and you are the best looking fish in the sea. Very very cute.

  2. Beautiful HNT, and good luck on the ride!

  3. i'm preparing to click...YES!

    who knew water could be so sexy?!



  4. I am loving this!!!

  5. That's a fine pair of flippers you got there ;).

  6. You knew we were about ready to send out the state troopers to come looking for you! ;-)

  7. Loves this!!! Its the coolest pic eva chica!

  8. What a truly fabulous shot. I adore its saturated summer colour. :)

  9. Love it!!! The picture is ab fab...I love to swim and how my body feels in the water.

  10. Such a great pic...I love swimming pictures :)

  11. well, the flipper comment is already taken, so I'll ask you this : are you preparing for a trip, or just preparing for some fun lessons?

    HHNT Lola!

  12. You're so cool. Happy scuba diving to you.

  13. Wow! I really didn't expect some many wonderful comments. Thank you all so much! :)

    @foxy, A little of both I suppose. We're hoping to make a trip to FL or CA or the Caribbean this summer to practice our new skills. And then, after graduation next year, we're planning on moving to the Caribbean.

  14. You're so cool. Happy scuba diving to you.


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