Thursday, February 17, 2011

L-A-Z-Y and a Recap

I was feeling a little too lazy last night to try and get an HNT together, and then I had a helluva time getting up this morning. I even skipped the gym! :(

So, needless to say, I haven't posted an HNT yet this week. Perhaps later tonight...

My sister is playing this week, though...

...Over on her very own blog, "Confessions of a Midwest Farmers Daughter"

You should go check it out!

I thought I'd share a little recap of my Valentine's Day.

Jasper's not really one for celebrating holidays. He's got issues with giving gifts out of social obligation, so we don't normally do much for any holiday...Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc. We went to the Valentine's party the Saturday before V-day, but that was all we really had planned.

There was a lecture we considered attending on the 14th. Maybe getting some dinner before or after, but early in the day, he wasn't feeling up to doing too much in the evening. We decided just dinner would be nice. I browsed around a little online to find a restaurant to try downtown. I narrowed it down to two. I called the one to find about their V-day special.  $60/person? Um. No.

That pretty much sealed the deal on which restaurant to try.

I made the reservation.

I was a little nervous about what the restaurant would be like on Valentine's Day. Would it be super crowded? Would the service be poor? Would the food be good?

As the afternoon crept on, I was also feeling a little frisky. I decided that I needed to get something for us to play with while at dinner. Something vibratey, cordless, remote. I had some time after work and before our reservation, so I headed to our favorite adult store.

Their selection was pretty dismal in this area. My high opinion of the store is quickly fading. It seems they've become much more focused on clothing (which I do enjoy) and BDSM items (which really isn't my thing), but it is super convenient!

I opted for a pair of vibrating panties.

I put the box in my purse and headed to the restaurant. Jasper was running a little late (stupid public transportation). The restaurant wasn't very busy, so there was no fear of us losing our reservation since we weren't both there on time.

I slipped off to the bathroom to try out the panties. After opening the box and unwrapping everything, I was so nervous! I didn't want Jasper to arrive while I was still in the bathroom! With shaking hands, I got all the batteries into the bullet and the remote, but I couldn't seem to get the bullet into the panties.

Screw it! I just inserted the bullet into my pussy and kept my own panties on. I shoved the other ones into my purse, washed my hands, threw the empty box into the bathroom trash, and returned to my table. Phew!

I was about to order a drink while waiting, when the server mentioned a free bottle of wine if we purchased two entrees from the Valentine's menu. We're not really wine drinkers, but free always makes it more appealing.

When Jasper arrived, I got up to give him a hug and slipped him the remote for the bullet. "What's this?" "Oh, I think you know." We ordered a bottle of Reisling. I had the sea bass (so yum!) and Jasper ordered the NY strip. Throughout the meal, he would flip the switch on the remote - filling me with the most delicious sensations. It was even more exciting not knowing when it was going to happen.

It was really fun.

We'd never really done that before. So discreet, yet so public. :)

I easily drank 2/3 of the bottle of wine. I don't know for sure how much we each drank because our server kept topping off our glass whenever he walked by. Awesome!

When we got home, I had a surprise in our nipple charms! I tried them on, and we were soon completely naked and devouring each in bed.

I don't remember too many specifics after that. I do know that another bullet joined the one already in my pussy. And they both worked with the same remote. I was completely filled with vibrating bliss as I took his cock into my mouth.

I know it's late, but I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day as well.


  1. ohhh. that's a hot story!! i so wanna do something exciting like that for hubs and i but ... well, it's a work in progress!

  2. Aha! I was wondering who this new person was!

    As for you...there's still 10 hours of Thursday left in your time zone. Get to it! :-)

  3. Great story! One day I hope to be more like you - daring yet discrete - when I grow up. :-)

  4. oh my gosh that is the most delicious Valentines ever!!!!

  5. Thanks, That Girl! You definitely should. :)

    Os, thanks for the encouragement. I actually did get something up. Phew!

    Lovey, soon enough I'm sure you'll be even more daring than me.

    Daisygirl, yes, the food was amazing. Hehe!

  6. Thanks, That Girl! You definitely should. :)

    Os, thanks for the encouragement. I actually did get something up. Phew!

    Lovey, soon enough I'm sure you'll be even more daring than me.

    Daisygirl, yes, the food was amazing. Hehe!


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