Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Memories: First MFM

Damn! Here it is already 5:30pm on Monday, and I'm just getting around to writing about this week's memory. I don't have a lot of time to write it, either, but here goes.

My first MFM was a total accident. It wasn't planned.
It's wasn't as if a boyfriend (it was a couple years before I was married) had asked if I wanted to invite some to join us.

No, I was simply out at a bar - dancing the night away with a few girlfriends. Having a great time.

Next thing I knew, I had picked up not one, but two! guys to bring back with me to my apartment.

I was pretty damn proud of myself, actually.

The three of us played together on my small twin bed in my small bedroom that barely fit said bed. I'm not sure that they entirely knew what they were getting into. Perhaps one was more interested in me than the other. Perhaps one was just coming along to make sure his buddy didn't get screwed over.

I didn't really care.

I had a fucking cock in my mouth while another was fucking my cunt.

What more could a girl ask for?? It. was. fabulous!

At one point one of the guys moved out to the couch. Maybe he'd already cum. Maybe he was just tired. Maybe he was suddenly uncomfortable being naked around his buddy. I do kind of recall coaxing him back into the bedroom for a little while.

After we were all spent, the one guy moved back out to the couch while the other guy snuggled with me until morning. I kinda recall trying to get the three of us to snuggle, but the guys apparently were uncomfortable with that.

In the morning, they left. I don't recall any false pretenses of possibily doing it again. I don't think I even got their names...let alone their numbers.

What a slut, I know.
BUT it was a fucking good time. :))

I'm not going to bother with the linky this week, but if you have an MFM story to share, please let us know in the comments!


  1. You slut! I love it :-)

    Veronica likes 2 men at once as well, though the only times that has happened has been during 4somes with other couples, sometimes the other woman will take a seat on the sidelines, leaving V as the center of the mens attention.

    I've had the pleasure of joining a couple on 2 occasions, I even wrote a little about one of them-

    The other one, I just hinted at-

  2. making no pretense.....

    Honesty in desire is very very sexy.

  3. Whew! That's a hot story!

    Great memory, thanks for sharing it. :-)

  4. Whew! what I hot story, big fantasy of mine to be involved in mfm, maybe someday...

  5. Hubman, Thanks for sharing your stories.

    Thanks, everyone, for liking my story. It was a fun night. :)

  6. Nice! That was a fun read. What I love most about it is the casualness of it. It was not planned out but instead you had simply met two men you wanted to fuck and went ahead and did it. Love It!

  7. Thanks, Marcus Myself! Glad you enjoyed reading this. It was back in my slutty-live-with-no-abandon days. :)

  8. Last year. A friend and I went to a girl he had met. She was a painter, around 40. We got into her house, had a glass of wine and then she removed her clothes (didn't wear underwear I think) and requested us to do the same. I was a bit afraid and anxious. You never know with people. But after a while wine helped to overcome shyness and we performed in any possible way. By the way the best was ass and cunt penetration. You should try it next time :-)).
    I still get hard as I'm writing the story.

    Gerry from Athens

  9. Gerry from Athens! Thanks for sharing your story. I have attempted a DP on a couple occasions, but never 100% successfully, so maybe next time indeed. :)

  10. Very hot!  This is one of a couple fantasies of ours (especially Jill's) that has yet to be realized.  We've had a couple near-misses - ironically before we met - but mfm eludes us.  Someday...

  11. MFMs are great! Jasper tells me I'm really good at them, too. Unfortunately, that won't help you at all in your quest. I hope you get to realize this fantasy soon.

  12. It may not help us in our quest, but it's incredibly hot to hear (and read about, of course).  If you want to read about how close we've come, there are a couple entries at our blog, and it still turns me on to think of the time it almost happened with an ex-boyfriend and his roommate. :)


  13. I'll have to do some digging through your old posts to read about your near misses. In the meantime, I'll fantasize about you and your ex-bf and his roommate. That sounds like it could have been one hell of a night.

  14. Great story! Sounds wonderful.  Here's the story of my first threesome.


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