Friday, December 10, 2010

Swinger's Party (Part III)

Continued from here...

Shortly before 6AM, my long-term memory started functioning again.

F and I were playing on one side of the bed, and I remember hearing the following:

Jasper: Oh my! I can't believe she's squirting again. It's so amazing!
S: Mmmm

Of course, I wanted in on the action. I loved lapping up every drop of her lovely juices. I stopped what I was doing and focused on her. I playfully pushed Jasper out of the way, so I could lick and suck and probe. It was so delicious. I felt like I couldn't get enough. I would retreat and let Jasper work his magic some more while I kissed her on the mouth. As soon as I'd hear those sweet words, "She's squirting," I'd move back down for some more.

At one point, I was enjoying her with my mouth, and Jasper asked me to suck his cock (something I normally LOVE doing). I pretty much pushed him away and said I was busy. I just. could. not. be pulled away from her delicious pussy.

Shortly after six, someone mentioned the time. I remember freaking out at how there was no way it was already after 6; seemed like it was just 1:30 a few moments ago (come to find out, in my brain, it was). There was a bit of teasing about my time warp.

Even though we'd been at it for more than four hours, it didn't seem like we were anywhere close to finishing. I can't remember any kind of play-by-play, but there was definitely lots of play! We all went down on each other; we all fucked each other in such a variety of ways. It was fantastic!

S squirts; I, apparently, buck. During one particularly strong orgasm for me (I believe I was being fucked by Jasper at the time), F&S commented on my bucking. They started calling me bucking bronco because of how much I would thrash when cumming. It was cute. My own little pet name.

Finally, we started to feel a little worn out. We all fell asleep around 7:30AM. Jasper, Lola, F, S. All snuggled together. Mmmm....

Around 10:30AM, I began to stir. Yeah, I wanted more. I was on my side facing Jasper's back; F was lying on his side facing my back. I reached behind me and found his cock. Hard, waiting. Already. That really got me going. Jasper turned to face me. We kissed while I stroked F. The three of us played for awhile. Quietly. At least I was trying to be quiet. I didn't want to disturb S. I thought it would be nice to let her sleep a little longer.

It wasn't too long before I had F's cock deep in my mouth! Oh, do I love deep throating!

I don't think that S could stay asleep with all our moving around. All four of us were so dehydrated! We started consuming water like crazy! F even started the hot water in the shower to get some steam/moisture in the air.

We just kind of lazily played for the next hour or so. Light kissing. Lots of gentle caressing. Tender licking, sucking. It was a perfect way to wake up!

It didn't last that long when the all-out fucking began again. Now, I don't remember the play-by-play (not because of a black-out but because of the lapse of time from then until the writing of this post plus there was just. so. much. going on), but here are a couple scenes that I do remember.

Jasper lying on his back. I was straddling him, cowgirl style. F attempting to come in my ass for a little DP action. I'm not sure if it was my ass or his cock, but something wasn't cooperating. I had Jasper come out of my pussy, so perhaps F could come in easier. No dice. :( The attempts at double penetration felt so wonderful, though. I was sad it wasn't working.

The room was slightly divided, so from the area with the couch, there wasn't a clear view of the bed. I don't what what we were doing, but at one point, Jasper and I came around the corner to see S lying on her back on the bed while F fucked her standing at the edge of the bed. It was such a beautiful sight! I remember crawling up on the bed and just watching her (Well, I licked and sucked on her breasts a bit, too. She wasn't really into nipple play, but I still gently bit at her gorgeous nipples). She was gorgeous to watch! I loved watching the bounce of her breasts, hearing her softs moans. I adored watching her cumming. She would turn her head to the side, and giggle so softly. It was incredibly cute.

Then, it was my turn. I lied on the bed next to S in the same fashion as she had been lying. F moved over and fucked me just as he'd been fucking her. Oh. It felt so good. His cock sliding in and out of my pussy. Pounding me harder and harder. My breasts jiggling from the impact. I felt like I could be fucked all day! It was so damn good!

My favorite memory of the whole experience was the last position we did. S was lying on her back again, same position as before. F was fucking her, just as before. I was watching. He suggested I move over and straddle her face, so she could eat me while getting fucked. Who was I to turn down such a fantastic offer? I moved over, straddling her and facing him. I can't even describe how good this felt.

I looked over at Jasper, feeling a little bad that he might be feeling left out. The smile on his face clearly revealed that he was enjoying the show. I asked him to come closer, so he could at least play with my nipples while I rode her face. And so, every now and again, he would reach over and give my nips a little pinch and a tug.

We kept up with this position for quite some time. F would fuck S. Then, he would pull out so I could slip his cock in my mouth. I would bend over, and lick his shaft, savoring her taste. I would take his cock inside and slide my mouth up and down. S did a fabulous job on my pussy. It was incredible to be able to watch him fucking her while feeling an orgasm building up inside me from her skills. Oh, it was delightful!

As the pressure mounted, I began grinding (and, yes, bucking, a bit) on her face. I lustfully watched him fucking her. I more hungrily took his cock in my mouth. Cumming like this was so. damn. powerful. My legs were shaking. My hips were bucking. My pussy was convulsing. My entire body was quivering with pleasure.

It was the most fantastic way to end our play time with F&S!

To be continued here...


  1. WOW, that's a hot party! This story sounds like a Penthouse forum. Wouldn't even believe it without the pics. Will there be more Lola & S adventures? And, if so, do you take requests? Would love to hear/see more....

  2. Said it before, but I'll say it again: really freakin' jealous.

  3. @FF69 - I sure hope there are more Lola & S adventures. And, of COURSE, requests are always welcome. Just shoot me an email.

    @Lexi - I've said it before, and I'll say it again: come. join. us.

  4. You have the sexiest fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. @FF69 - I sure hope there are more Lola & S adventures. And, of COURSE, requests are always welcome. Just shoot me an email.

    @Lexi - I've said it before, and I'll say it again: come. join. us.


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