Wednesday, December 8, 2010

30 Days (And a Request)

I just checked the weather on my Google homepage. It says it is zero. degrees. fahrenheit. Zero!

That's just straight up temperature. It doesn't include windchill. So, actually, it feels a. lot. colder. outside. (That's approximately -17°C for those who may think of temps on that scale.)

This is not an unusual temperature for winter in MN.
But it doesn't make it any. more. bearable!

Mornings like this make me focus on beautiful, warm Costa Rica, where Google tells me it is currently 72°F! Seventy-two glorious degrees! (22 degrees for my Celsius friends.)

In 30 days and 9 odd hours, Jasper and I will be boarding a plane on our way to beautiful Costa Rica.

In just over 30 days, we'll be lounging in our room, overlooking the active Arenal Volcano.
We'll be lounging and hiking and birdwatching. And ENJOYING THE WARM SUNSHINE.

We'll be travelling across the beautiful countryside of Costa Rica.

We'll be lounging in our cabina, just a short walk from the beach.

We'll be soaking in the sun!


I'll be gone for 12 days. Twelve wonderfully, glorious, sun-soaking days.

Naturally, I don't want my blog to feel neglected for nearly two whole weeks, so I'm asking, you, my readers, to help me out. If any of you would be interested in doing a guest post for me, please shoot me an email or leave me a comment, and I'll get you all the details. Guest posts can be on any topic. They can include pictures, prose, poetry. Fact or fiction. It's really up to YOU!

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