Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Our Way Home (Part I)

We stand in the cold, waiting for the shuttle. Your hands are inside my jacket, feeling the fullness of my breasts through my soft sweater. You lift, caress, pinch - causing me to gasp and smile.
The other students look on dissaprovingly, but we ignore them.
The shuttle arrives and you allow me to go first, sliding your hand up between my thighs as I climb the stairs.
The driver notices but does not seem to mind.
You keep your hand on my ass as we walk down the aisle. You are claiming me in public and have decided not to be shy about it. I walk slowly, feeling your hand - not wanting to lose your touch.
You put me in a seat towards the back, across the aisle from a young coed. You sit next to the new girl and smile at her. You’ve seen each other before, and she's always been quick with a look and a bit of a wink.
She’s in jeans, a winter coat, snug t-shirt, and big boots.
"Do you think she's pretty?" you ask the new girl, pointing at me.
"Yeah," she replies. "I guess she's pretty".
"She's mine," you say, “She’ll do anything I tell her to.”
“Anything,” you reply.
I smile and nod.
You hand the new girl your phone and tell her to text me an instruction. Her thumbs fly; my phone buzzes.
I glare at you, not her, as I take off my jacket and lay it next to me.
"Is that all?" I ask.
Her thumbs move again.
I read the note and smile.
Leaning against the window, I turn to them and slip one hand inside my sweater. I move it upward until I cup my left breast in my right hand and begin playing.
She types again.
I read, moving one foot up to the seat as the other remains on the floor.
She types. I read. And my other hand finds my right breast in a similar fashion.
She is entranced, and her mouth hangs open slightly as she watches me caress myself as the cold bus moves along its route.
"Do you like this?" you ask her.
She wordlessly nods her head up and down.
She types more. I read the text, "Will you really do anything he asks?"
I nod.
She whispers in your ear. You stand and indicate that we are to trade places. As we pass in the aisle, you kiss me lightly on the cheek. I take your seat next to her, anticipating the next text.
Instead, she leans in and whispers in my ear as you watch us.
I nod my head and lean in to her, kissing her softly on the neck.
Taking a breather, I look at you, and I smile. Underneath my coat, which you are now holding, I see your hand move across your crotch.
You nod your approval.
You extend your hand, and she hands your phone back to you. You tell me to give my phone to her. You type; she reads…and spreads her knees wide. You nod your permission.
Her jeans are tight and smooth under my touch. I rub my hand along her thigh. Grabbing her hand, I place it on my thigh, guiding it up my skirt.
You smile. She sees it and complies.
I guide her hand further up my skirt; I run my fingernails on her thigh.
You watch quietly - pleased with my compliance.
With her hand between my legs, I lean toward her and kiss her deeply, passionately.
You get even harder, which surprises you.
She kisses me back but breaks the kiss as the bus rolls to a stop. Our stop. Damn. So soon? I lean in and whisper in her ear. "Come with us." She looks at you; you nod - she agrees.
I grab her hand and lead her off the bus.

Continued here...


  1. Very nice, I love the pace and the back and forth. Lovely.

  2. @David - Thanks! This was actually co-written with a fellow blogger. Be sure to check out Part II. That one was all my own. ;)

  3. @David - Thanks! This was actually co-written with a fellow blogger. Be sure to check out Part II. That one was all my own. ;)


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