Thursday, December 9, 2010

HNT: Blah!

I've been feeling really blah that past few days. I'm definitely getting a cold. In fact, I called in sick today. I'm all stuffed up, sore throat, plus not one, but two. fucking. cold sores. And these hurt. Like nobody's business. :(

I seriously considered not putting up an HNT this week, but figured all your lovely comments might lift my spirits. I took these pictures a few weeks ago, and I doctored them a bit this morning to make them a little more interesting.

Let me know what you think.

for a view from the back

Hope you all are having a better Thursday than I am.

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(I do have a pic on that blog today as well; submitted when I wasn't feeling quite so crappy.)


  1. Do I really get to be the first to wish you a speedy recovery and tell you just how happy I am that you got off death's doorstep to post?

    I love both shots, but wow, you have a mighty fine physique.....

    Get Well Soon!

  2. What do I think? Think? Woman, I can't concentrate! Not after seeing the click thru! Get well soon. HHNT!

  3. Well, you certainly don't look blah! You look distractingly sexy to me. Feel better... xx

  4. @A54 - I know how you like to be first. ;) Thanks for all your flattery.

    @NV - Have my pics distracted you? ;)

    @Minx - It's good to have back-up pics. You should see my hair right now. So. not. sexy. Hehe!

  5. Get well soon!
    You are a trooper for wanting to still play when feeling down, hopefully knowing that you've just gotten me "up" will lift your spirits.
    Love the heels, the pose, you have such an incredibly sexy body. Love the click with the see through sheer fabric and the way the panties ride up your ass, mmmmmm, basically everything about it!

  6., you definitely don't look blah... I *love* that image from behind... Damn!

  7. You may feel 'blah' but you sure don't look it! Gorgeous click thru as well!
    Happy HNT!

  8. hope your felling better

    knows what its like to have a cold

    not good but i hope yours does last long

    nice rear view :)))))))))))))))

  9. Such a fierce, sassy pose at first.

    And then coquettish and sweet.

    Very nice contrast. Feel better. :)

  10. Hot hot hot... hope your Friday is better!
    LGS xx

  11. Sexy click pic, hope yout tomorrow is better...

  12. Glad you did Lola,,I'm tired as well..droolin' and pracrice for swimming the Atlantic !! Would you mind if I used the monochromes on my thread ? xx

  13. @Marcus - Knowing I got you *up* definitely helped lift my spirits.

    @Vixen - Thanks!

    @MR - I am feeling much better. Thank goodness for cold medicine. And sleep!

    @Emmy - Aw. Thanks.

    @Wayne - Colds do suck! :( I am feeling better, so hopefully this doesn't linger on and on and on.

    @foxy - Wow. I didn't really think about the contrast! I am feeling better, thanks.

    @LGS - Ooh, thanks! So far, my Friday is going much better.

    @1man - Thank you!! So far, today is much better.

    @theeyes -'re practicing swimming in addition to all the drooling? yay! ;) Sure, you can add my B&Ws to your blog.

  14. @theeyes - I mean, as long as you credit back to my blog, of course. :D

  15. Wow, love it. Absolutely soooo hot and sexy Lola, as always. Love the click through - my wife has a similar see through/thong set...think i'm going to have to request that one soon ;) Otherwise I'll just keep picturing you in it!

    Hope you're starting to feel better!

  16. Hi Lola...We just started HNT and we posted our first picture that you have commented on...Thank you. That was nice..Also we have something similiar (tableau project) on our page...You are welcome to join

  17. @GoodWill - Hmm...part of me wants you to think of me, so I hope you don't get her into it, but the other side of me...well...

    And I am feeling much better. Thank you. xoxo

    @HWW - Was your HNT on the OHNT? Your tribute idea is intriguing. I will certainly give it some thought!

  18. Hey Lola, yes, it was on the OHNT...the title was "stockings" and the picture is also on our blog the other way round though!!! I hope I will get one of your pics for our tableau...stealing photos on the web is not valid as my husband wants to create an honestly exhibitionistic frame 40x040....HWW

  19. Haha, don't you worry...I'll be thinking of you!

  20. @HWW - Ah, yes! I loved the "stockings" picture.

    @violazione - *blushing* thank you.

    @GoodWill - Hehe!

  21. @HWW - Ah, yes! I loved the "stockings" picture.

    @violazione - *blushing* thank you.

    @GoodWill - Hehe!

  22. Haha, don't you worry...I'll be thinking of you!


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