Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Good Weekend!

Well, Friday started off well, at least.

Cute Boy (CB) from the shuttle (who I've been crushing on for months) said good morning to me when I walked on. I smiled, returned the greeting, and walked to my seat (where I worked on composing a blog post on my phone). The shuttle makes no stops between campuses, so it's a relatively quick ride. When the shuttle stopped downtown, he exited the front door, and I went out the back.

Still, he lingered ... and struck up conversation with me.

I don't know what he said, but his smile melted me a bit, and I invited myself to walk with him. What an enjoyably fun conversation! It's just fun to meet someone new. In real life. (Well, online, too.)

And oh, so fine! Tasty! I would most definitely let him do all kinds of things to me.

Turns out he lives near campus in a house with 4 other guys. Oh, what deliciously, naughty fantasies sprung to my mind when he said that!!

We walked and talked until we got to his building. I still had a few blocks to go, but now I could do them with a spring to my step and a smile on my face!

In the hopes that he would, perhaps, talk to me again, I had to catch myself a couple times, but I didn't mention I was married. Unfortunately, I think that turns off too many guys. At least young college guys. Perhaps that will come up later. Perhaps after I take his cock in my mouth. Perhaps after I fuck him like crazy. Perhaps after he and his roommates shoot their hot, creamy loads all over me.

Mmmm....yeah....I could have fun with this...


  1. Mmmm. Young college men. I had one of those once. It was all too short-lived, so needless to say I look forward to your adventures! :)

  2. I think if Lola gets his cock in her mouth then you could tell him anything you wanted and it wouldn't matter!
    It makes me wonder if I've ever had a friendly conversation with a woman but she had such wonderfully lustful thoughts in her mind ;)

  3. are awesome. Love your delicious little thoughts - it's nice to know I'm not the only one who absolutely daydreams at random points through the day based on who's around ;)

  4. Speaking as a shuttle driver myself, I really hope that things progress nicely between you two and that you share every detail here with us. My day is sexier just for reading this.

  5. I bet the guy would have loved to be able to read minds during your conversation.
    Probably would have fueled his fantasies for days.

  6. @foxy and 13 messages - if any adventures come about (real or imagined), you can bet they'll be chronicled here.

    @Marcus - I know if I were ever having a friendly conversation with you, it wouldn't be so innocent in my head.

    @GoodWill - You're definitely not the only one. Delicious little daydreams like this make life a little more exciting.

    @Inferno - Yeah, he probably would've been blown away by the thoughts tumbling around in my head.


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