Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for...


I love the library and books and reading. It's a great place to go relax and get lost in the words and stories of others.

Sometimes getting caught up in the others' stories leads to some, um, other things happening.

Like this.

As I snapped this last picture, with my tits hanging out, I saw a pair of eyes peeking through the stacks of books. I know I should have covered myself, but instead, I was still feeling a bit exhilarated from my little bout of exhibitionism, so I grabbed my tits and gave my nipples a nice, firm pinch. I let my hands wander all over my body. Caressing. Pinching. Fingering.

I leaned back against the row of books behind me, putting on a little show. Slight moans escaped, as I leaned my head back. I could feel my panties getting wet, and I hoped the man with the peeping eyes was enjoying the show.

I licked my lips and beckoned my voyeur with my finger. My wet pussy wanted more than my own fingers. With bated breath, I waited as he came around the corner. No words were spoken as he pressed me up against the books. His kiss was deep and passionate; I could feel his hardening cock straining against his jeans.

I dropped to my knees, releasing his hardness into my hands. My mouth.

Little did I realize that during my little show, he had silently texted his friends to come join him in the library. As I bobbed up and down on his gorgeous rod, I could feel the presence of other men joining us. Soon my top was torn off my shoulders and my jeans dropped to the floors. One by one, their cocks came out until I was surrounded by hard, wonderful cocks begging for my attention.

I took one into my mouth while grabbing a couple in my hands. Delicious.

Before I knew it, one of those cocks penetrated my dripping pussy - making a loud moan escape my mouth and a shiver run through my body. These men knew just what they were doing. It was beautiful, almost like a  well-choreographed dance.

They rotated positions, entering my mouth, my cunt, my ass. There were moments when all three holes were plugged with spare cocks to rub my tits and other parts of my body. My moans got louder and harder to control.

I could vaguely hear hushed shushing whispers beckoning us to keep quiet. I paid them no mind as the next cock thrust its way into my ass. I absentmindedly shrieked and didn't notice when the sexy librarian rounded the corner. She'd come to find out what the commotion was all about and a gasp escaped her lips as she took in the sight before her. She couldn't tear her eyes away. Instead of asking us to stop or even keep quiet,  she silently slipped off her panties and let her luxurious, dark hair fall to her shoulders.

She grabbed the cock of one of the men surrounding me, pulling him against her body. He all too willingly helped her out of her dress. It pooled on the floor in front of me and that's when I noticed her trimmed bush and perfectly rounded breasts. She was gorgeous.

I wanted to kiss her. Taste her. Fuck her.

I joined in kissing the cock in front of her. Our mouths touching as our tongues caressed his cock. I reached out to grab her tits and pinch her nipples. I made my way down to her pretty pink lips and buried my tongue inside her. Our breathing got heavier, our moans louder. Soon I was eating her while we both got fucked harder and faster.

Our bodies were quivering in a sensuous rhythm. My enthusiasm at our new guest was driving the men to the edge of their ecstasy. They switched positions, taking turns fucking all our holes. Their cocks hard, dripping with our juices, ready to explode.

We kissed, as one by one each of those beautiful cocks shot their loads on our faces, our bodies. We could taste their semen on our lips, feel it dripping down our bodies. I licked some up off her chest, suckling her nipples.

She grabbed her things and hustled to the restroom; one by one the men each dressed and left until I was alone again with my voyeur.

He brushed my hair away from my face.

I enjoyed your little show. Call me sometime, he whispered as he grabbed my phone and entered his number. I'd really like to show you a good time.

I shook my head, confused. I guess I really do let my imagination run wild while at the library.

The picture for this story was originally posted as an HNT post back in the fall of 2011. While I did take pictures at the library, nothing this crazy happened.


  1. You have a wonderfully wicked imagination.

  2. Fantastic. I have always had a fantasy about having sex in a library.

    1. There's just something about dusty old books. ;)

  3. Man, I wish my library time had more spontaneous orgies in it. I'd probably spend more time there.

  4. L is for loved this!

    Great photo too.


    The Pleasure Principle

  5. LOL I should know better by now, but I was surprised when your post about a library turned into a group sex session. Nicely done :)

    1. LOL. Thanks, Cori. You comment really made my day. :)

  6. Wow... I love how your writing has gotten better since the last time I visted... more adventurous... excellent job sugar...

  7. I want to visit my local library more often now....


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