Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for...


The bright sun was shining through the windows as May stretched and rubbed her eyes. She ran her hands through her tousled hair, stretching her back. Her tits pointed up in the air, warmed by the delightful rays of the sun.

She lied back briefly, luxuriating in the white sheets for a few more brief moments. Her face beaming at the recollection of the dream from which she just awoken.

Throwing on a pair of panties, a cotton tank top, and her hiking boots, she slipped outside in search of her husband. Finding him inside the barn, tending to their horses, she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, Mmm. Mornin' honey. You won't believe the dream, I just had.

He turned around to face her, his cock hardening as he took in the sight of her outside wearing next to nothing. He kissed her hard, pressing her up against the side of the barn.

Their passion was raw and palpable - nearly electrifying throughout the barn. It was no time before he'd ripped her shirt off her chest. Gently wrapping it over her eyes, he leaned in close and whispered, I've got a surprise for you.

May smiled, knowing how much she loved her husband's surprises.

He slipped her panties off, pleased that they were already moist from her arousal. He hungrily knelt before her, lapping at her wet pussy. She started to moan and squirm as he continued to kiss and suck.

When she was at the brink of cumming he stood and kissed her firmly on the mouth; she could taste her wet pussy on his lips. Stay right here, he whispered as he tied her hands together with her panties, raised her arms above her head, and gently secured them to the hook on the wall.

It was warm in the barn, but May shivered at the thought of what was to come. She heard the barn door close and she was left in darkness. She wondered at how long she would be alone, but her pussy was practically vibrating at the remembrance of her husband's tongue.

She was squirming every so slightly when the door opened again. The scent of a man wafted over her - but it wasn't the familiar scent of her husband. Before she could even think, she felt his gruff hands grab her breasts, his stubbly face press against hers in a lingering kiss. He released her hands from their hook and pushed her to knees. His cock was already hard, and she hungrily slid her mouth onto his shaft until her nose was buried into his rock hard abs.

Bobbing  up and down on his cock, she heard more footsteps approaching. She could feel her pussy getting even more wet with the thought of these strangers joining her in the barn. Her hands were still tied, so she was unable to reach out to this new man. Instead he knelt behind her, slipping his fingers into her wet hole.

Her moans got louder as she devoured the cock before her and started grinding her pussy onto the hand behind her. She had no idea who these men were, and she didn't care. She was lost in her arousal.

The two men switched places. As May took the next cock into her mouth, the first guy slipped his hard dick into her pussy. She nearly came as he entered her, but refocused her attention to the man before her.

She was being fucked hard. Her moans were getting louder and louder.

On the brink of orgasm, the men pulled out and switched places again. She lapped up her pussy juices while the second guy slipped into her pussy and then into her ass. She whimpered slightly at the intensity of pleasure coursing throughout her body.

His cock sliding in and out of her ass, her body thrashing. It was difficult for her to concentrate on giving head, so he slipped out of her mouth and lifting her up, he slipped into her pussy.

She couldn't help let a small scream escape her lips. Her two anonymous lovers pumped in harmony with each other, and May was finally able to succomb to the orgasm her body was begging for.

As her body stilled, her lovers pulled out - shooting their loads over her limp, satisfied body. They tenderly stood her back up and lifted her arms back onto the hook above her head; their cum dripping down her white, luscious skin.

She heard the barn door close, and once again she was left in darkness. Her husband returned, marvelling at his cum-covered wife. Ready for breakfast, my love?


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