Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for ...

Bet you thought I'd go with blowjob, but nope.

B is for Binding. :)

I'm not really much into BDSM and seeing pictures of women (or men) tied up really isn't my thing.

Except when it comes to my nipples.

There are times when they are just so aroused that I just can't help but tie those little babies up.

blowjob, deepthroat
**rollover for even more intensity**

For some reason, my nipples prefer this attention mostly during masturbation. In fact, my self-induced orgasms often require at least a some nipple play.


  1. BDSM was never my thing either. I had a girl-friend in college that liked to be tied up every so often but that was it.

    Keep up the great posts!

    The Other Side
    Red Sonja: She-devil with a Sword

    1. I'm only into very, very lite BDSM, but experimenting is fun occasionally. :)

  2. Love seeing your bound nipple!

    I've got a new friend who likes rough nipple play, I'm thinking she'd really enjoying this, will have to try it with her someday


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