Monday, August 8, 2011


Some nights, it's simply inconceivable for me to deep throat. My gag reflex is too high; my tummy is too queasy; I simply don't feel like it.

The other night was just one of those nights.

Normally, Jasper doesn't like the sixty-nine position because he can't get as deep down my throat.


BUT since I wasn't feeling the deepthroat thing, I asked if we could 69 instead. I wanted to be on the bottom, and fuck if this wasn't just about the best 69 we've ever had. He was so into eating my pussy, and it was driving me wild!

He tried a couple new tricks that I thought I'd share with all of you, since it was so incredible for me.

The first thing he did surprises me that I enjoy it because I don't normally like when he touches this area. I don't know what to call it, so if there is a better name, please let me know. At the bottom of my cunt, where it forms the lower point, is a little flap of skin that he stretched taut and flicked with his tongue.

Again, normally I don't like this, but I don't know if it was just the position of him being backwards and on top or what, but it felt really damn good.

Now the second thing he did really rocked my world. It felt so incredible, but I really couldn't describe it until I asked him (after we'd finished) what he'd done.

He spread me wide, stuck his tongue in as deep as he could, and blew air into my pussy. Absolutely phenomenal! I mean, I just couldn't get enough!

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  1. 69 is my favorite position for all the reasons you stated above. I was with a girl and i sucked her pussy lips in. This drove her wild and she came seconds later. Get Jasper to try that one.

  2. Thanks, gaz. I'l certainly try to get him to do this. You know I love the idea of cumming in seconds. :)

  3. Thanks, gaz. I'l certainly try to get him to do this. You know I love the idea of cumming in seconds. :)   

  4. I would love to enter the contest, I'm just not sure how to take delivery if I were to win :(

    I'll have to try the air thing next time I am dining, it sounds like either something she might love or might freak her out.

    As for the other thing, my wife loves that, I know that flap you are talking about.  When I do get to that spot just right she voices her approval, that itself is a huge reward.

  5. I love 69 but my wife finds it distracting to get and give at the same time.  What normally happens is we start, I'm always on the bottom, and as I get harder and she gets wetter, there is this moment when she pulls her lips off my cock and hugs my hips and she lets her knees slide apart on the sheets just crushing her clit into my mouth.  that's the moment I know I have her on the brink, and i will freely admit that 69-style orgasms are my very very favorite to give. 

    Great post Lola, i love hearing how other people enjoy it.

  6. Awesome, Advizor! It's a beautiful thing when you know just when that orgasm is brinking and can push her over the edge. Just lovely.

  7. It's a talent I like to share....  :-)

  8. LOL! How very generous. :)


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