Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Celebrations Part 3

Continued from here...

I was ready. I was eager. I was really glad I was wearing a dress.

Luckily there weren't very many people on the bus. We selected a seat where our antics wouldn't be too obvious to the few other riders.

I sat by the window, and Jasper sat in the aisle. Once the bus was in motion, I slipped my panties off and put them in my purse. I slid down the seat just a bit and spread my legs. I was already quite wet, so Jasper had no problems slipping a finger or two into my pussy.

He teased me like this the entire ride home.

Instead of heading right home, we stopped at a convenience store for a couple of things. From there it's a few blocks back to our apartment.

There was simply no way we could wait that long before devouring each other.

Now, we live on a relatively major street. Sure, it was after 11pm, but there was still a fair amount of traffic whizzing by.

That didn't stop us.

I sat up on retaining wall facing the road, and we made out some more. There was lots of kissing and fingering. I want to say there was some licking and sucking, too. Perhaps his cock slid into my slit as well.

(The details are getting a little foggy - this is why you shouldn't wait nearly 2 weeks to write a recap.)

We started to get a little self-conscious, so we slipped off into the nearest alley. Again, I hopped up onto a retaining wall - hiking up my dress and spreading my legs. Jasper knelt before me and ate my pussy before I began begging to suck his cock.

He was all too happy to oblige.

So, there I sat, in the darkened alley, sucking his cock like it was the only thing in the world that mattered. After a couple minutes of sucking, he thrust his hard, throbbing cock into my dripping cunt.

Oh, fuck did that ever feel great!

He slid in and out of me a few times.

We tried a couple different positions on that wall before leaving the alley and continuing our walk home.

I'm pretty positive we stopped off at least a couple more times before actually making it inside.

I'll admit. I really, really enjoyed our walk home. It was a gorgeous night!

We just headed right to the bedroom when we got to our apartment. We weren't anywhere near finished.

Jasper quickly got undressed, but I left my dress on. I lied down on the bed and let him lick and probe and bite and suck a little more.

The rest of the details of the evening have faded, but I know it ended well - with complete exhaustion and huge smiles on our faces.

Happy birthday to Lola indeed!

(Hope this little recap was worth the wait.)


  1. Worked for me!  :-)

  2. What an arousing effect this post has had on me! I want you to walk through my neighbo(u)rhood! ;)


  3. I would most welcome a walk through your neighborhood!

  4. TWANG!!!! Instant stiffy for me when reading this!

  5. Fantastic, that was a birthday to remember

  6. sounds like a fantastic evening with a happy ending....

  7. What a great birthday!  And yes, this was totally worth the wait. :-)

  8. Greatest walk home ever!  Happy Birthday Lola!


  9. Next time, you should join me. :-)

  10. That sounds great!  I'd do my best to make sure your birthday was a memorable one, though it certainly doesn't sound like it was lacking as it is.  Nothing against your lovely (and cold) current home state, but the thought of living in Minnesota wouldn't have occurred to us in a million years had we not crossed paths with you.

  11. Well, by the time my next birthday rolls around, I will no longer be living in this cold state, but it would still be fun to celebrate together. :)

  12. We'd love that!  Incidentally, my own birthday is a mere four days after yours.  :)


  13. I know. :-) Even more reason to celebrate!


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