Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Celebrations Part 1

I had my birthday all planned out - work (including a birthday lunch in the office with my co-workers), yoga, dinner.

The yoga class was free, but I had to redeem it on my birthday. I really had wanted to go, but around 4pm (class started at 4:30), I just wasn't feeling it.

Instead Jasper met me earlier than planned and we hit up a happy hour instead. Earlier in the day, I'd received some birthday wishes from an old friend on Facebook. I met him in Hawaii nearly ten years ago. You may remember his friend from this post. I'm pretty sure this guy was sleeping in the next room when I first had anal sex.

Anyway, all that is really irrelevant other than this guy wanted to fuck me, but I ended up with his roommate instead. He was randomly in MN a few years later, and we met up for drinks. Good times. :)

So, in our chatting (all clean, I promise) on my birthday, he said I should I have drink for him. I upped the challenge and had happy hour at a restaurant that shares his first name. :)

After one drink each and an order of fries, we headed to the restaurant to meet my brother and his girlfriend for my birthday dinner.

They were a little late because of the extra traffic due to the Twins game. We didn't mind because we were outside on the patio, and before a Twins game there is some really great people watching (ie lots of great asses).

I was a little more interested in drinking than in eating, but I did have two pieces of bruschetta for an appetizer. Jasper and I split an entree, and I really had to struggle through finishing my half. I got a free birthday sundae, of which I had maybe two bites before I started to feel a little queasy. Jasper and Kari (brother's girlfriend) were more than happy to finish the sundae for me.

After dinner, I suggested going to an Irish bar next. I'd promised my Facebook friend that I would have a drink for him, and he'd suggested Jameson's. I thought the Irish bar would be perfect for that!

Continued here...


  1. I'm just now reading about your birthday celebration, my fellow Leo.  Sounds like you had a good time minus the queasiness.  Jameson is my favorite, by the way.  I look forward to Part 2!


  2. So, you're a Jameson guy. Interesting. :-)

  3. I'm curious as to how (or if) that alters your perception of me.


  4. hahah! It doesn't alter my perception of you at all. :) I do remember liking Jameson's in a coffee drink that I would sometimes order back in my TGI
     Fridays days. Mmm mmm good. Of course, then it was mixed with coffee and chocolate and whipped cream, so it probably doesn't count. *wink*

  5. It does sound pretty good, and I say it counts!  But the whiskey purist in me would probably never mix Jameson anymore than I would drink Jack Daniels straight. :) 

  6. Other than tequila, I pretty much don't drink anything straight. :)


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