Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TMI Tuesday - In the Summertime - UPDATED

1. What is your favorite summer clothing item or outfit?
A few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of jeans shorts. They have quickly become my absolute favorite. It could be that they are a size 6, which I haven't worn in forever. It could be that they are super comfortable and not overly tight. It could be that they are sexy and flattering to my legs and ass. They have cute little side zippers on the legs, too. I pretty much wear them almost every day. If I get a chance, perhaps I'll snap a pic later tonight and update this post. I know how you all love pictures.

Updated: I'ved added a picture of my new favorite shorts.
to see color version
2. Did you or will you take a summer vacation? If yes, where did you go?
Kind of , sort of, maybe. It really depends on your definition of summer vacation. We've had some great summer vacations in the past (the 4500-mile road trip in 2009 was probably one of my faves), but this summer has been very busy for us with running and scuba diving and school. We will be joining my family for a few days of their week-long vacation at a lake up north. We weren't going to go this year, but we were talked into it a couple weeks ago. I love going up to the lake and just being in nature. Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, running, swimming. Fires, stories, laughter, s'mores. Good times.

3. What is your ideal weekend away (e.g. city, beach or wilderness)?
Anyway weekend away would be ideal. I just love to travel and see/experience new places. I could just as easily be happy taking a weekend in the city or lounging by the beach or hiking in the wilderness. It's been an incredibly hot and sticky summer this year, so I'm leaning more to saying I'd prefer a weekend trip to the beach. We've gone to the beach the past two Sundays with my family, and the couple hours we spend there never seem long enough to me. I've never really been much of a beach person, but this summer I definitely am and could easily see spending an entire weekend lounging at the beach.

4. What would you pack for a naughty weekend?
Hmm... not much different. Maybe some skimpier, sexier clothes. We don't need much to make it naughty. lol

5. What item(s) do you never unpack, never take out of the luggage from trip to trip?
Toiletry-type items. Spare pair of contacts, travel soap/shampoo, etc.

Bonus: Last vacation sex... Tell us what happened
Have we not gone anywhere since Costa Rica in January? How sad. :( I just looked through my past blog posts from Jan and Feb - hoping to link to some sexy tales of our vacation in Costa Rica....and I found NOTHING! How disappointing that I didn't ever really get around to blogging about the trip.

We were there for over a week and had lots and lots and lots of sex. It's been nearly 8 months now, so I'm not sure I can actually remember in any detail any juicy stories - at least not without taking more time to ponder it, and I really need to get back to my monster spreadsheet at work.

Perhaps another time...

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  1. 1. Waiting for you to model

    2. You're having lots of summer fun

    Have a great week Lola,


  2. 1. Waiting for you to model

    2. You're having lots of summer fun

    Have a great week Lola,



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