Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Celebrations Part 2

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Have I mentioned my huge crush on Kari? No? Well let me fill you in. She has been the subject of countless fantasies. She's a common go-to addition to our bedroom dirty talk. She's a fellow redhead. Oh, and there is just something about her personality that I love, too.

So, after a cosmo, a margarita, and a glass of wine, I was feeling pretty good. Pretty turned on.

When we got to the Irish bar, I tried to get her to join me in the Kissing Room. She tried to get the boys to join us there.

They said it was too dark.

I said that was the point.

I lost. :(

(I know, right? Wasn't I the birthday girl? :P)

We found a secluded little booth. Well, not so little really. It was probably easily big enough for at least a group of 10.

I got another drink. This one was free cuz it was my birthday. Sweet!

When we drink, it doesn't take too long before the conversation turns a bit more sensual/sexual in nature. Don't worry. No secrets were really shared.

Well, I did find out that my brother apparently really enjoys nipple play. hehe.

So, I guess it's more we didn't share any secrets. The stuff we did discuss was already a little too much for my bro. Imagine his reaction if he were to find out that I sometimes like to take it in the ass. Or that we've dabbled in the Lifestyle.

Some secrets are better locked away - at least for the first night of ever really drinking with them.

Anyway, I touched her thigh a couple times. So fucking smooth!

After the drinking and the flirting and the sex talk, I was pretty raring to go by the time we caught the shuttle back home.

Continued here...


  1. Oh, the sex talk with friends sounds exciting.  Sounds like a great birthday celebration and I can't wait to read about the rest!

  2. Very cool Lola, can't wait to hear what else the night had in store for you guys :)

  3. Part 3 is coming up soon. Hopefully today. Otherwise it might not be until Sunday. You'll want to read it, though. It's by far the best post of the series.

  4. We can relate to the risk of sharing too much with a sibling.  Jill's got plenty of siblings, and I'm guessing that at least one or two have an idea that we're a little bit freaky.  The last time we had her brother and his fiancee house-sit for us, we returned home to find one of our porn DVDs in the bedroom DVD player - but it wasn't the one we'd (accidentally) left in there.

    The thought of you copping a feel on your brother's girlfriend's thigh is pretty hot!  We also find that alcohol helps bring out the friskiness!



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