Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cuz It's All About ME!

Want to get Lola something for her birthday?

Well, she can be a bit narcissistic, so how about sharing your favorite Lola link? Be it a picture or a story or whatever.

Or, if you remember, what made you decide to follow Sex Babble? What's your favorite thing about this blog?

Or just tell me why you LOVE LOLA!?

Hmm....should there be prizes?

How about an exclusive Lola picture or story? Winners for:
  • Most creative comment (per my judgment)
  • First to leave a comment
  • Last to leave a comment by midnight (my time zone)
I'm open to other suggestions, if you've got any. :)

Now, I'm off to find me a good Happy Hour!


  1. This is my fav post by you because you clearly enjoyed doing this.

  2. Lola, I follow your blog because you're a redhead and redhead RULE!

    I love this post because of the clickable picture:

  3. Happy Birthday Lola... any unfulfilled birthday wishes? Let me know ;)

  4. Happy birthday babe! I remember reading your sassy comments on Marcus' blog and loving your spirit. You were one of the first bloggers to welcome me with open arms so naturally I had to check out your blog. My first reaction?

    "oh, my goodness - she has a lot going on here" and then I saw all the pictures of your cute panties (you know I'm a fan) and I promptly added my little avatar to your sidebar.

    I love watching you blossom as a blogger and just when you do something that has me gasping in disbelief - you go beyond. Which is why the following is my favorite post so far :

    Enjoy your special day. I'll raise my own glass to you from the other side of the midwest. *kiss kiss*

    And by the have mail.  ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Lola!  My favorite link was

  6. What do we love about Lola?  "Everything" is the easy answer, but it's her honesty, her vulnerability, her openness, her uber-sexy approach to Target stores and bus rides home.  It is her increasingly daring HNTs and amazing click throughs.  It is her way of making everyone feel welcome and sexy and at home.  That's why we love Lola

  7. Congrats, NV!  You win for being the first to comment. :) Would you like a story or a picture?

  8. Ah, I know you love the click for the hint of my red bush peeking through.

  9. I think you know what I'd like from you.

  10. Thank goodness for Marcus' blog, huh? :) It was most definitely my pleasure to welcome you (and S&T, which I don't think we've seen for awhile....) into the blogosphere. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment.

  11. Wow. You really dug through the archives for that one. :)

  12. Thanks, Advizor! What amazingly sweet things to say. :)

    As the winner of the last comment before midnight, would you like a picture or a story?

  13. Story is my game, but picture is my thing.  ;)  You know what I love. 

  14. Hi Lola, and Happy Birthday again, you are so special and wonderful and have a way of making so many people feel good in many ways.  Our blog friendship really helps to keep my attitude positive.

    I was thrilled and very touched when you did this post:

    I had been writing about my love of massages and the joy of giving and receiving then you wrote this wonderfully sexy post.  And in typical Lola fashion it just blew my away, the words used, the story and then that picture with the caption "want a lick" - do I ever!!!

  15. Thanks, Marcus! That was a fun post. I just re-read it, and omygod! So hot! :) You were some good inspiration!


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