Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We are connected.

It was hot. Sticky.

My short skirt fluttered easily in the slight breeze as I lazily lounged in front on the fan. It wasn't providing much relief.

My eyes closed, as I leaned my head against the back of my chair. My thoughts drifting to cooler things.

I didn't hear you enter but the feel of the cool wet towel you placed on my forehead felt divine.

I sighed with pleasure as you knelt before me, kissing me gently on the mouth. You wipe my brow, my neck, my collarbone, before placing the cool towel over my eyes.

You tenderly kiss each cheek.
I shift ever so slightly in my seat, feeling the burn from within begin to swell.

You bring an ice cube to my neck, guiding it down to my collarbone. Taking great pleasure it letting it flow down the cleavage of my bikini top. Letting it melt as it glides down my stomach. You brush side my little skirt, rubbing my thighs.

The ice cube is sweetly replaced with tender kisses.
I moan as you kiss my knees, and begin working your way up my thighs. I relish in your touch. Your warm breath on my ice cube cooled skin.

I shift a bit, wiggling out of my panties as you pull them down to the ground.

You grab my hand, leading me to the welcome water of our private pool. We embrace as the cool water envelopes us. You pull me close, kissing me hard. Distracting me from your wandering hands, so when your fingers enter me I moan audibly.

You kiss down my neck, untying my top. It floats out of reach, but we don't notice. My attention is focused on you and yours on me. We are connected by the hot sun and the cool water.


  1. I love it! A wonderfully written image as I stare out at my hotel pool and wonder

  2. Thanks! I wanted to see if I could post something quickly while I waited for, and rode, the bus home. I'm pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out, and I'm glad you all enjoyed the picture I was trying to create.

  3. I love it! A wonderfully written image as I stare out at my hotel pool and wonder


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