Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lazy Saturday

This is the first Saturday in weeks that I've been able to sleep in. Even Sallie didn't beg for breakfast until 6am and then I was promptly able to fall back asleep until 8am. That's like sleeping in an extra 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Sweet!
Post-Run Nipples

I lazily got ready for my long Saturday run.
It was hot.
It was humid.
My run was actually pretty great, though.

After my run, I did a little blog reading.
You know to cool down before hopping in the shower.

The water felt so nice cascading down my body.
My tits.
My nipples.
My clit.

I couldn't help myself as my hand slid down to my special spot. It felt so good, so relaxing after a long, hard run.

It was a great shower. *grin*

After toweling off and returning to the bedroom, I saw that Jasper had put on some porn while I was in the shower. He was kind of in a groove (hehe) and I was still feeling pretty good from my shower, so I just lied down on the bed to enjoy the show.

Before long, my hand had again found it's way down to my clit, and I was cumming again before I knew it.
I'd cum twice by the time Jasper finished.

*totally blissed out*

Now that's the way to start my weekend!


  1. Baby, you sure made me wish I'd gone running with you. ;)

  2. Wow! That's a very sexy pic. :-)

    Great start to the weekend!

  3. sounds like a great saturdaymorning to me, thanks for sharing the pic and the story!

  4. @The Casanova, Maybe next time...?

    @Max, Thanks *blush* The weekend ended well, too. ;)

    @japie75, You're very welcome.

  5. I need to start running in you neighborhood!

  6. @Sheen V, I'm always looking for fun, new partners. Um. Running partners. Yeah. That's it.

  7. @Sheen V, I'm always looking for fun, new partners. Um. Running partners. Yeah. That's it.


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