Friday, April 15, 2011

Trying New Positions

I should be doing the dishes or jumping in the shower, but I don't feel like doing those things. I'd kind of rather be going back to bed rather than beginning my day. I've been kind of down lately. Maybe if I write a quick blog post, it will help my mood.

One thing I love about my relationship with my husband is our willingness to try new things. It surprises me how some times just the tiniest of change in position can make a world of change.

The other day, I was lying on the bed.
On my stomach.

Jasper came up behind me and just starting kissing my ass. It was indescribly fantastic. He was showering me with light, little kisses right where my ass cheeks met my legs. I can't recall him ever doing this before. Maybe he had. Maybe he hadn't. I just know how incredibly good it felt. I know, technically, they were not butterfly kisses, but that's what it felt like to me in my mind as I lied there enjoying his attention.

As we progessed in the session, we also tried a new anal position. I remained lying on my stomach while he lied on top of me, but with his head down by my feet. We were both horizontal on our stomachs with his cock in my ass. It worked really well for us, and felt omygod so amazing. Plus it's fun to grab onto his feet as my bod began to quiver.

We've done it in this position a few more times. Mmmm...

Now my panties are damp, my nipples are hard, and I've got to get ready for class.

I'm off to take a nice, hot, steamy (if you catch my drift) shower.
Happy Friday!


  1. What a great love session, well done Jasper - this little kisses sound like a fantastic idea.
    I hope you enjoyed your shower - wish I had been there to watch ;-)
    As for being in a down mood - that seems to happen a lot during the change of seasons. I have seen it in my wife's mood of late, as well as in several people at work. Hopefully the sunny weather will get here soon and perk everyone up - and all the women here in the city will start wearing tops that show off their girls more - clevage weather is near!

  2. Nice visuals there. I would certainly like to hear more about this new position. How you do it. It sounds like his cock would be in a bad position. more details please.


  3. that position sounds incredible, damn I want some

  4. Love it. Sometimes the best positions are the ones you just accidentally end up in. One thing I love about a good sexual partner that is with you for a long time, is the opportunity to just try new stuff, new angles, etc.

    Sometimes a small change makes a world of difference.

    Hope you enjoyed the shower, I know I enjoyed the thought of it!

  5. Oooh, I love different positions.

    Added to my list of must try ones: check!

  6. MM, I did enjoy my shower. Very much. I think the season change has been terrible for me especially since we had a nice taste of warm, sunny weather, and this week it got all cold and overcast. :(

    William, This was a little while ago. Perhaps next time we do it, I'll try to get some picks for a better description. You can look for more details in a future post, either way. Sound good?

    H, It was incredible.

    GoodWill, Sometimes they are by accident, but well, Jasper also watches a good deal of porn and gets some ideas from there. It's fun to try some new things. And you're right, sometimes just a small change can make such a difference. Oh, and my shower was very enjoyable.

    Mrs. D, Hope you try it and enjoy it!

  7. Pics would be amazing, but more details will be wonderful too.


  8. William, Well, I'll definitely see what I can do. ;)

  9. You are such a giver...grins!

  10. Your description sounds great but honestly I'm having trouble imagining my cock at that angle in Veronica's ass, sounds uncomfortable. But I'm glad it worked for you and Jasper!

  11. Lola, have you ever tried taking the dishes into the shower !?

    Seriously that sounded a great session !! Thanks

  12. Hubman, Seems lots are having difficulty imagining this position. I will definitely have to do a follow-up post on this one.

    theeyesavit, Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. ;)

  13. Reading your blog and Damn I'm missing sex and that one partner you trust to try things with.

  14. Gigi, Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear you don't have a current partner to try new things with. Feel free to live vicariously through my blog. :)


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