Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

Yesterday was both a holiday from school and from work. I found myself with some free time in the morning as I generally awake much earlier than Jasper.

I spent awhile playing with my nipples while reading The Sex Experiment. I found myself completely intrigued and engrossed and turned on. Here's the description from the side bar:
We're a married couple living in a sunny, exotic country. We love sex but have it much less often than we used to. Recently I discovered my wife's diary and her surprising sexual fantasies. Torn between jealousy and excitement, I sent her an anonymous e-mail from a "secret admirer" proposing a series of sexual challenges to fulfill. I have no idea if she knows the admirer is me, no idea what her responses will be, and no idea where this goes.
You can start reading about his experiment here. It's really fascinating and did I mention arousing?

So, I got through the first two challenges before I was so worked up that I had to go wake Jasper for some morning playtime.

I crawled into bed next to him and snuggled for a few minutes. I was the little spoon. Obviously, snuggling wasn't going to help me in my situation at all, so I had him roll over to his back and take off his boxers. He was pretty much awake at this point, so I told him to just lie back and pretend to still be sleeping. It's not often, but sometimes I like to take over the fucking. Give him a break from doing most of the work; give me control over what I want to do.

I started with little kisses. All over his body. I spent some time kissing and licking and teasing his nipples. I kissed all over his chest. I kissed his scruffy cheeks. His neck. I worked my way back down his chest to kiss all over his belly. Down to his hipbone. Kissing. Licking. Teasing. Nibbling.

I kissed his balls. Swirling my tongue around them. Licking them up into my mouth. I hovered my mouth over the shaft of his now hard cock, letting my breath envelope him. I took the head into my mouth. Licking ever so slightly with my tongue. I licked up his shaft. Swirling my tongue all around. I bobbed my head up and down for a few minutes. Getting his cock nice and wet.

Probably not the best, most intense blow he's ever received, but this morning was about me. He was to be my fuck toy.

I straddled him. Guiding him inside me. Filling me just right. I nearly came instantly as I lowered my dripping pussy down onto his hard, wet cock. It was fantastic. My body quivering with the sensation of being filled completely by him.

I slid up and down. Riding him for a few minutes.

Then I got up on my feet, providing a slightly different angle inside. It was feeling really good, so I increased the intensity of my thrusts. Riding him faster. Harder.

In that position, I spread my knees, so they were nearly straight out to my sides. This felt incredible! And sent me into another fit of orgasm as I continued to ride, and he began fucking a little as well. We continued this until I simply couldn't anymore.

I slid off him and turned around. Sliding back down into a reverse cowgirl situation. I knew he'd want to look at my ass, and I wanted to more easily play with his balls. First we started with his legs together. This was good (I was pretty much screaming from pleasure at this point) but didn't really give me the access to him that I wanted.

I had him spread his legs. I hooked mine under and around his. I played with his balls. Circling them with my fingers. Grabbing them. Massaging them. I explored and massaged the area between his balls and anus. This was really turning me on.

I knew I need to have my ass fucked.

I slid off him. Handed him some lube, and told him to lube up my ass. I wanted him on his knees, with me in basically the same position I'd been in. As he was lubing me, he stuck in one finger. Two. It felt so tight. So good.

His cock slid in easily. I nearly came again upon entrance. He grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass. It felt so incredibly good! I reached underneath me to try and play with his balls some more. I got a little distracted playing with my clit. It was nearly too much for me. I moved back and played with his balls some but couldn't help but return to rubbing my clit some more.

He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled me up onto my knees. Reversing the roles. Making me his fuck toy. Wrapping his other hand around my throat, he fucked me harder. Faster.

Ohhhh, fuck...I'm cumming. He murmured.

I pressed my ass deeper back onto his cock. As his orgasm subsided, I collapsed back down to the bed and began feverishly rubbing my clit with his cock still deep in my ass.
I climaxed again.
Quivering on his cock.

I softly continued to rub my clit as I collapsed to the bed, and he pulled out. As I lied there, he paused for a moment before rushing off to the bathroom to clean-up. He gently rubbed his fingers along my back and ass cheeks. So tender.

It was a delicious way to start my day.


  1. Can I move in with you? Please? Because damn girl. Just damn. :)

  2. Damn Lola, that got me going big time, and I already got laid today. Too bad I can't go get more. I love a woman that wants a cock up her ass!


  3. Lexi, Absolutely!

    William, Thanks! I'm glad it could get you all worked up. And just why can't you get laid twice in one day? ;)

  4. She took her medicine that makes her nauseas. She takes it once a week and it pretty much takes her out of action. I just checked with her to see if she was interested, but alas she is already feeling the effects.

  5. William, Bummer about the medicine! :( Hopefully it will not take her out of commission for too long. Perhaps you were able to take care of things on your own?

  6. She's usually out of commision for a couple days. You keep writing like that, I'll have to take things in hand. Maybe I'll just read that again...grins!!!

  7. By the way I just put up a new post you might enjoy...Lustful grins!!!

  8. taking charge and getting what you want makes you a powerfully sexy woman. And multiples? Just let me know when Lexi moves in, I've had a hankering for a road trip.

  9. That's a good Friday. A really good Friday! Wow.... :-)

  10. I'm going to have a great week after reading about your sexy Friday, you are amazing.

  11. William, A couple days? Bummer. Hope you were able to take care of things. ;) Oh, and I'll stop by and check out your post, too.

    Rex Venom, Thank you!!

    A54, Powerfully sexy? I like the sound of that. :D

    Max, It really was. :x

    Marcus, I hope you do have a great week! And thanks. :-*

  12. Yea, and reading that was a delicious way to start *my* day!

  13. GoodWill, Hope your day was delicious all day long. :)

  14. GoodWill, Hope your day was delicious all day long. :)


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