Friday, April 1, 2011

FFF: Smoky Haze

(Source image: "Dita's Bear" by Sean McCall)
100-200 words
"...smoky haze..."
There was a smoky haze outside as I fought my way up the mountain to her cabin. I had received her note and was anxious to see what I would find waiting for me. Now if only I could find my way to this cabin. The haze and the unfamiliarity of my surroundings are making me weary.

There! Up ahead!

My eyes finally rest upon a quaint, little, rustic cabin. There is no sign of another vehicle, and I wonder if she has gotten waylaid somewhere. Sensing disappointment, I park and walk to the door.

As I knock, I think I hear someone…or thing… stirring inside, so I gingerly turn the knob and press the door open.

A smile immediately illuminates my face as I discover my lover beckoning to me from the bear rug in the center of the one-room cabin. My cock twitches as I take in the beauty of her voluptuous breasts staring out at me from the opening of her satin robe and her sultry smile begging me to join her.

I run to her, taking her in my arms. My fingers entwining in her hair as our eyes lock and our lips meet.

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  1. Interesting, writing as a man. Very dream-like....

    Nice take on this pic. Happy FFF!

  2. i love the idea of mountain cabin sex, a roaring fire, the silk robe, bare skin on soft fur.. But I wonder too, how did she get thee? is he dying in a snowstorm and hallucinating his last moments? Ooooh, i would like that one.

  3. Max, I know it was kind of a stretch, but I hope I did all right.

    Advizor54, You would imagine an ending like that! :P Something like that didn't even occur to me. I'm way too sweet and sappy. ;) In the version in my head, she'd simply hidden her car to add to the surpise.

  4. Interesting. I like the tease. I can see the whole being out of breath, wondering if you've really made it only to see such a delightful sight at the end. I enjoyed your take on the picture.

  5. Sexy sexy sexy, like its author ;) I think you did a fine job writing as a man, and the sense of breathlessness was my favorite part.

  6. I love the setting and storyline. Happy FFF!

  7. Ha, great story. My entry ends with a man entering a cabin and it could quite easily have been the bloke you write about here. Nice one.

  8. This was just fabulous and sexy.
    I'm thinking she hiked in way ahead knowing he would show.
    I liked the anticipation of the mental picture you painted a lot.

  9. Word, And...will she be there or was it all in vain?

    Lexi, TemptingSweets, Thanks!

    Red, Funn how yours could lead right to mine. I'll have to go check it out.

    Pocket, She looks like a very confident woman. Why wouldn't he show, after all? ;) Glad you liked it.


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