Friday, August 17, 2012

FFF - Subway

Julie looked around the subway car filled with tall, nude, black women. It was difficult not to stare. She could feel herself starting to blush when one of the women smiled at her. She quickly bowed her head and whispered to her boyfriend.
“What’s going on?”
“I don’t know. There must be some kind of convention.”
Men and women continued to board. All the men were fully clothed; all the women were nude except for shoes. It was odd because they all looked so...? Professional? Like they were just on their way to work in their office. Like it was just an ordinary day.

But this was no ordinary day. Was it?

She looked up again. No one else seemed to notice or pay any attention to all these gorgeous women. Finally, she could take it no longer. She tapped the shoulder of the woman in front of her.

As the woman turned slightly in her seat, Julie found herself wide awake back in her bedroom.

The dream faded quickly, but she was left with an uncontrollable desire. She snuggled up to her boyfriend and whispered in his ear,
“I’m ready. I want to experience another woman. With you. And, I’m not sure why, but she’s got to have delectable chocolate skin and a gorgeous smile.”
He rolled over and smiled.
“Someday soon, my love.”
Hope you enjoyed my little story. Today's challenge was a word count of less than 257 and the word convention. Now, head over to Ram's blog to see what everyone else wrote. And feel free to join in the fun yourself. I'd love to read your take on this fascinating photo.

Thanks for the challenge, Ram!


  1. Ahhh, the dreams we have and the desires we admit. Great story.

  2. PS, LOVE the new header pictures.

  3. First off, we love the new look! Your blog looks fantastic - not that there was ever a time when it didn't. Second of all, this is such an exciting premise for a story based on the prompt. Making the scene a detail from a character's dream makes perfect sense, but it didn't occur to me for a second. Well done.

    Also, I note, for whatever it's worth, that your protagonist is named Julie while mine is, inexplicably, named Julius. What are the odds? I don't even know anyone named Julius.

  4. I did, indeed, enjoy your take on the photo! I love how the dream helped her decide she was ready for a woman -- one with "delectable chocolate skin and a gorgeous smile."

    1. Thanks, Sweets! I didn't know where I was going to go with the story when I began, and then, all of a sudden, it became a dream.

  5. Nice story and great twist at the end, Lola.
    Thanks for playing this week,

  6. Love the dream sequence. :) That was just grand. As for the new blog look... fantastic.

    1. Thanks, Word! I'm pleased with how well they both turned out.


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