Friday, August 24, 2012

FFF - Long Flight

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was nervous as hell about this business deal.

And then, I noticed her.

She was the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen. Imagine my surprise, when she pointed to the vacant seat next to me. I welcomed her company – anything to take my mind off my upcoming meeting.

It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to a somewhat more sensual manner. Not long after that, the kissing began. And the groping.

In one bold motion, suddenly her hands were undoing my pants while I was slipping open her dress. Fully exposed and totally caught in the moment, we didn’t care who was watching.


I was jolted out of my reverie.

“Your 10 o’clock is here.”

I nodded – indicating he should show them in.

My mind drifted back to that flight when in walked a familiar woman. I smiled and approached her.

Placing her finger on my lips, she stopped me. “You know why I’m here.” She placed the picture on my table.

“What’s it going to take to keep this out of the press?” she purred.

I sighed. Somehow, I knew that tryst would come back to bite me eventually.

This week's challenge was to use the word bold with a word count of 195-199. This story came in it at 199. I actually had to do a lot of editing. I wanted to develop this with a bit more of a sinister twist, but I couldn't with the word count constraints. 

Interested in reading more takes on this photo? Head over to Ram's blog to join in the hot, sexy fun!

In an unrelated note, this week flew by! Seems like it was just Sunday. I'd hoped to blog earlier in the week, but somehow I didn't manage to find the time. Forgive me?


  1. ooh, blackmail. He must not have made her cum. I know that sets me up for nasty payback. Or maybe he slipped and mentioned his kids,the Subaru, and the dog, and the wife. or maybe he stole her pack of peanuts afterwards. Either way, he's in trouble now.

  2. mmmmmm, Lola got game on this one! Nice!

  3. LOL! An interesting take. :) How many others has he dealt with in the past?

    1. tsk. tsk. He should be punished, right? :-)

  4. Great take on the prompt! Very sexy and intriguing, and definitely not the sort of scenario that occurred to me when I was writing my own story.


  5. LOL! I love your take on this week's photo. :)


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