Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BBQ & Beer

It's your afternoon away with the just the guys. No wives, no kids. Just BBQ and Beer. You and your friends are hanging out - drinking beer, lounging near the pool. There is lots of conversation. Laughter, I imagine. Talking about your wives and children. There is a fun, lightness in the air.

Everyone is having a great time.

Just as the ribs finish and the plates are filled, you hear a tentative knock on the privacy gate. You smile immediately, knowing who stood on the other side. Your friends have no idea you invited me, but there I am.

I'm wearing short jean shorts that are flattering, but barely cover my ass. It's super hot, so I've just got my bikini on under my shorts. There is already a nice sheen of sweat shimmering on my skin.

One of your friends opens the gate with a quizzical look.
"Hi. I'm Lola."
"Hey, Lola! Glad you could make it," you call from the other side of the pool.
Hesitantly, your friend moves aside, and I walk over you to. The other three guys whisper to themselves about how it was supposed to be just men, and you shouldn't have invited me without asking them. Blah. blah. blah.
"Just think of me as your server. I'll grab you more beers, more ribs, more whatever." 
I try to assure them that I'm not there to ruin their afternoon.

With that said, I get up and grab you another beer. Handing it to you with a huge smile on my face.

As you finish your plate of ribs, I kneel before you to lick your fingers clean. Your friends are shocked at first but can't seem to turn away from watching the way I seductively suck you clean.

I lean in and whisper in your ear about how wet I'm getting, asking if your friends seem to be enjoying the show.

One by one as they finish eating, I take their fingers into my mouth. Twirling my tongue around each digit - pure pleasure emanating from my face.

The sun has gotten hotter in the sky, and I'm ready to really get wet. I drop my jean shorts and dive into the cool refreshing pool. All four of you shortly follow suit. The water feels so good! As everyone gets comfortable with me being there, I remove my bikini top - letting my breasts feel the cool water, my nipples hardening instantly. I swim over to you.
"Would you like to touch them?"
Without any hesitation, you grab my tits in your hands. Massaging them. Feeling their weight. Your smile growing, your cock hardening.

Your three friends swim over closer to me. They are getting more and more comfortable with me being there. One guy even comes up behind me, pressing me against his chiseled chest while he takes his turn gripping my breasts. I can't help it - a moan sensuously escapes from my lips. I turn toward him and wrap my legs around his waist, pressing my body against his.

You and your friends watch with wide eyes. I can see your cocks hardening and enjoy watching as your hands seemingly simultaneously head down to give your cocks a light stroking. With my legs still wrapped around your one friend, I lean backward until I am floating with my tits barely peeking above the water. You hang back and let your other two friends approach me.

I smile at them. Somehow they know this to be permission to take my tits in their mouths. They begin to kiss and suck on my nipples. I pull the other guy closer in with my legs. I can feel his hard cock pressed up against my pussy.

You step out of the pool to grab another beer and enjoy the show a little longer. You're a little surprised that your friends embraced me so quickly - after all, they are all upstanding, happily married men. Of course, you knew how irresistible Lola can be. ;-)

I don't want you to feel at all left out, so I disentangle myself from these men, climb out of the pool, and bringing my dripping body over to you. I sit on your lap, rubbing my hand in your crotch, and whisper in your ear, "I'm going to go lie on that lounge chair. You and your friends can do with me as your please."

I lie on my back, and place a blindfold over my eyes to help protect them from the sun. I can hear you whispering. I try to relax and enjoy the hot sun beating down on me. I smile with anticipation of what might come my way.

Suddenly, I feel the slap of something wet on my skin and the intoxicating smell of BBQ invades my senses. I like where this is going. You smear that sauce all over my skin - my belly, my breasts. One of you slides my bikini bottoms off and tosses them aside. I feel sauce being smearing over my lips.

And then the licking begins. Soft wet tongues make their way all over me. I struggle to remain still - the sensations running through my body are incredible! One of you kisses me, and I can taste the sweet BBQ sauce. Meanwhile, I can feel you tying my arms and legs to the lounge chair - hoping to keep my writhing in check.

Once secured, the cleanup resumes as you work together with your friends to lick and suck the remaining sauce off my body. My moaning gets louder. Despite the tall privacy fence, your friends start to get nervous about the noise. Next thing I know, the smell of BBQ gets very strong. Immediately, I open my mouth - somehow knowing that I have a BBQ treat to suck. You know it's just to keep me quiet as the others continue in the cleanup.

I suck and suck - taking you deep inside my throat. Before you get too close to cumming, you pull out and are quickly replaced with another cock. This continues until all four of you have been inside my mouth, felt my tongue lick and tease. Round two of cock sucking begins. Followed by round three.

As I've sucked you all over and over, my body has been cleaned and dirtied again and again. My tits, my tummy, of course. But each of you has also been nibbling on my pussy. Fucking me with your tongues. The BBQ sauce has turned a bit salty with my arousal and sweat from the sun.

As round 4 begins, I know you all are nearing the end. This time, I can feel your cock begin to really twitch right before you pull out. A few more strokes, and you shoot your cum on my body. One after the other until you've all finished and I'm covered in cum and BBQ sauce.

One-by-one you each come to give me a big kiss as I am gently untied from the chair. You retrieve my bikini and help me get back into it.

Without cleaning off, I walk to the cooler, grab you each one more beer, whisper in your ear about what a lovely time I had and sneak back out the gate.

Driving home, covered in cum and sweat and BBQ sauce, and I can't help but smile.
"Oh god! What an amazing afternoon!" 


  1. "What an amazing afternoon" indeed.

    The heat, the flavor, the fragrance, the shared delights of delectable dining is an amazing thought. One thing is missing though, when do you get to get your reward, your dessert is just as important as theirs.....

  2. There goes my innocent image of BBQ! I must confess it does sound yummy on your body...

  3. In an amazing coincidence, Tuesday was my birthday, and I spent the afternoon pretty much exactly like this, albeit without an appearance from you. There were even three friends present. I wouldn't describe any of them as "upstanding", however. Anyway, fantastic story. You're exactly what I want for my birthday. ;)



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