Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday #5

I almost missed Tumblr Tuesday, but I'm still squeezing one in for you.

This has to be a quick, because I've got to get to bed. Big day tomorrow.

I start student teaching!

Here are a few sexy pics for your viewing pleasure. As always, visit my Tumblr page for more.

via Vicious Rumors

What guy, or girl for that matter, wouldn't love this?

via twisherry

And here's one for the girls. Meaning every girl deserves some of this.

via eagerlicker

Only three today. :-(

Have a great Wednesday ... and wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. I suspect you're going to do just fine! Be strong, be confident! My money's on you!!

    1. Thanks, Os. It's off to a great start. :)

  2. Good luck today, I know you'll do fine.
    Great pictures too btw.

  3. A late good luck from me, darling! I'm sure you had an amazing first day!

    Seeing the last picture reminded me that I have to sit on someone's face real soon!

    1. Thanks, O! I'm always in need of a little luck. :) The first day was pretty amazing.

      I hope you've gotten a chance to sit on someone's face. ;-)


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